Couple of you guys suggested to change this old news thread into one that lists the changes between the book one on RRL and the book 1 on Amazon. Good idea.

At the end of Book 1, there is a scene where Diana's slime form devours Sir Koran. This has changed significantly in order to slow down the pacing of the story. The slime should not have had intelligence right after being born, and hugging to death rather than revenge devouring makes more emotional impact.

2. Avatar information was changed into chosen of the gods. Rather than being the 'chosen avatar' of the dungeon, the world now possess certain members of the races who are chosen by their patrons gods. They have certain abilities and special destinies as a result. The change, then, is that Diana switches from being a chosen of her god to being a chosen of Doc, who has a lesser form of the same authority. Naturally, when she died her soul was delivered to her patron, that being Doc

3. Slime hero was erased. No plans to create a race of slime humanoids. No need to elaborate, that was just plain silly on my part.

4. The minerals available were changed a bit, as Claire had examples of most precious metals on her as art of a "introducitonpacket" for Doc

5. The queen can talk through a magic device she wears around her throat. Naturally, it's not a pretty sounding voice

6. The whole shadow plot is a little more shadowly and a little less, er, obvious

Basically it. I'll do the same for Book 2 when the editing is finished

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