This is a 4000 word battle chapter, the longest I've ever written in general and in battle. I most likely will write a short epilogue tomorrow to finish a few things up.

Now, if I get some honest reviews (that I can see lol) I will consider continuing this story. I plan on publishing this story at some point on amazon, but honest and full opinions are needed so I can learn how to improve my skills for the future. Tell me what you think of the surprise at the end (wink)


The group moved cautiously now as they neared the last room. The torch lights had gradually become dimmer the closer they go to it, casting the tunnels in strange shadows. The only noise came from the soft echo of their footsteps.

Nic gulped and poked his sister, "Sis, you've read all the reports right? What is the identity of the new boss?"

Nat shook her head wearily, "No one was made it this far down yet because of the two worgs. Those that did defeat them were too injured to continue and retreated with the recall spell. This will be the first encounter."

Koran turned his head and nodded, "Indeed, this will be the hardest part for us. When I first entered the dungeon, the overslime actually was quite difficult until we figured out how to attack it. Since then, however, the dungeon has had plenty of time to create a more dangerous monster."

Fiora strolled up to the front of the group, "I'll inspect the room." Of course, no one denied her.

Fiora slowly poked her head into the room and looked around. The room was lit by a single torch on the back wall, and the light illuminated the plant covered walls and ceiling. She narrowed her eyes as she gazed over every surface, but could not find a hint of the boss.

"It's the plant room," She announced, "and I don't see any indication of the boss. The plants are a lot bigger though, so prepare any fire magic you may have."

The group slowly entered the room, separating around the room to inspect the area. Still, no boss appeared to fight them.

"Maybe the boss was already defeated?" Simon asked curiously.

Jonas shook his head, "The boss rooms may not be separated into the other dimensions, but the presence of the worgs proved that we are the first to get to this level. More likely the boss has to be activated somehow."

As they mused, Simon casually leaned back into a wall. The hand holding the torch accidentally brushed the wall, burning a few leaves.


A horrible shriek filled the room, enough to force everyone to cover their ears in pain. As they flinched, something fell onto two of Koran's class. As the two inspected the goop that had fallen on them, a shadow covered them.

A huge green slime fell from the ceiling and quickly crushed the two members. They screamed for just a moment before they were enveloped by the slime. The group watched in horror as the two men quickly dissolved into bones within the slime. The slime shook violently and coughed out the bones with a thick slime covering.

"That is a jungle slime!" Jonas cried out in amazement, "They are poisonous and have some control over plants. Make sure to avoid the spikes; they can be launched from its body."

As they formed up lines, Diana's eyes were drawn to the slime-covered bones. They seemed to be twitching in the dim light.

"Jonas, the bones are moving!" She cried out in fear.

Jonas cursed, "The slime was filled with plant matter. It can use the bones to form minions!"

As he announced this, the bone slimes rose up and began to sluggishly move forward toward their shield wall. Koran cursed as he watched his former students rise against him, "Mage, what kind of attacks do they have?"

"They can spread their condition through skin to skin contact, but since they are essentially plants fire will work well." Jonas fired a fireball at the closer goo zombie. It lit up and fell back under the force of the slime, and tried to get back up.

"Lookout," Gran warned, "The boss is moving!"

The boss turned and fired three spikes at the group. Koran braced his shield and blocked on of them; while Fiora deflected the second. Another student tried to block the third spike, but his lowly wooden shield blew apart as his body was launched backwards into the wall. The man turned green and died from the poison before even landing on the ground. Nat threw an oil canister on him and lit it as he slid down.

"Burn any who dies to the poison,” She yelled as the body lit up, "We don't want any to change while we're fighting!"

Fiora split her group from Koran's then, taking them to the far side of the boss. Nic and Nat joined her in slashing at the boss with their swords while Gran and Jonas fired from the back. Koran attacked the slime from the other side, using his long sword to cut the spikes he could reach off as they began to regrow. Simon called out orders to the remaining students, who used scrolls to temporarily enchant their blades with fire. They sliced at the two goo zombies and tried to cut off their slime.

Diana joined Fiora's group in the back ground, firing her little crossbow at the slime. "This is wrong." She muttered to herself as she fired again and again, "Something is wrong with the dungeon."

The boss roared out and began to spin rapidly. Koran cursed and cried out, "Lookout, it's using its special skill!" He threw himself to ground with his shield covering him as the slime launched all of it's spiked in every direction.

Fiora and Nic managed to dodge the spike, but Nat was knocked back by a glancing blow. She let out”oomph" as she spun to the floor and gasped in pain.

"Sister, are you all right?" Nic asked fearfully.

Nat cursed as she inspected herself, "Bloody thing nicked me with its damn spike. I think a little poison got in me."

Jonas, hearing this, immediately cast a lesser heal on her. He didn't specialize in healing, but he did know a little. Nat cursed as she got back up, "That helped, but I still feel it moving inside me. Let's hurry and kill it so I can get a real damn healer to help me."

"You’re welcome you arrogant bitch!" Jonas retorted as he shot another fireball at the slime. A cry of fear alerted them to the other side of the room.

Two students were killed by the spiked and had promptly melted in goo on the ground. Thankfully, the goo was inert and not attacking them; but the shield line was distracted and broken. One of the goo zombies managed to sink a hand onto one of the members, who moaned in pain as the slime quickly covered his body and dissolved him into bones. The new goo zombie turned and dissolved its former fellow.

"Get back you guys!" Simon cried out, "Reform the lines and don't let them touch you!" The four remaining students lined up and resumed slashing at the 3 goo zombies, but displayed less success than before.

Cursing, Koran turned from the boss and charged the zombies. "Take this, Flaming Slash!" His sword burst into flame as Koran sliced through all 3 zombies and destroyed them. Before anyone could congratulate him, he slumped to the floor and panted in exhaustion.

"Huh huh, I need a few minutes to recover." He panted out, 'That skill uses a lot of my mana and stamina. You lot attack the boss and assist Fiora!" His students nodded and threw themselves at the dungeon slime boss now.

As if sensing the demise of its minions, the jungle slime roared again and slapped the ceiling with a tentacle. To everyone's surprise, two little light red slimes landed on the boss's body.

"Jonas, I need an identity on those slimes!" Fiora shouted as she sliced a regrowing spike away.

"I don't know." Jonas replied, "I've never seen that type of slime in my books."

"Fricking useless mage,” Nat muttered, "Can't you do anything right?"

Jonas gave her a stink eye as he shot another fireball at the boss, "The poison is messing with your mind, but I'll be sure to pay you back for this later."

As the jungle slime reeled back from their attacks, the two little slimes began glowing. As they glowed, the adventurers watched as the jungle slime began to regrow parts of itself.

"Those are Fricking healing slimes!" Nat cursed loudly, "Someone shoot them off the boss!"

Gran, pulled is bow back and launched two arrows at each little slime, but they missed when the boss began to rotate again.

"Not again,” Simon groaned, "It's firing once more!"

One of the lower spikes managed to tear through another classmate, leaving a gaping hole in his abdomen. With a groan, the man fell backwards and stopped moving.

"Get the healers why it's recovering!" Fiora commanded as she dashed back into the fight.

Gran killed one using his triple arrow skill while Jonas managed to freeze the other off into a chunk that shattered on impact with the floor. Between the two groups, the boss slowly began to shrink from their combined attacks on its body.

Diana eyed the slime as it withered down, "I think it's almost gone guys, keep it up!"

As she said that, a glint of metal distracted her eyes for a moment, but she couldn't follow it. However, a stalagmite from the ceiling fell and landed on Nic's head as he swung his sword. With a groan, he pitched forward into the slime.

"NICK!" Nat cried out in horror, but it was too late as they were forced to watch him dissolve into boned within the boss.

With cries of rage, Nat abandoned her shield and began hacking her sword into the slime like a mad woman. The boss was so distracted it couldn't spit out the bones and they also dissolved within it.

"DIE YOU BASTARD DIE!" Nat cried out, tears pouring down her face.

Fiora joined her, grief stricken as well at the death of one of her oldest friends. Jonas, in his fury at the death of his best friend, began channeling his mana into a larger spell that he flung forward in agony.

"Flame Lance!"

A pole comprised of flame flew forward and tore through the boss down the center. With a groan, the slime fell backwards and shuddered in apparent death throbs.

"We did it!" Diana cried out happily. Jonas, panting in exhaustion, smiled happily as the slime wiggled in front of him. He was so engrossed that he failed to dodge the dagger than pierced his side. He yelped in pain as he fell to the ground.

Fiora's group turned wildly to find Koran, Simon, and the two remaining students approaching them with their swords pointed at them. Koran grinned, "I must say what an honor it was serving with you Fiora and that I look forward to our future business together."

Nat ran over to Jonas and pulled the dagger out, quickly wrapping his injury as Gran joined her. She glared at Koran and snarled, "I should have known you would do something like this; how dare you hurt Jonas!"

Koran scoffed, "I thought you'd be angrier with how I killed Nick than your friend there."

The room froze as his words entered the ears of the adventurer group. They processed his words and slowly understood what he meant.

"You killed . . . him. YOU KILLED HIM!" Nat screamed in fury as she charged Koran. She ran at him with her sword swinging wildly in her hands.

However, as she approached him, Simon stood in her way. "MOVE YOU PIECE OF SHIT BASTARD!" Nat demanded as she ran forward.

Simon smiled evilly, "I think not my dear. I have need of you." As she neared him, Simon gracefully dodged her sword and grabbed Nat's head in both hands. Her momentum stalled, she glared into the eyes of the one who stopped her. As she did so, her eyes lost their focus as she slumped forward to the ground.

"What did you do to her?" Fiora demanded, taking a stance between them and the three other members of her group.

Simon chuckled, "Why, I merely helped her through her anger. Isn't that right Natalie?"

Nat slowly got up off the ground, but turned toward her friends rather than Koran. Her eyes glowed red as she pointed her sword in their direction.

"Nat snap out of it! What did you do?" Jonas managed from the floor.

Simon grinned, "As I said, I helped her through her anger. See, those who possess hearts in pain desire to rid themselves of the pain. I remove that pain and control it, leaving me with perfect vessels for my biding."

Gran, his normally handsome features hardening, growled out, "You are no human. What are you?"

Simon grinned as his form blurred and changed. Instead of a young man standing before them, a red skinned monster with large teeth and four arms loomed in front of them.

Jonas gasped out, "That is a demon of wrath, known for their destructive powers and ability to control anger and fury."

The demon bowed to Jonas, "I am pleased to see that word of my noble kind is still passed down in your society. Sadly Jonas, I have no need for a magic user in my plans. There is also the fact that I hate your kind."

Jonas chuckled, wincing at the pain it caused, "Afraid that I may bind you and return you to your home dimension creature? Just give me a moment and I will do so."

The demon laughed evilly as it pointed ahead. The two students and Nat started moving forward toward them. "I know you are not well-versed in summoning foolish mage. Neither was the foolish summoner who called me in the first place, and I made sure to completely devour his essence."

The demon turned to Diana, "Why, he was so full of anger and hate I just had to oblige him. Wouldn't you agree, sister?"

And the demon changed forms again, this time revealing a form that filled Diana with horror.

Marcus Duran smiled at his sister with a sinister grin. "Have you no desire to hug your brother?" He taunted, opening his arms out in a friendly manner.

"You are the one who tried to kill me." Diana said in shock, almost falling to the ground.

Marcus shrugged, "I just needed you in pain, not dead. It was too bad those bubbling idiots almost ruined everything with their mistake. Still, everything else has gone according to plan so far."

"The worg massacre and murders in the camp; those have been your doing." Fiora realized in horror.

Gran nodded, "The more pain he causes the more control this kind of demon can exert. From his power, I guess this is one of the strongest in the demon hierarchy." Gran frowned at Marcus, "Your goal is the royal family."

"Of course it is." The demon declared at his servant closed the distance, "Once I stop the rampage of the mad sister who killed all her family, I'll take the throne in grief. The kingdom will be filled with sorrow and anger as I summon my brethren and we will have a foothold in this world."

Something clicked in Diana, "You want the power of the dungeon; you want to eat the heart crystal."

Marcus frowned, "Enough if this, I just need you to wait patiently as I gain the power I need. Then, none of you will able to resist me."

Diana drew her sword and stood next to Fiora, "Over my dead body."

Marcus growled, "You may be a part of my plan, but I don't strictly need you alive after this. Surrender or perish like your former brother."

"I refuse," She retorted, "I won't help you with you plan dead or alive."

"It's amazing how intact you are,” He mused to himself, "At any other time I would flay you to learn your secret, but I've wasted enough of that already."

Marcus grinned and gestured, "Koran, go help subdue or guests."

Koran, grinning madly, walked up to join the servants.

"You traitor; how could you join that thing?" Fiora spit.

"Power and money my fair lady," He chuckled, "Also the promise of you and your mentor in my bed once this is all over. I'll be sure to cherish each moment till I tire and get rid of you to the whorehouses."

Fiora and Diana braced themselves as Gran drew his bow from behind them.
















As the servants close in on the adventurers, a shudder shook the dungeon. Marcus frowned, "What is that racket?"

Before anyone could react, two spikes shot out and obliterated the remaining former students. Everyone whirled around to find the jungle slime wiggling up and moving quickly toward them.

Marcus frowned in annoyance, "Stay dead you stupid blob." He raised his hand and launched multiple fireballs at the slime. The slime shuddered under every blow, but continued regardless. Marcus's face drew back into a feral snarl.

"KNOW YOUR PLACE AND PERISH! OBEY ME!" His fury peaked as he created lances of flame and shot them through the boss. The boss finally stopped moving and began dissolving rapidly. Marcus huffed in annoyance.

"Really now, a mere slime made me that angry? I must be getting soft in this realm." He turned back, "Now that that's finally finished . . ."

He paused as he tried to move his foot and failed. He looked down to find thick vines wrapping his legs to the ground. He rolled his eyes, "A last attempt to devour me I suppose. I only need a little flame to . . ."


Everyone stared at the crossbow bolt embedded in Marcus. Jonas smiled as Diana's abandoned crossbow slipped from his fingers. "I got you, you arrogant son of a bitch."

Marcus froze as he stared at his chest. As a trickle of blood began coming out of the wound, his face morphed into a fusion of Marcus and the demon's.

"Die." It was one word said at room volume, but it held the repressed fury of a thousand acts of denial. A white fireball flew forward toward Jonas with a speed that left no one able to react.

Everyone except the princess.

Diana took the full force of the blast for Jonas and slammed into the wall in the far back. She gave a little gasp as her life left her body.


..........................MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!

The dungeon began vibrating wildly as everyone struggled to gain their footing.

Marcus cursed loudly, "How?! This violates the agreement, the dungeon cannot directly interfere!"

As if in answer, everyone heard a small twinkling voice in their heads.

"Foolish demon, the accord was broken when you killed the dungeon's possession. By slaying his chosen avatar, you have brought ruin on to your very being."

Marcus paled as he slowly backed away, "No, no, no I won't let this be the end of my plans!" With a cry, he fled down the tunnel away from the room.

"Master! Wait for me!" Koran dashed after his master as the dungeon shook.

Without his presence, Nat collapsed like a puppet without a master. Fiora ran and caught her before she fell.

"Brave adventurers, you are permitted to leave this place." The voice said in their ears, "Take you earned rewards and leave this matter while the dungeon is distracted by his prey. If you do not leave quickly, it will devour you where you stand as well."

Fiora turned to stare sadly at Diana's still body, "We need to take her with us."

"That is not permitted. All who die within the dungeon belong to my lord. Know that the demon will not bother you again; you may inform your guild of that."

"Who are you?" Gran asked as he lifted Jonas over his shoulder.

The voice seemed to twinkle in amusement, "I am a mere servant, the same as any who belong to the dungeon. Know that the next time you enter, your lives will once again be forfeit and contested."

With that, Fiora nodded and activated the recall spell. The four remaining adventurers disappeared in a flash of light from the boss room.

Claire flew out and inspected Diana's body. "Child, he may never know why but you are now connected with him." She smiled and kissed her body, "I look forward to seeing you again noble princess." She stayed and watched as the body of Diana shimmered and disappeared into a thousand little lights.

The demon ran as fast as he could through the dungeon tunnels, cursing with every step. "I almost had it in my grasp. This will set me back for years, but I will take my place as prince of the wrath demons." He came across a divide and ran down the right path.

As he ran, a thought occurred to him.

There were no dividing paths from the direction of the boss's room.

His foot fell through a pitfall and he slammed his chin into the other side as he fell down the hole. Dazed, he shook his head as picked himself up. A slurping sound emanated around him as he realized the size of the hole head fallen into.

"Bastards, I will not die from petty slimes!" He cried out, his form covered in a layer of fire.

The slimes around him backed off and fled from the flames. Marcus laughed, "Ha ha ha, I have nothing to fear from you inferior creatures!"

A red slime slowly made its way behind him and leaped onto his back. Marcus stumbled forward and landed on the ground.

"Little annoyance, why you . . . my fire!"

The fire around the demon disappeared into the slime as it devoured it. Marcus paled completely.

"An infernal slime." He whispered. The bane of his race, long extinct after it was hunted by his tribe. It devoured flame as food and was immune to it as well.

Without the fire, Marcus was only a stronger being than a human. Strength, however, did not matter in this dungeon.

As the other slimes closed in on him, he let out a final scream of rage and hate.

And the slimes fell upon him in droves.

Koran heard his master's dying screams as he ran away. He knew the dungeon was focused on him now, making his own escape a certainty.

"I'll have to leave the country after this mess." He muttered angrily, "Thankfully I have friends in other cities." He was already thinking about his future crimes when a tentacle tripped him to the floor.

He jumped up and took his sword out, looking for his assailant. "Show yourself!" He demanded.

A girlish giggle echoed around him, sending a shiver down his spine.

"Did you think you could escape from me Koran? Did you really think I would let your sins escape with you?"

Koran paled at the voice, "It can't be; you're dead! YOU ARE DEAD!"

The voice giggled again, "That's right Koran you killed me, in fact this is the second time you've killed me. However, I'll make sure you won't ever hurt anyone else ever again."

Koran turned around and around to find the source of the voice, but failed to find her. As he began to calm down, tentacles wrapped around his body and squeezed, forcing him to drop his blade in pain.

He whirled around to face his attacker.

Diana Duran smiled sweetly at Koran, before her mouth opened impossibly wide and devoured his entire body. She giggled as he felt him screaming inside her.

"Sorry, but unlike my brethren a lady like myself needs time to digest my supper; and I have all the time in the world." Her blue form slithered back into the darkness, taking her victim with her out of the light.

So this ends the first book of the Slime Dungeon. I admit, I enjoyed writing this. I still have plans to work on Hero of Naught over the break, so that comes first before I can consider doing anything else with this besides the epilogue. Also, writing two stories at the same time is stressful; as may authors on RRL have learned.

This is my thank-you to everyone who enjoyed reading this story- I did it for you guys
I like to inspect the names of those who read my chapters, and I always recognize those who comment. This a shout-out to my HofN readers who decided to give this story a try. That's right, I'm talking to you guys out there: Nolon, pcrider, blackwolf, etc. (Don't feel bad if I left name out, I know you're special ;) )


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