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---The Dungeon---

Doc yawned as he watched another adventurer fall into a pitfall trap. He'd switched things up and put pitfalls next to aerial ambush holes, which tricked adventurers into looking up and walking around the holes and falling to their deaths. This time, it was a man in leather armor who cried out in fear as the grey slimes dissolved his body.

He switched over to check his magic capacity. Thanks to the new traps and the twins, his daily magic gain had increased to the next level.

"Claire, I want to upgrade!"

On cue, his pixie companion flew out of her house and took her standard spot on her pedestal. "Oh, is it that time already?" She asked excitedly, "This is wonderful; it's my favorite part of the dungeon experience."

"Can we come and watch?" The twins asked them.

"You can come, but leave your bodies to their duties okay my babies?"

"Yes ma'am." They chorused together.

An interesting fact that Doc learned was that like him, the twins could leave their bodies and let their minds travel the dungeon. They were limited to their room and his room, but it was still impressive. According to Claire, the reason they could travel was because they had souls, even if they were dungeon monsters. Even if Doc lacked a soul, however, he would still be able to move everywhere because he was the dungeon itself.

Doc and Claire felt the twins arrive in the room like a gentle breeze. Formless, the two watched happily from the walls as Claire sat down to begin.

"Okay Doc, it's time once again to decide what you want to improve." She declared, waving her finger, "Do you remember you choices?"

Teleporting GlyphInscribe a glyph on every floor that allows adventurers to move from one floor to another easily. Must have cleared the floor to be able to move to it. Groups are restricted to the lowest level conquered by a member
Additional RaceAble to create an additional race to the one held. Increases dungeon diversity
Upgrade Monsters IIGrants the ability to improve monsters by unlocking next evolution level.
Current Monster levels: Slime Lvl 2
Instances (Acquired)Able to create parallel realities within the dungeon, allowing for more adventurers to enter the dungeon at the same time
EnvironmentsAble to create new obstacles in the form of environmental hazards.
Trap knowledgeAble to improve and add to existing traps by using mana. Current trap types available: pitfall, aerial. New trap types: launch, ceiling-fall
Mana StonesThroughout the dungeon, places naturally fill with ambient mana. Now, those places will condense into mana stones that can be mined

"Claire, there are new options here." Doc said in surprise as he read through the options on the wall.

Claire giggled "Of course silly; as you grow stronger you'll gain more abilities as well. The options you receive in the future will depend on the abilities you chose now, so no dungeon is ever exactly the same." Claire stared at the mana screen for a moment, 'It seems that magic traps and mana stones are your newest options; most likely because of all the mana usage you've been doing lately. Magic traps are the next step for you and will increase the lethality of your dungeon. On the other tentacle," She stared pointedly at his overslime form, "Mana stones will increase the economic value of your dungeon. Some of your monster may start to drop them, and mages will flock here to acquire them. Since mages are your weakness that may be counter-productive."

"I really want to see more evolutions for my monsters." Doc declared. The twins mentally clapped at his declaration.

Claire held up a hand, "Before you leap into that option, hear me out. You slimes are not done gaining new forms; there are many other forms your slimes can change into. Even then, since no dungeon has ever used slimes primarily, there are most likely slimes I've never heard before as well."

"It all depends on what you can get your slimes to eat."

Doc paused, "Do you mean the mana stones?"

Claire clapped her hands happily, "Your intuition is getting better every day! The answer is yes, the mana stone upgrade would definitely unlock the basic elemental slimes for you. Just imagine it: water, fire, earth, and air slimes all crawling around in your dungeon."

"I want it!" Doc cried out, "I want it!"

Both the twins and Claire giggled at his youthful exuberance.

"Poppa, you're really silly."

"Yes dear, calm yourself."

Doc turned completely red at their words, "Hey, you finally called me dear!"

Now it was Claire's turn to blush, "W . . .well we have kids now it's appropriate." She twisted shyly, "Do you like it?"

"Of course!" The twins giggled and teased Claire as she hid her fiery red face in the plants.

Doc, not picking upon the situation, turned back to the screen. "Well, I don't need to increase lethality yet, so I guess that's a "no" to traps an environment changes. The teleporting glyphs aren't necessary yet either and I have no desire for another monster race." Doc turned back to Claire, "Do I have enough capacity to get mana stones and the second evolution upgrade?"

"Claire, where did you go?"

"Momma is taking a quick break Poppa, but she can hear you through us." The twins announced, "To answer your question, you can, but you won't be able to grow another floor for a long time. If you chose the Mana stone option, you'll be able to grow two more floors. If you choose the next evolution upgrade, than you will only be able to create one new floor."

Doc frowned as he considered the options. His desire to grow outweighed his desire for evolution, so he needed to expand another floor.

"Wait, I already have a third floor." Doc realized with a jolt. Previously, he had separated his heart room from the final boss room and moved down a floor, hidden behind a secret wall. Wringing his tentacles together, Doc focused on his third floor.

It was just a single room, but his power had already permeated the entire level, enough for another floor set. "Okay, I'll get both upgrades!" Doc decided, "Time for more slimes!"

Instantly, he felt his capacity diminish as his mana was condensed into his crystal body. He felt it grow within his room as it again doubled in size to 4 inches. Doc, drained from the ordeal, smiled weakly as he inspected his body.

"Now, time to change up the dungeon!"

Focusing on himself, Doc inspected his current setup. The first floor was straight, holding the mining room and the boss room. The second floor winded around to the second boss room.

"This is boring now, let's change it up!"

Doc liked the first floor how it was, but he did move the twins from the first floor to the second floor. He moved his overslime from his final room up to the first floor boss.

"Poppa, why did you move us down?" The twins asked him curiously.

"You guys are really strong." Doc explained, "So I want adventurers to not be discouraged from exploring the rest of the dungeon. Besides, I want a new body."

Instead of a winding floor, Doc changed the second floor completely. He first made it like the first floor, a simple line, than added a few dead ends and paths that led back to the beginning of the floor. Of course, these paths were one way and disappeared as soon as they were used. The original 5 rooms were still a part of the floor, but now there were more tunnels than rooms. The last room was, of course, the twin's room and held the staircase down to the third floor.

For the third floor, Doc improved upon his ideas for the previous floor and made it more of a maze style. The main path through held 3 Y-shaped tunnels that each held a false path back to the beginning of the floor. Also, he made sure the fake paths were littered with traps and could not be found from the rooms they emptied into. The main path was actually quite short, reminiscent of the first floor, and led to the plant room.

"Poppa? Poppa!"

Doc finally came out of his building trance in a startled yelp. He turned and faced the twins, who were staring at him with worried eyes. "What is it girls?"

"You've been building for two whole days Poppa, and Momma has been sleeping the entire time."

"What! Is she alright? What about the adventurers, did they get hurt?"

"She's just sleeping; she's not hurt at all. The adventurers are okay as well. When you started working all the humans and elves were magically ejected from the dungeon. The entrance was blocked until you finished with the first floor, and then each subsequent floor was blocked until you finished with it."

Doc sighed out in relief; he hadn't wanted to kill all the adventurers so easily. It ruined the point of the whole dungeon experience.

"I'm glad, but I'm going to check on you mother now so return to your room girls." With a chorus of goodbye, he felt the twins move back to their room to wait for their next victim. Doc flowed into Claire's bed.

Her magic energy felt fine to him, so he formed a tentacle and tickled her nose. Claire sneezed cutely and yawned. She sat up and stretched out, smiling gently at Doc. "Good morning Doc, did you finish fixing your dungeon?"

"I did, but explain to me what happened to you."

Claire giggled, "Are you worried about me? While adorable, there is no need for any. When you undertake large projects, I'll naturally fall asleep until you finish up. It's a safety precaution for us as a species so we don't get caught up in accidents within the dungeon moving. Of course, since I'm falling asleep now, that means that you've reached a sufficient stage of size, so congratulations."

Doc smiled happily, "Thanks Claire, I couldn't have done it without you. I have one last thing though; I need to make a new dungeon boss."

Claire nodded and she got out of bed. Doc appreciated her sleeping attire, which was basically the same as her normal clothed except for the long robes. "Give me a moment to dress and I'll join you in the plant room."

Doc obliged her and moved his awareness into the plant room. After a moment, Claire flew out in her normal outfit and settled on the floor.

"The first time you made a dungeon boss, you merely injected your essence into one of your minions. We will be doing the same thing this time, but with a higher evolved slime." Claire pointed at the ceiling, "Your old dungeon boss with always be the strongest version of the species of slime, but now that you're moving bodies other slimes will begin to evolve into overslimes themselves. Of course, they will not be present on the first floor, only in the areas after the overslime boss."

"So, an overslime is one of the evolutions I unlocked?"

Claire shook her head, "No, an overslime is a 1st tier evolution; it was just locked until you made a new body. This process will repeat until you create a unique dungeon boss of your own. Moving on, let's get to evolving!"

Claire flew around the room rapidly, sprinkling the floor in pixie dust. When she was done, a glowing blue circle was left in the ground. "Summon the underling you want to evolve." She announced, "Remember, you can only use the monsters that have already evolved into your dungeon. You can wait for new evolutions, but this will leave you defenseless until you do."

Doc nodded, "I choose the herb slime."

Claire almost fell out of the air in surprise, "Really? Why that slime? I would have thought you would have picked the mimic slime or grey slime; both offer good boss forms and are well known."

Doc nodded in agreement, "Yes, that's it exactly. I want those two to evolve into new forms; not be locked while I play in my new body. I guess I could have picked the overslime again, but I wanted to try something different."

Claire giggled as she landed on her perch, "Well, if there is something I've learned it's to expect the unexpected with you. Go ahead and create your herb slime; I'm curious to see what it will become."

Concentrating, Doc used his mana to create a herb slime in the middle of the circle. The greenish-purple blob wobbled as it floated up from the floor, mindless and obedient. As with the original slime, Doc poured his essence and awareness into the slime. The slime wobbled and jiggled as it drank him in, changing forms as it grew.

When he was done, Doc and Claire stepped back, figuratively once again, to inspect their newest boss monster. The former herb slime was now slightly bigger than the overslime. It had grown spikes on its body and was pure green in color. Claire clapped happily as she inspected the slime.

"It's a jungle slime! I've never seen one before outside the southern jungle; how rare!"

"You've been to the southern jungles?"

"Not really, but Mommy showed me pictures with her mind from her trip there. Dungeon pixies have a big meeting every 50 years to share dungeon knowledge. Our bodies stay in our homes, but we can magic our minds to meet at a pre-picked dungeon in astral form. I've never been to one before, but I heard they are really fun and the best places to find mates."

SpeciesTypeThreatElementJungle SlimeDungeon BossB (C')Earth
Description:A second tier slime. After absorbing enough earth mana and plant life, this herb slime evolved into a jungle slime. Jungle slimes are naturally attuned to the earth, making them resistant to water and wind magic but weak to ice and fire magic. Like their previous evolution, jungle slimes are capable of spitting a potent poison from their body and are covered in poisonous spikes. Unlike their previous evolution, jungle slimes have a limited control over nearby plant life and can use them to capture their prey. However, this tendency to wrap prey has resulted in the decrease of speed for the entire species, preferring to take their time with moving.
This jungle slime has a general element of magic and a specific element of earth. Due to this, it has increased resistance toward water and wind magic, but a weakness to ice and fire magic It can change elements during battle. This jungle is a boss monster, bestowing it with a more toxic poison than a normal specimen.

"This is just what I need for the plant room." Doc said happily.

"I agree, it was the perfect choice for you." Claire declared as she floated down and sat on the slime. She rested back against a spike and frowned, "I think I'll miss your old boss though; it was a much better seat than this."

As if hearing her, the jungle slime shot a spike into the ceiling, leaving a blank spot on its body. Claire happily lay on its back and sighed in contentment, "Never mind, this is perfect."

Btw, if case you guys didn't know, I LOVE EVOLUTION MECHANICS! Really, it's one of my favorite things to read or play. My biggest issue is when evolutions are repeated or "recolored"; pet peeve of mine. Now, I'ma guess most of you have never read Scott's story "Crystallim Galactea"; it's one of my favorites and unfortunately not active right now :(. Anyway, he made a forum site for the various female monster breeds, and I went crazy with ideas. I came up with a lot, and look forward to implementing, modified, versions of them in this and other stories I write. Expect lots of evolution forms for the slimes, from new to old and even obscure. Enjoy my friends!

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