Doc winced as he watched his new daughters gnaw on the bones of his latest victims. While familiar with death, he actually had little experience with literal bloodshed as his slimes dissolved everything they killed. He wasn't squeamish, far from it, but it was still unnerving to see a man's pelvis being torn piece by piece apart; especially when the ones who were eating acted so cute to him.

"Are you having fun there girls?" Doc asked them. The girls had gone through 6 fights before adventurers had gotten wind of their existence and came better prepared. This latest group had managed to kill one of his daughters, but had still been slaughtered by the remaining one.

"We're fine Poppa,” Said the one chewing on a leg, "Dying hurt, but it was kind of fun coming back."

Doc had trouble talking to the two of them, as neither had opted to be named. They did everything together and often times answered together as well. "The Twins" had become their moniker, and Claire had agreed it was the best way to address them.

The pixie in question was currently watching the twins from a peephole in the walls, separating her tunnels from the rest of the dungeon.

"Girls, remember to wipe your mouths after chewing on bloody remains!" She called out, "While facing enemies with dried blood on your mouth is intimidating, it is also a sign of laziness and low intellect."

"Yes Momma, we understand!" The twins called back happily.

. . . . . Claire really seemed to be used to these kinds of things. Doc wasn't sure to be impressed, proud, or terrified.

The twins had successfully integrated themselves into the dungeon. Doc, whose consciousness was in multiple places at once, could hear the warnings being spread from adventurer to adventurer. He was proud of the fear in their voices; fear that was directed toward his dungeon. He also picked up that facing the two without a suitable reward would result in infamy.

Specifically, he heard conversations in the copper room that went on like this:

"Did you hear about the new floor boss?"

"Yeah, I heard it was a pair of worgs; survivors of that worg pack a few days ago."

"No one has been able to get them yet, and a lot of adventurers are outraged at their presence."

"Why? It's not like there is anything good past them. The herbs are starting to lose their value anyway."

"You obviously haven't heard that Moonglow was round in the final room. The requests for the herb are staring to approach gold!"

"I doubt that, but a highly rare herb like that does sound good. I wonder what other plants will begin to grow in the future."

"Right? Now, imagine all those herbs, but the worgs are blocking access."

"So what; worgs are pushovers. My grandmother used to tell me how she killed worgs for fun."

"Bollocks to you grandmother; they are still killing people. I bet there isn't even a decent reward for killing them."

"Yeah, the dungeon loot is pretty low in value. I'll stick to copper thank you very much."

(etc. etc.)

'I guess the loot is pretty bad.' Doc admitted as he examined his slimes. The best loot was dropped by the grey slimes, but very few were ever killed and most were avoided. "I wonder what I can do for rewarding the twin's killers."

The thought sounded morbid, but monsters who didn't die viewed death as more of an annoyance that an insult. Fighting also served as the main source of entertainment, so the adventurers were paying for rewards in their own way.
To quote the twins on the subject of adventurers, "They pay with time or blood; either way we'll be satisfied."

Doc examined his astral bag. It was filled, but very far from being full; holding the equipment and weapons of slain adventurers. He noted a piece of leather armor form his first kill, a robe from a mage, and even a potion. Muttering to himself, he turned his attention to Claire.

"Claire, I need help deciding what to give as a reward for fighting the twins."

Claire fluttered back to the plant room and settled down on her perch. "Do you mean the drop loot? That's easy silly," She giggled at him, "Just make it a part of them."

No understanding her meaning, Doc raised an eyebrow at her, metaphorically speaking of course.

"As you grow your dungeon repertoire, "Claire explained, "You'll find that boss monsters are the easiest "mob" to assign loot for, "Mob" being a shortened version of monster. Typically, a dungeon boss drops a piece of equipment that holds a small portion of their power within it. Also, the boss commonly drops better than normal equipment than the rest of the dungeon. A ring that boosts strength, for instance or swords of light are some examples for boss loot."

"How do I get that kind of loot?" Doc asked her, "That sounds like something rare that only good adventurers would drop."

Claire giggled again, "Silly, all you have to do is make it yourself. I realize our attention has been distracted by a great many things, but now it's time to work on the loot system for you dungeon."

The pixie flew to the wall and created a mana screen. She waved her hands and formed pictures of every monster type in his dungeon. "Let’s change things up for everything while we're at it. Now Doc, how is the state of your astral bag?"

He shrugged, "It's got a lot of stuff in there, that's about it."

Claire nodded her head, "Great, now go ahead and dissolve everything."

". . . Come again?"

"In order to create your own, unique loot you have to understand both the type of equipment and the nature of the enchantment. As a dungeon being, anything you absorb into yourself is processed in a way that you know everything about it automatically. Dungeons are the only race in the land that can learn through absorption rather than active learning; another advantage you have over the other races. Dissolve everything in your astral bag for now."

Doc concentrated as his mana flowed through his astral bag. As it moved, his mana absorbed everything it touched and soon left the bag empty. He blinked as he felt things appearing in his head, things he hadn't known before but knew now. "Claire, I know all about all these new things!" Doc cried out excitedly, "It's so amazing!"

In his excitement, he flowed into the overslime and began waving a multitude of small tentacles in every direction. Claire laughed and flew down to join him, dancing with the tentacles on top of his body. She swayed back and forth in time to the inaudible rhythm, her eyes smoldering as she took a tentacle by the hand and shook with it. Doc laughed and had the tentacle swing her in a circle.

When the moment was done, Claire flopped on top of his body and sighed as the overslime conformed to her shape. "Now that your "knowledge dance" is over, it's time to work. Have you been making more silver and gold?"

Thinking of the gold and silver growing behind his walls, Doc nodded his agreement.

"Perfect, but we'll get to that in a moment. First thing is first, we need to make monster specific equipment. Things that hold a monsters power are quite rare, so it should appear once every 1000th kill. For your basic slime, try to make a belt."

Doc had lots of belts in his mind: thick belts, skinny belts, big belts, little belts, and even some decorative belts. He focused on one of the simpler belts in his mind, bringing it up and examining it with his mind's eye. A simple piece of leather, it was held together by a small oval buckle and could be sized for any body size. Thinking of his first monster, Doc thought of how they wobbled and crawled on the ground; how their bodies bent around obstacles and weapons.

With a shine, the belt materialized in the room. Claire inspected it as it fell to the ground and nodded her approval.

"A belt that increases one's reflexes and agility; quite appropriate for a rare slime drop. Now,” She continued, "Try think of a weapon for the twins; something that relates to what they are."

Doc knew of just the thing, and focused himself. With another bright light, a pair of ornate, black dagger appeared in the room. The daggers were long and sharp, with a pointed guard and round pommel ends. A wolf head growled out from the bottom of the blade on both sides, and the entire weapon oozed blackness.

"Darkness attributes daggers,” Claire said as she examined the pair, "How appropriate for our girls. These will be valuable to any who rely on the shadows to attack. I'm very impressed with how you formed this Doc; it shows you have a great imagination."

Doc blushed as his overslime body gained a tinge of red.

"Now's not the time for rest though; hurry and make more unique loot!"

When he was done, Doc had created a variety of equipment for his four remaining monsters: a minor healing potion for the herb slimes, a full leather outfit enchanted for physical resistance for the grey slimes, a magical hat that changed hair color for the mimic slimes, and finally a purple whip for his overslime. The whip had the added enchantment of inflicting minor acid damage with every blow and could solidify into a sword on command. He separated the outfit for the grey slimes into its individual pieces, requiring multiple kills to get the whole set. Of course, every unique drop was extremely hard to come across, which made the outfit even more valuable.

Besides the unique loot, Claire also had Doc improve the general loot for everything. Monsters were more likely to drop silver coins with bronze coins, and the boss monsters had a rare chance of dropping a gold coin. In addition, all monsters had a small chance of dropping enchanted rings, whose affect ranged from minor improvements to a small boost in an attribute. The herb slimes were also given an increased chance of dropping some of the herbs they had eaten, and mimic slimes could sometimes drop a vial of perfume. The perfume was a bit of humor on Doc's part, as he felt the human girls had a strange infatuation with smells and looks.

The entire process had required a lot of energy on his part, so when he was done Claire and the twins wished him a goodnight as he left the overslime on auto-pilot and flowed into Claire's bed. He relaxed comfortably as he went to sleep after a hard day’s work.

Had to travel, so sorry if it's a bit small today (by 400 words :p)
The month is coming closer to it's end, and my story is almost to the required 50,000 words. This first book has been primarily been to develop the dungeon with some plot, so the end will begin to intensify the hidden plots. There are at least 4 major players right now, and even a few secrets that will be revealed. Look forward to it :)

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