Shoot, this is hard.
Okay guys, author-sensei is calling out for help. Very much like my reviews say, I don't plan when writing this. Unfortunately, this means I have no path to follow, which is made worse because NO ONE HAS EVER FINISHED A DUNGEON STORY. VRDraco came close with "Mystery of the Dungeon", but his just got op quickly. The general censuses today is that dungeons grow until they evolve into a world of their own. Naturally, the authors I've seen have sped that process up a lot, which is something I try to avoid. Ergo, I need to fill time.

What does a dungeon do? Why does it do it? Can a dungeon get bored? Can a dungeon leave it's dungeon? Can dungeons move?

All questions I need to answer. The word "dungeon" comes from the original "dungeons and dragons" and is associated with prisons, mazes, and other nefarious places of infamy. The idea of a "living" dungeon is fairly new and not well explored in published works (that I've found). I'm rather tired of writing chapters that are "grow, talk, develop, pov. switch, repeat". It gets old for me, it gets old for you guys; and I want you guys to be entertained. Figuring out this story will help a lot when I return to Hero of Naught this winter. (I've figured out what to change and expand. Hint: Hunie's deaths will be changed, not fixed)

What do you guys think? I have anatomy lab, genetics homework, and anatomy project stuff due today so I won't check back till later. I'll aim for a chapter when everything is done AND after carefully reading any input graciously provided to me.

Thank you guys for your help and support.

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Bio: Hi, I'm writer of the Slime Dungeon series and a few others. I like monster evolution, fantasy worlds, video games, and hearing from fans.
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