Shoot, this is hard.
Okay guys, author-sensei is calling out for help. Very much like my reviews say, I don't plan when writing this. Unfortunately, this means I have no path to follow, which is made worse because NO ONE HAS EVER FINISHED A DUNGEON STORY. VRDraco came close with "Mystery of the Dungeon", but his just got op quickly. The general censuses today is that dungeons grow until they evolve into a world of their own. Naturally, the authors I've seen have sped that process up a lot, which is something I try to avoid. Ergo, I need to fill time.

What does a dungeon do? Why does it do it? Can a dungeon get bored? Can a dungeon leave it's dungeon? Can dungeons move?

All questions I need to answer. The word "dungeon" comes from the original "dungeons and dragons" and is associated with prisons, mazes, and other nefarious places of infamy. The idea of a "living" dungeon is fairly new and not well explored in published works (that I've found). I'm rather tired of writing chapters that are "grow, talk, develop, pov. switch, repeat". It gets old for me, it gets old for you guys; and I want you guys to be entertained. Figuring out this story will help a lot when I return to Hero of Naught this winter. (I've figured out what to change and expand. Hint: Hunie's deaths will be changed, not fixed)

What do you guys think? I have anatomy lab, genetics homework, and anatomy project stuff due today so I won't check back till later. I'll aim for a chapter when everything is done AND after carefully reading any input graciously provided to me.

Thank you guys for your help and support.

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madmatthew200 @madmatthew200 ago

first .....
op dungeon
yes to moving makes things interesting
have some new slime that evolves really quickly or some really powerfull arogant adventureses show up

Iume @Iume ago

Have the dungeon grow and expand to mimic a keep and eventually a castle. Make it a "living" town. Incorporate the base camp to form part of the town. Let a lord arise that takes control, but is actually Doc and have them build against an invading force (civil war?).

- Maybe dungeons were originally created to be controllers for high-tech (where tech = magic) bases.
- Maybe dungeons are descended from the remnants of elemental lords.
- Maybe the dungeon will be destroyed, but Doc's crystal will be salvaged and implanted in a new location.

Also, you go change the format to be short stories set in a dungeon world, but always featuring Doc either as a main or side character. Create a list of writing prompts and just grow the world.

sprigner26 @sprigner26 ago

Perhaps you could have side chapters not directly related to the main progression of the story. For instance, during one bored day(?) Doc creates a boss slime to go through his own dungeon.

Norandir @Norandir ago

Maybe have one or more slimes gain some intelligence like the ability to speak so you have more characters inside the dungeon and possibly set some kind of goal for Doc to reach other then just getting bigger and a larger variety of slimes could be fun

Granitefish @Granitefish ago

My suggestion is create an Upkeep Mechanic. where he has to spend DP to maintain things like the cleanliness of an area, crops/fertile soil, rebuilding area, and prevent erosion and not in a onetime fee type method. I think that the one time fee method that is normally used is often what allows for authors to make them grow too fast and the thought that they won't stop growing. The Upkeep will help to limit growing to fast and give you a reason why he doesn't just keep growing. Dungeons don't need to become worlds.


gman @gman ago

have Doc interact with those whom finish the dungeon, creating a dungeon/kingdom partnership, perhaps even creating a retreat for the royalty within him. Also he could need to spend time researching things, like create planets for his dungeon, glow moss for light and new herbs and alchemy ingredients.

blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

ok time for some input :3 :

1. keep showing the innovations he is doing in his dungeon in combination with adventurer POVs showcasing said innovations
2. don't give him the ability to communicate with humans too quickly
3. introduce some sort of dungeon rivalry
4.don't forget to update your shadow plot while still keeping the suspense going(don't reveal everything bro
5.idea for future ark(s): when his dungeon advances enough and since he is a special case(invent some magic mumbo jumbo or soul stuff) make him find a replacement for the dungeon core or the ability to control it remotely and have him go adventuring some tragedy shenanigans where his dungeon fairy dies for a bit or gets kidnapped to advance characters and bring out their reletionships
7.showcase some sort of rivalry between races humans and elves vs demons/beastkin(or some other race of your choosing) that will have doc choose sides when they realise he is(for some reason you will find) key to their advances and sentient to a point.

you should really take all those inputs with a grain of salt , do not allow people to affect heavily what you have in mind (unless you have nothing in that case work with your readers , nothing could go wrong amirite?) i thank you for your work and patiently await for my daily dose of dungeon x bath peeping :< !

RandomEnchanter @RandomEnchanter ago

19/11/2015 17:12:22falcon167 Wrote: [ -> ]What does a dungeon do?  Why does it do it?  Can a dungeon get bored?  Can a dungeon leave it's dungeon? Can dungeons move?

Just my 2 CP but 
What does a dungeon do? They provide a place for people a place to grow, improve, die, and make money. This is typically done to adventures only. This is also from the stand point of the adventurist. 

From a dungeon stand point, it could be presumed that they wish become stronger to no longer be at risk of 'death' by an/multiple adventurers. How this is accomplished it typically by endlessly growing, consuming, evolving and becoming more powerful. After all, there is always some one more powerful than you out there. An alternative that has not yet been explored I figure would be becoming one of the 'dungeon hunters', while still controlling the 'dungeon. No risk to the 'dungeon self', all the benefit of the dungeon.

Well i think that also answers why does a dungeon do it.

Can a dungeon get board?
A standard dungeon, i would say no. a fight for survival is never boring. The problem, as experienced in human society in today's world, is that when all conditions for survival are fulfilled you have nothing else to do, Thus being board. Humans have developed games, sports TV, and a myriad of other ways to occupy our time. 

Can a dungeon leave it's dungeon?
By definition the dungeon itself can not leave itself. You can't leave yourself, Why should it be able to? however a dungeon is capable of directly effecting it's own 'self'. There is no reason why a dungeon can not split its mind and move one of the splits around the outside world, keeping the other inside it's body. 

Can dungeons move?
Why not? you have already had Doc move his crystal body. The act of making rooms, tunnels, doors etc can allow a dungeon to move. Simply making another room/hallway etc move the crystal in there, rinse repeat.

Fantasy Dreamer @Fantasy Dreamer ago

Some of my ideas that I hope help inspire you:

-Have someone take (capture) him while both he (as a boss slime) and his fairy are sleeping
This can lead to him being a pet for a royal or a journey for the fairy to rescue him. Downside of this is he is forced away from his dungeon. Possibilities include: going insane, loosing control of dungeon, becoming a slime without a core (because his core is in the dungeon [wireless slime :) ] ), and having all the slime's go on a rampage

-Have him separate his conscience from the dungeon once he is satisfied with it
This will cause the dungeon to no longer grow but will allow him to leave and explore the world (re-connection is optional). Has the possibility to cause him to meet other dungeons which can lead to him making friend, enemies, or making these dungeons under his command.

-Have him be able to move his dungeon
By making his dungeon core the core of his boss slime you can make it so that he can move wherever he wants.

Angelelic @Angelelic ago

I mean.. what truly is a dungeon? is it a maze? a prison? or is it kind of a world were creatures lives? in my eyes it's an mix of them all. but with the concept of an living dungeon.. maybe it's the late stage of an soul.. maybe its the beginning. all it can do is think, live and create. this goes for all living creatures. your story is based on a ''soul'' that loses all of its memory and gets reincarnated as an dungeon. but what is it that tells you that the dungeon cant create its own body? why cant the dungeon hart get absorbed by a creature and start roaming the world?

Every living creature are looking for something. maybe they are looking for a family, to grow stronger or just to live there life. my tip is to try to create a 'dungeon' MC that is looking for more than just growing stronger. try to make him feel more, experience more and create more. That's all.