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Being reincarnated means his personality already has a center to grow around, and thus some of the things he says are automatic and not conscious to him. More interesting stuff to come later involving it.

The way it works as a dungeon (in my story): Dungeon has a certain amount of mana. This mana can be used one of two ways: Used to make dungeon or used to keep dungeon. All his walls grow purple and can house his consciousness because he constantly radiates mana into them. This requires most of his mana, and thus cannot grow past a certain point without injuring his ability to modify his dungeon. Time, real deaths, and other things increase dungeon mana capacity, and thus the limit of the dungeon territory.


Guild vice-leader Mary sighed as she gazed at the rapidly growing settlement in front of her. She had heard second hand the report on the new dungeon from her leader, Guild Master Vance, and had been intrigued by what she had heard. She had been so interested; she had volunteered to lead the Adventurer Guild Outpost at the new dungeon outpost. What she hadn't realized was that it would be a rather boring job at the start.

"Huuu" she sighed out, "I guess I should have expected this, but I guess I was a little over eager." She was currently sitting on a chair behind a small table in one of the bigger tents. This was the branch office for the guild until a more permanent structure was set up. She out her head in her hands and gazed out the tent at the dungeon, which was facing her direction. She was waiting for the return of the scout team that had set out earlier to inspect the dungeon.

Until they returned, she had nothing to do and no one to talk to. The workers were too busy to speak to her, the elves were not here yet, and the other adventurers were back at Duran getting ready. Until they heard back from the scouting team, the dungeon's level was unknown and therefor off limits to all who would want to enter.

This wasn't Mary's first solo assignment, but it was her first time dealing with a dungeon situation. Dungeons were not common in the plains, as they preferred to form in areas with a variety of stone. This dungeon seemed to be growing out of a hill, an uncommon enough thing to find in the pain, so Mary was curious how the dungeon would adapt to the handicap. The fact that it was a slime dungeon only added to the mystery surrounding it, as no slime dungeon was ever recorded to have been found.

Her thoughts were interrupted by cries and cheers from the camp. From her vantage point, she could see the five men returning from their trip in triumph, waving to the cheers of their fellow men. Mary rolled her eyes at the sight; she knew the men too well to feel happy to see them.

The B ranked adventurer group was led by a battle mage named Koran Stakes, an ass of a man when it came to women; believing himself to be a gift unto them. To add to his arrogance, he also possessed noble blood and an important father in the city's Merchant Guild. The only reason she tolerated him was that he had the skill and strength to back up his boosts, and was very thorough in completing assignments. His men were the sons of other minor nobility, and always backed up his claims.

The men strolled over to her tent and closed the flap behind them for some privacy. Koran walked up to her wearing his trademark arrogant grin. "How about a date with the dungeon conqueror?" He swaggered, winking at her face.

Mary rolled her eyes and sat up, "I already told you Koran, you're not my type. I have a few hundred years on you and no patience for younglings."

Koran's smile faltered a moment, than came back as smooth as ever, "Whatever you say my dearest Mary, I know I can't compete with the lines of men desiring your attention."

She narrowed her eyes at him, noting the slight jab at her. Many men shied away from her when they learned of her half elf blood, and many looked to her in disgust for her advanced age. Men had their pride, and none desired to be old and dying while she was youthful still. Unlike a true elf however, she had aged some over the years to resemble a woman in her thirties, but still young. Koran relished in the challenge of bedding her, but had no desire to keep her afterwards. Rumors in the darker parts of the city whispered of the girls who went with him and never returned.

"Be that as it may, I'm sure you are here for something beyond wooing me?" She asked.

Koran winked, and dumped a bag filled with slime cores onto the table. "Behold the spoils of victory." He boosted.

Mary inspected the cores with a keen eye and magic glasses. The cores were from simple slimes, and were not distinguishable from each other. The magic element interested her a little, being that it was a very rare affinity to have. A dungeon this close to the forest or plain should have had an earth or wind affinity, yet this one was completely neutral. In terms of value, they were worth a little more than a regular core and would be useful in potion crafting.

"80 slime cores of equal value with 60 copper per core will earn you . . . 48 silver pieces. Now, report you experience." She barked at him after setting her glasses down.

He nodded, "The dungeon is young, consisting of 2 floors with 3 on top and 5 on the second including the boss room. Standard slimes traps are present; including pitfalls, puddles, and skyfalls. The first room is devoid of traps, but holds copper veins suitable for mining in safety. The rooms alternate from ceiling drops to pitfall paths and the same applies to the corridors between them. The boss room held an overslime that came up my waist, and displayed greater battle prowess than a normal overslime; it even managed to capture one of my men."

Mary raised an eyebrow, "Yet, I see all four of your men here. Did you manage to free him before he was killed?"

Koran frowned, "That's the strange thing; the monster had him up to his waist but didn't eat him at all except for his sword. I can only assume that the sword gave it so much trouble it couldn't eat anymore."

Mary doubted that. During the mercenary period of her slime, she had witnessed a certain type of slime devour two men and their horse with no trouble at the same time, including all their magic equipment. She nodded at Koran for him to continue.

"Due to his situation, my man was able to warn us of when it leaped, and we surrounded the monster and slayed it after. It is my belief that it was easier to defeat due to the lack of experience the dungeon possessed when it came to adventurers. I would rate it somewhere from C to lower B in terms of scale of difficulty. The boss room was filled with basic healing herbs, uncommon in the nearby forest, and covered the walls and ceiling effectively. The dungeon core itself was hidden; either in a hidden room or deep under the plants themselves."

He took out the copper and plant samples they had taken and gave them to her along with the overslime core. She put on her classes and observed them each. The copper and plants held no magic, but would be useful in the crafting guilds. The slime core itself was just a larger and purer form of the basic slime cores from earlier.

"I will inform the crafting guilds of the copper and herb deposits." She said, "And I will send you report to the Adventurer Guild in Duran. You are dismissed Koran." She waved him off as she took out pen and paper.

Koran frowned at her, but bowed and left the tent without a word. Mary eyed the entrance flap and resumed her writing. 'That man will be a problem eventually.' She thought to herself, 'I shudder to think what would happen if he gained more power.' He was a troublesome man because if he had secrets, he hid them well enough that no one knew about them.

She couldn't help but chuckle to herself, "Well, at least things will be interesting around here."


Diana grinned to herself as she rode her horse into the camp. 'This is so exciting! I get to come here all by myself and its all thanks to Hilda.' The day before, she had been talking with her sister and mentioned the new dungeon. She had sighed and wished how she could look in it, which had drawn a smile out of her sister.

"Don't worry sis, I'll help you out with that." Hilda had said before leaving. Later that day, Diana had received orders from the head ranger himself to carry messages to the budding camp in front of the dungeon. Excited and joyful, Diana had grabbed her fastest horse and rode out as soon as she read her orders.

"Silly Ken, he still thinks I'm a little girl in need of protection." She grinned as she entered the camp. She knew Ken had agreed to take her to the ranger base in order to keep her out of trouble. He'd leave her there in the hands of the ranger masters, and have all sorts of fun in the dungeon without her. "Not on my watch, no sir. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I'm not going to miss it."

She got off her horse and marched over to one of the larger tents and poked her head in. "Message for Adventurer Koran!" She announced brightly.

Inside, a group of men were taking off their armor as they turned to look at her. The handsome one in the back walked to her with a cute smile. "That would be me darling. Thank you for the letter." She blushed as she handed him her delivery and waited patiently as he read the letter. His grin grew when he finished and looked back up at her. "Care to join us on a dungeon raid tomorrow? We have to explore some in order to get a good idea of what we're dealing with."

Diana jumped up in excitement, "That would be great! When can we meet?"

"Meet us just before the sunrise at the entrance. Have a good night." He waved her off with a smile as she skipped away to find a tent.

"Hey boss, didn't we already explore the dungeon? Why are we going back?" Asked one of his friends. Koran turned and winked at him.

"We have a little job to do gents, one that will let us have a little fun as well." Instead of his normal smile, Koran had an evil grin that was soon shared by the four of his friends.

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