As it turned out, Claire was right about the wait. Doc had never been so bored in his life before, even if had been a little over a month since he came into being. He sighed again as he watched the slimes bumped into each other.

"Slime A is heading toward the goal, will he succeed?" He commented monotonously.

Claire glanced over from the overslime, "I'll bet two leaves on failure."

Slime A was heading toward the back wall, but barely grazed the overslime and wobbled away. Claire and Doc sighed together at the sight. "That make 50 failures to get past the overslime; and I owe you 100 leaves." Doc lamented.

Claire groaned and rolled over, setting a pair of small twigs down she had been using to "knit", as she called it. "I don't even want any leaves. Can't we bet some of the gold you've been making? How about the silver or copper?"

"You know better Claire, that's all for the adventurers when they get here." Doc scolded. The two of them had found that Doc could "grow" gold, silver, and copper in his walls and form them into whatever he wanted. Doc had used the coins found in the dead man's loot to make coins for monster drops, making a nice additional award to whoever survived the dungeon.

"Sigh, but I want to make some pretty things for my house." She complained, "I want some shiny things!"

Doc chuckled, "Well, let’s see what the adventurers bring in. I'll let you keep some shiny things from them okay?"

This brightened her up immediately and she flew around the room in happiness, "Yay! Thank you Doc!" She blew him some kisses as she bounced on the overslime's head. He rolled his eyes and focused on his slimes.

His slimes were now up to 120, and spread evenly around his dungeon. The pitfalls held 6 , the skyfalls held 3, and there were slimes that were moving or hidden as puddles. All in all, a good basic dungeon setup if I do say so myself.

The two were startled by a vibration in the earth. "What's that?" Doc asked excitedly. Claire flew up and down her personal path to the peephole at the entrance.

"It's people!" She cried out happily, "I see a lot of adventurers and wagons. That means they are going to set up a base camp, and send people in often to fight us."

The two of them happily watched as horse pulled wagons and men came towards them; carrying materials and equipment. They stopped before the first line of refuse from the explosion and began to take materials down to begin working. "Claire, what are they building?"

"They are making houses and a shop." She informed him, "The houses and tents are to sleep in, and the shop is for selling the loot they get from us. Oh, I think I see some blacksmith equipment too; which means they expect some mining and tool repairs will be needed."

"Should I set up some mining areas?" Doc asked.

Claire thought a moment, "See if you can make the first room a copper vein. Replenish the copper when adventurers leave, and I advise you don't focus on that room when they are mining; it'll be very annoying otherwise."

Doc split his attention between growing the copper into veins and watching the men outside. He was fascinated by the humans; they were so interesting. They didn't have magic to make their homes, but they could use their arms and legs to make anything they needed. They were fast too; Doc could see a lot of small tents set up already.

"Do you think the elves will come too?"

"If they do come, it'll be later after the humans are done. Oh, get ready for the scouts!" Claire shrieked excitedly. A small party was approaching the entrance; 5 men in full metal armor and wielding some very shiny swords. Doc could see the glow around the swords that indicated magic.

'Those must be strong adventurers.' Doc thought to himself, 'I wonder if they want to take my crystal. Doc kind of doubted it though, because of all the work the humans were doing to make places to sleep. 'No matter, I want to see what they can do.'

The two occupants watched the men enter the dungeon without hesitation; strolling right in with their weapons drawn. Inside, water drops plopped down from the ceiling, forming puddles on the floor. It was a cool effect Doc had designed to hide the slime puddles. The men did not even pause at the sight, and began swinging their swords at every puddle in their path. Doc winced as his slime army disappeared rapidly. "Claire, I think those men have dealt with slimes before."

Claire was following the men from her path and watching them with Doc. "Those look like ranked B adventurers; very strong adventurers who are good at scouting out dungeon. They reached the first room."

The men entered the room after first observing the ceiling and walls. They moved slowly across the floor, testing each step for pitfalls. One of the men paused beside a wall and took out a small tool. He chipped at the wall and inspected it closely. He called over the others, and they grouped together and whispered to each other.

"They aren't whispering Doc, you just can't hear them because you're avoiding the room." Claire retorted, "Anyway, they are excited to find the copper vein; that's the basic summary of it."

The men exited the room, but not before the first man drew out a stick and pointed it down the hall. Instantly, a blue light shot down and illuminated all the pitfall traps in a blue light. Doc felt a little cheated as he watched the men easily avoid his traps. They even avoided the second room ambush by throwing stones in killing the slimes when they fell. They repeated the trick on the next corridor and entered the third room.

"This should be new to them, so maybe I can trick one!" He thought happily to himself. Doc didn't expect a strong man to die, but watching someone fall in a pitfall was funny and entertaining. The adventurers repeated their earlier tactic, spreading out and checking the floor as they slowly moved forward. Unfortunately for them, the pitfalls were a little thicker in this room, and 2 of the men fell into pitfalls. Claire and Doc laughed as they watched the two men rolling around the slimes and sputtering curses. The slimes were having trouble eating the armor, but had some success slipping inside the cracks. They didn't get too far when the lead man blasted both holes with fire and evaporated all the slimes.

"That one must be a warrior mage." Claire observed, "He's currently making fun of the two that fell." Indeed, while they helped the men up, they were greeted by laughter and back clapping . The mage adventurer pulled the stick thing out again and illuminated the proper path as they all walked out of the room and down the stairs. The same thing happened for the rest of the dungeon, and now the 5 men were standing at the front of the boss room.

The herb plants had grown quickly long the walls and ceiling, but were eaten off the floor by the slimes. The affect was a dimly purple illuminated room with plants growing everywhere except the floor with one large slime in the middle of the room.

"Okay, now it's my turn!" Doc tensed up as he flowed into his slime boss body. He jiggled as the men entered and took stances facing him, eager to experience his first fight. "Attack!" He cried out in his head, launching himself at the man on the far right.

The men were startled for half a second, not expecting a dungeon boss to make the first move. It was brief, but enough for Doc to almost reach the man . He threw out his tentacles and wrapped them around the waist and sword.

The man began yelling and struggling, but was stuck by the purple tentacles. Doc picked the man up and stuck him on his head, impaling the man up to his waist in slime. He also ate the sword. The captured man struggled lamely on top of Doc's head, trying everything to escape but couldn't find a solid enough surface to push against.

The other men moved quickly and began their attack. The mage stayed in the back and began firing fireballs at Doc. The other three ran at him and swung their swords. Doc dodged a fireball, than slapped at the swords with his tentacles. He pushed one of the men away as he desperately tried to avoid being sliced by the swords. As the third man recovered, the other slashed high and low at Doc, cutting on of his tentacles off.

Annoyed, Doc prepared another lunge. As he prepared to jump, the man in him cried out a warning. Instantly, the sword wielders dived out of the way as Doc surged forward. He missed, and ended up surrounded by the remaining warriors. A burning pain let him know that the third man had pierced him from behind. As Doc turned his attention, the mage burned him from the front with fireballs.

It was rout after that for the men, with Doc unable to split his attention between the 4 combatants. With a silent gurgle, he felt his dungeon boss die and dissolve. He moved back to the dungeon and sighed as he watched the overslime dissolve into a slightly bigger core, some silver, and a very embarrassed man. The adventurers were clapping and laughing and doing other forms of congratulations.

"Well, at least they had fun." Doc said with a small smile.

Claire sent him a questioning feeling from across the room, "Why did you not eat the man immediately? He would have given you a nice boost to your power and that armor would have nice too.'

Doc shook his crystal, figuratively, "I wanted them to understand this dungeon isn't a threat, but I did want them to see I could have killed them if I wanted to. Err, speaking of, are they aware of my existence?"

Claire was amused by the question, "Not in the sense that you are an individual. Most adventurers believe a dungeon is a hive mind made up of many monster minds. The idea of a single mind controlling everything is not a common one among the races, though perhaps some of the smarter individuals suspect it."

They watched the men collect the loot and take some of the plants from the walls. "Hey Claire, how do they leave now? Do they walk back the way they came?"

"Watch." She told him.

The adventurers came together, and disappeared in a flash of light. Doc was surprised, "Where did they go?"

"For small dungeons like you, adventurers can but a magic talisman that lets them leave whenever they want to. When you get bigger, one of your new powers will allow for areas to be connected by portal or teleporting glyphs. It's one of the cooler things a dungeon can make, like different instances for adventurers to travel through."

Doc didn't feel like asking about what she meant, but instead focused on the adventurers leaving the dungeon in high spirits. "I can't wait for more of them to come." He thought happily.

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