After their long rest, Doc and Claire began to work on replenishing the dungeon. As it turned out, the human's death had actually increased Doc's capacity to hold mana, effectively raising the ceiling for the amount of magic he could use. It was a nice discovery, but one human didn't really do that much.

"Does growing stronger really mean lots of adventurers have to die? I'm not sure how I feel about that."

Claire sighed, but she smiled up at him. Doc had been mulling over the human's death ever since they had woken up. While he accepted the death had been necessary to prove a point, he was very obvious in his attitude toward killing. It refreshed and relaxed her, because it meant he would never endanger the two of them by killing on purpose.

"In all honesty, you don't have to kill to gain power; it's just the easiest way to do so without angering the races. The easiest way would be to actively spread your influence everywhere, but that would corrupt the area and spawn dangerous monsters on the surface. Those types of dungeons are known as Corruption Dungeons, and are the most dangerous kind. On the other hand, you could passively wait for millennium to increase your power, but that would be rather boring. Just set up your dungeon traps, and then the fools will die in them. You get power, the adventurers don't have to deal with fools, and everyone wins."

Doc sighed, "Well okay then, I guess that's the best solution. By the way, is there any way you can change your clothes? They look really uncomfortable on you."

Claire's transformation had completed in their sleep, and she was now a pleasantly busty pixie girl now. Unfortunately, her previous outfit had been designed for her gender neutral form, and thus was now actively trying to kill her.

Claire looked down and frowned, "I need my house for that, so I guess this is as good a time as any to make it." She flew up to her pedestal and pointed to Doc, "Now Doc, I'm going to begin making my house, which means I'll be moving some of your inner wall around to make room. No peeking is allowed until I am done, and if I catch you I'll do some unpleasant things to your main body that makes you wish I could hurt you. If you have a question, ask away and I'll help you. Don't do anything new without my consent."

Doc rolled his crystal light, "Whatever you say dear."

Blushing, Claire pointed at the pedestal wall and created a door. She walked over, opened it, and stepped through. Doc felt her forming a tunnel, but moved his attention back to the dungeon.

He had remade his slimes and brought the total number up to 100. The floors were often times completely covered in little slimes, and one of the pitfall traps had already been accidentally triggered by a mass of slimes. Yes, Doc had decided to call a group of slimes a "mass".
(Okay everyone that is what it should be. Pass it on to all slime writers)

'Claire, can I create new rooms?' He asked her.

'Yup. Within your dungeon, you are in control completely. You can't shrink or increase space, but the entire dungeon is movable under you power. You can make stairs and move the rooms above you or below you for instance. Spreading you influence in the ground will increase your territory, and thus the available room you have to work with. However, your room and thus my house will always be together, so don't worry about messing me up."

'Good to know.' Doc thought to himself, 'Not that I actually thought about it.'

"Meanie.' He had the subtle understanding she was sticking her tongue out at him.

Smiling, Doc focused on his dungeon. 3 rooms were not enough for his tastes, or protection, and he wanted more. Originally, he had to carve his way through the stone in order to spread his influence. Now, he could actively spread his self through the earth that touched his dungeon.

Focusing on that, he spent the rest of the day changing the surrounding earth to fulfill his needs. As it turned out, Doc found that he couldn't spread his influence beyond a certain area; almost as if he had a piece of clay. He had projected himself outward in a sphere form, so his dungeon territory was about average in height, length, and width. According to Claire, the shape of influence depended on the dungeon's wishes; so there were long dungeon and deep dungeons and many other types.

Once his influence was at its limit, Doc went ahead and began shifting himself around. He moved his room to the bottom of his influence, and created an additional floor to separate the entrance. His dungeon was now starting to look like a real dungeon.

The first floor held the entrance with the three original rooms, but now the third room held a staircase down to the second floor. It was also a pitfall room, with a single path through it where the wrong step would lead to slimes. The second room was still the ambush room, and pitfall traps had been added to the entrance corridor. The second floor held 4 more rooms that were in a counter clockwise rotation that led to his room. The traps were intermingled as well, with a new addition Doc came up with. He created many holes in the ceiling that would be impossible to avoid and had slimes climb into some of them. This would force adventurers to look up, risking a pitfall trap or air ambush.

Satisfied with his work, he moved himself into his boss body to inspect it. He had discovered earlier that he could read information about creatures by using magic to form the blue screen. He already had practiced by observing both the regular slimes and his personal slime.
SpeciesTypeThreatElementSlimeDungeon minionEMagic
Description:A basic slime. Slimes are small gelatinous masses capable of devouring things by absorbing them into their bodies. Lacking in intelligence and wisdom, they rely on their instincts and luck to find prey. Their cores are useful in potions and their bodies can be used to create certain poisons.
This slime has a general element of magic, meaning it has no strengths or weaknesses when facing other forms of magic. This slime was created by a dungeon, connecting it to the hive consciousness. Due to the lack of intelligence, it will not understand orders, but is capable of instinctively understanding what it needs to do.

SpeciesTypeThreatElementOverslimeDungeon BossC (D)Magic
Description:An overslime is a slime that has accumulated power over time and grown to great size in comparison to normal slimes. They grow up to the waist of a grown man, and are much swifter than their smaller brethren; capable of launching their bodies’ short distances and forming small tentacles to wrap their prey.
This overslime has a general element of magic, meaning it has no strengths or weaknesses when facing other forms of magic. This overslime is a boss monster, bestowing it with greater agility than a normal specimen.

'I guess that means an overslime is normally a ranked D monster, but becoming a dungeon boss raised it to C.' Doc mused, 'I wonder if I'll be able to evolve my slimes soon?"

'Drop that line of reasoning right now.' Doc winced at Claire's sharp tone in his head.

'I was wondering where you were Claire; I guess that means your house is done?'

'It is, but don't change the subject. Evolving your monster requires a lot more experience and power than you currently have, so give on it for now.' She cautioned, 'Instead, let's switch to observe each other's work.'

She opened her door and flew out into the dungeon. Doc, in turn, moved his awareness to her house to see what she had done. Doc had never seen a "house" before, but he assumed she meant living quarters and wasn't surprised by what he saw.

Claire had formed tiny rooms for herself in the back wall: complete with a room for sleep, a room to sit, and a room where he assumed she ate food. He had never seen her eat food besides mana, but that didn't mean she couldn't. He also took the responsibility to fully appreciate her new outfit.

She now wore a tiny purple dress with a small neckline and longer petal skirt complete purple stone earrings. Her hair flowed down her back in waves and sparkled with purple stone ornaments.

"I like your outfit, but what's with all the purple?" He asked.

He heard her giggle as she flew through the tunnels, "It's because you're purple you goof. Your stone was all I had to work with. Does it suit me?" He sensed her focus on his response.

"Well, I can't compare since you're the only female I know, but I'd say you look fine."

Somehow, he sensed a bit of disappointment from her, but it was quickly lost in her excitement. "Wow Doc, you did a really good job! I love the new ceiling traps and the floor path!"

"Glad you like it." He smiled, "Is there anything else I can do?"

"Not really, sadly enough. You've done everything you could with the power you have, so now it's time for the waiting game; which is the worst part of being a dungeon."

Doc sighed, "Can I spend it sleeping?"

"Not all of it, but go ahead and sleep now. I'm going to go get some things for my house."

Doc was instantly alert, "Do you mean outside? Isn't that dangerous for you? I can't help you if anything goes wrong."

He sensed her dismissal, "Don't worry about it. I just want some leaves, and I'll be right back okay?" She flew out the dungeon entrance before he could stop her. Fretting, Doc moved all his awareness to his entrance and watched her small form enter the forest. He didn't feel safe until she returned with a bundle of plants in her arms.

"Please don't do that again Claire, what if someone caught you?" He begged her.

"I understand your fears, but I wanted to get some plants before it became impossible to leave. Here, why don't you use this plant I got for you." She took a plant, complete with roots and leaves, and sat it on the floor. Doc eyed the tiny sprout.

"What is it?"

"That is a new herb plant, I think. Since your slimes are good for potions, I figured growing this plant inside you will increase your reputation as a dungeon of healing."

Doc was skeptical, "I thought I couldn't mess with living things?"

Claire nodded, "You are correct, but plants are a unique situation for dungeons. When in a dungeon, plants adapt to feed off the mana that permeates your walls instead of the sun. They also spread quickly, but can be easily contained by surrounding them with stone that doesn't give off mana. Your slimes can feed on them as well, so feel free to experiment with them for a natural evolution."

"Natural evolution?"

"Sorry, I forgot you don't know about that yet. Natural evolution occurs in nature, when a monster satisfies certain criteria to evolve on their own into a stronger monster. Dungeons can cause evolution to occur by using their mana to compensate for the criteria, but only into forms they are aware of. For instance, you can't make slime species you don't know, but the slimes themselves can evolve into them once they advance on their own. Also, the stronger the evolution, the more mana it requires and once the process is started it can't be stopped. Many newborn dungeons have accidentally killed themselves by going too fast from this, so be careful."

"Gotcha. I think that plant is growing already." Indeed, the herb had already taken root on his floor and begun growing. Claire clapped her hands in happiness.

"Great, now your room will be covered in beautiful plants in a day or two."

Doc paused a moment, thinking. "Your old home didn't have plants because of the dungeon type right?"

Claire drooped, "Yup, because the zombies rotted everything. Dungeon Pixies spend most of their life underground, but by our nature we love being near plants. Mommy kept some potted plants in her house away from the zombies; plants she had managed to bring in before the zombies were prevalent. I always told myself I'd have plants in my dungeon."

"Your dungeon?"

She giggled, "Our dungeon. Now, don't let the plants spread out of this room. We want to make these plants the dungeon reward for beating the boss. They will also serve to hide your body and my house."

"Yes dear."

"Stop that."

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