Claire smiled at him, "Great choice! Kobolds a very easy race to deal with and have lots of possible evolutions."

Doc nodded, "Yup. There is nothing cooler than having dragons in a dungeon."

Claire stared up at him and began to cough awkwardly. Doc regarded her with the crystal equivalent of a raised eyebrow. "Is something the matter?"


"What was that?"

"I'm sorry that won't be possible." Claire said apologetically.

Doc felt his spirits fall, "Why can't I have dragons? Kobolds have dragon blood and can evolve right? So why can't I have dragons?" He felt a little childish, but he really wanted some dragons

Claire gave him a pitying look, "Well, because dragons are like dungeon pixies; they are magic beings and mighty ones at that. Even the weakest true dragon is vastly stronger than most things on this world, and dungeons can't create anything stronger than themselves. Only monsters can be made, and the most basic ones at that because they can't use mana to cast magic. You can evolve them once you make them, but that's more of an evolution of your power rather than the monsters themselves. You get it?"

Doc nodded remorsefully. He understood the implications of creating things that could kill the creator, but that didn't mean he could be happy about it.

"Fine." He muttered, "Than I choose slimes."

Claire winced visibly at his words, "Are you sure Doc? No dungeon chooses slimes because of how awkward they are to have at the beginning."

"Other dungeons have them though right? It said so in the description."

Claire nodded, "Yes, but slimes are never the first race, merely an "add on" for variety in the dungeon. Even in the wild, slimes never get that strong because they are so easily killed. However, the slimes that do survive are a tough to deal with I admit, especially when they evolve out of being a slime."

Doc perked up at this, "What do you mean, evolve out of being a slime?"

Claire huffed, seeing that Doc wouldn't be dissuaded, "Well, the most dangerous evolution would be the gelatinous cubes. Those monsters are dangerous because they are impervious to physical weapons and can change shape from a puddle to a cube the size of a man in an instant. They also are known to split every once and awhile to create new ones. Very few of those exist because armies are called to destroy the area when one pops up because of the danger."

"Great, let’s do that!" Doc said happily.

Claire marched to his body and glared at him, hands on her hips, "Didn't we agree making others was a bad thing?"

Doc shrugged, "That's a long way off right? Also, as long as the dangerous ones are deep in the dungeon, it won't be dangerous to anyone right? In fact, I bet those adventurer's would see it as a bit of a challenge."

Claire mulled over it for a moment, "True, everything you said is true . . . but I have to ask." She gave him pleading eyes, "Why can't it be animals? Cute, fluffy, adorable animals that I can hug and luv and sleep on?"

Doc carefully maintained a neutral facade, "Because you would be broken up every time one of them dies?"

Claire paused, and then drooped sadly, "Oh, you're right. Okay than, slimes it is." She stared up sheepishly, "At least you didn't choose undead."

Doc stared at her, "I didn't see that option."

Claire coughed and turned around, "Right, slimes it is then. Let me just finalize this."

"Hold on, did you hide a choice from me?"

Claire waved her hands and Doc felt his entire being shudder for a moment. "Great, you can create slime minions now."

Doc stared at her for a moment. "Did you hide a choice form me?"



She pouted, "Yes."


"Zombies smell bad."

"Your birth place was a zombie dungeon huh."


Doc sighed, "Its fine I guess, just don't lie to me again okay?"

Claire nodded, Doc sensing a little mischievousness form her, "Whatever you say Doc." She turned around and smiled at him, "Now, hurry up and make your first monster!"

"Okay, how do I do that?"

Claire pointed at the ground, "Well, it very similar to how you made the gold earlier. Focus your mana and imagine a slime."

Doc gave her a droll look, "Really, than what does a slime look like?"

Claire paused, that drooped, "Well, I was hoping you would know. I learned a lot, but never with pictures."

Doc mentally patted her head, "Well, what is the description of a slime?"

Claire tilted her head and recited, "A basic slime is a small viscous blob made of a honey like material with a core inside it. The core acts like heart, using mana to keep the slime body intact and in motion. Colors usually depict the type of slime, but most experts agree a newborn slime is clear until it eats its first meal. For basic slime, color depicts the attribute it has the most affinity to and creates obvious evolution pathways."

Doc nodded, "So a slime is a core surrounded by slime right? I can picture that." He concentrated on the middle of the room and focused his magic. Like before, he felt his mana draining as his magic gave birth to his first monster. From the center of the room, a small black stone arose and began secreting slime around itself. Quickly, it wobbled up to its fullest slime height and began moving across the floor.

Claire clapped happily and flew down to the slime, poking it with her feet as it moved slowly. "Congratulations, you made a slime!"

Doc smiled happily, "Thanks, but why is it purple?"

The slime was clear, but it possesses a purple tint as it oozed around.

"That's because you made it silly. Your mana is purple, so it is purplish."

"Oh, good to know...isn't it dangerous for you to be touching it like that? Won't it eat you?"

Claire giggled, "Nope! You and I are bonded, so we can't hurt each other, and all your monsters are extensions of you. If fact, I think I found my new bed." With a yawn, she fell asleep onto of the slime.

Doc chuckled to himself. 'I may not need sleep, but I guess she still does.' He thought as he regarded the little pixie with affection, 'That slime does look comfortable, so I am a little jealous.' The slime in question ignored everything as it moved across the floor

'I guess I can't talk to my creatures then.' He sighed, 'Than again, I wonder if I can evolve them to be more intelligent?" From what Claire had said, no one had ever really used slimes up to their full potential, and Doc was kind of itching for a challenge. First thing though, he checked his light.

The slime didn't use much of his mana, so he went ahead and made 9 more. The 10 slimes were oozing across the floor soon after, and Doc chuckled as he watched Claire snoozing in a den of slime.

He decided to note the behavior of the slimes for future reference. Basic slimes were small, maybe a liter in size. They could stick to everything in his room, from the floor to the ceiling. When two slimes bumped into each other, they giggled and bounced apart, than moved in opposite directions. To Doc, it was like watching little balls bouncing off each other. The slimes themselves didn't seem to be growing at all, but they did seem to becoming purpler. Doc assumed it was because they were feeding on his essence from the stones around him.

Speaking of, Doc decided he was tired of a single room. While interacting with Claire, he had been silently sensing the world around, and it turned out he was closer to the outside world than she had thought. Granted, he didn't want to open a tunnel straight to his body, but he did want an opening to feel the outside air, metaphorically speaking of course.

To his delight, he found that the slimes were absorbing mana themselves from the environment, and he could use what they absorbed for himself. He focused on making a small hole to the surface, a mere 1 by 1 square tunnel to connect his body to the outside. With his new mana batteries and increased absorption rate, he had no problem focusing his magic into the form he wanted and shot it toward the surface.

Unfortunately, his focus literally shot the magic out and up, using up his mana exponentially till he was barely conscious. Even without his mana adding to it, the magic disintegrating blast continued until it burst out into the fresh air and exploded.

Claire awoke extremely startled and fell off her slime. She flew up in a panic and flew around rapidly.

"What was that? An explosion! Are we being invade so soon? What's going on?" She turned to Doc and noted his condition. Eyes narrowed, she flew over to him and gave him a terrifying glare. "What did you do?"

Doc could only be sheepish as he said, "Oops."


Claire left immediately after his explanation to survey the damage. She sent him the results when she reached the new entrance.

Apparently, the spell had turned round after his loss of control and continued in the original direction. However, instead of breaking down the rock and dirt it had instead pushed it out of the way, resulting in an explosion that had dumped everything around the hole in a wide radius. The results: a kind of crater with a small hole in the middle in a roundish shape. The tunnel itself was pretty long, in its small form, but was just several houses in length in reality. Claire was extremely frustrated with Doc, but she grudgingly admitted he did the next step for a dungeon properly: make a showy entrance. Apparently, dungeons that hid themselves were considered suspicious by the adventurer people and more often killed. While Claire didn't see any nearby sign s of one of the races, the sound should have carried for a long distance.

"I can't believe you did something so foolish without my help. Don't you realize we're partners in this?" Doc wasn't sure if Claire was more upset with being left out or having their existence known so soon.

"Well, what's the next step since we finished the last one?"

"(You mean you finished)" Claire muttered angrily under her breath. Sighing, she took her seat in front of Doc and put her head in her hands.

"Normally, we'd practice your room creation and focus on improving yourself slowly, but now we don't have the luxury of time anymore." She looked up, "Now, we have to work on defenses and rewards."

Doc sent her a confused feeling, "The holes really small though isn't it? Are the adventurer's so small as to fit inside?"

Claire chuckled and shook her head, "No, not at all. Most adventurers are a few feet bigger than this room. However, it's in poor form to leave the entrance so small after announcing our existence, so we'll have to enlarge it to accommodate them."

"The suspicious presentation thing again?"

She nodded, "Yup, we don't want to look like we're hiding anything. You have to enlarge to entrance, tunnels, and this room first thing."

Doc shuddered nervously, "I don't want adventurers in this room though."

Claire nodded sadly, "I agree, but we don't have any choice. You're too young to have hidden rooms, so we can't hide anything."

"Can I at least hide my body?"

Claire shrugged, "I actually don't know. Where a dungeon is born becomes the dungeon heart room, and they never leave that. I think you can cover your body though, give it a shot."

Focusing, Doc moved his stone over his crystal body. Now, he was completely hidden from prying eyes.

Claire sighed, "That was my biggest worry, so now you are safe for the most part. How do you feel?"

"Like I just pushed my body to the limits." He said honestly.

Claire nodded, eyeing the slimes in the room. "At least you made more slimes before that, they are a big help in recovering mana for you. Go ahead and make 10 more, we'll need them."

Making 10 more was still easy, so Doc went ahead and focused his power. The new slimes quickly got to work and soon Doc felt his mana levels rising steadily.

"This is great; my mana is almost full again." He said happily.

"Be careful though." Claire cautioned, "Slimes are easy to make and easy to kill. When adventurers are in your dungeon, you'll find it takes more power to create your monsters due to the threat. Same thing applies to most of your powers, and especially don't try to cast spells that change your dungeon. That will drain you completely and kill you at this level."

Doc nodded, "So it makes it fairer to adventurers then? I guess that makes sense. Now, what kind of defenses can I make?"

Claire pointed at the slimes, "Anything that uses slimes would be good. Pitfalls, ceiling drops, and puddle ambushes are the best ways to use slimes. The last two are things slimes can do on their own, but you'll have to make the pitfalls in your floor."

Doc regarded her in surprise, "I thought slimes were no intelligent?"

Claire shook her head, "That is instinct for them, nothing smart about it. Now, time to get to work!"

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