Sometime after the fall I managed to fall asleep in my new body.  Being, reborn I guess, was a truly interesting experience.  I remembered nothing of emotional significance besides the two images, and I lost a lot of factual information as well.  To put it in more simple terms, I was a blank slate with some leftover words left on it.

Falling asleep in the new body was a lot different from my limited memory of my former body.  I had nothing to move, and no eyes to close.  However, I felt my light die down as my consciousness faded away.  My brightness was an indicator of my alertness I guess; giving a whole new meaning to morning person.  When I woke up, I found I could actively control the amount of light I gave off, and thus my level of alertness.  It was actually kind of fun having control over my mind like that.

Once I finished doing that, I was left to figure out how I was, what I was, and how should I live now.

---------{Switching to 3nd person}-----------

The newborn being tested his new found limits from within his body.  He could kind of sense the world around him with his light, and found he could see images if he concentrated hard enough.  There wasn't really anything to see however, because he was underground in dirt.  

"Well, I'm a crystal with a soul underground."  He thought to himself, "I wonder what I am."  Certainly, none of the faint memories could prepare him for this experience.  His former life was almost all gone, but he was pretty sure he had been a doctor of some sort; mostly because he still retained a lot of anatomical information in his soul.

"Since only strong memories remained, I must assume that being a whatchamacallit, doctor, was very important to me.  In which case, none of it seems to apply to my current situation."

The being checked his body again.  He was a small crystal, his mind referencing him as a bout  inch tall and half an inch wide.  His shape was on an octagon with pyramid shapes on both ends.  He gave off a soft purple light that fed him information about his surroundings.  He could not maintain the light at full intensity too long, and had to rest after a while.

"Well, I wonder what I can do with the light besides looking."  The being focused on what he assumed to be the front of his body.  The light dimmed around him and focused into the area he was concentrating on.  A small beam of purple light shot forth from his body and began to create a hole in front of him.

"Jackpot."  The being thought happily, "Now I can focus on something."  The beam didn't go too far, and he felt tired after concentrating.

"Guess I have to rest more often if I want to do more work."  He sighed to himself.  He observed the small hole he had made.  It was circular and went about an inch in front of his body.  The walls of the whole were different from the rest of the dirt, seemingly fused together into a purple stone stone that would not collapse.

The being smiled as a memory came to him, the last one he would have of his former life.  

"I know what I have to be now."  He smiled inwardly, "I think I'll make a dungeon."

The being adopted a routine of work and rest that he followed for the next few weeks.  He would dig until he slept, than woke up and continued to dig with his light.  Not wanting to fall to the floor, he focused on creating a room with his body in the far wall.  It tool almost a month, but he managed to create a small 4 by 4 room that was quite proud of.

"Now, lets see if what else there is to do."  The being had been trying to figure out how he functioned while he worked on his room.  He had managed to use enough power to be barely awake instead of full unconscious, and had found his body absorbing something from the surroundings in order to recharge.  It resembled a blue energy of some type, and it had flowed into his body and become purple light within him.

"Okay, here I go."  He concentrated on the feeling again, trying to absorb the energy into him.  He felt the pull of light from his body, than lost it all as it faded into exhaustion.  The last few tests had ended the same, resulting in him falling asleep from the exertion.  It annoyed him to no end that he could do something easier asleep than awake.

"Why isn't it working?"  He groaned, "I can feel the energy, but I can't bring it in."  He hadn't fallen unconscious because one of the tests had resulted in a minimum level of purple light that kept barely awake.  Once again, he watched the blue energy flow into him as he rested and growled at it.

"It would be easier if I had someone or something to teach me how to do this."  He complained, "How am I suppose to survive without any knowledge about living?"

As he thought this, the blue energy stopped flowing into him and instead flowed in front of him.  It condensed together into a blue box and, to his surprise, began displaying words he could understand.

Conditions for sentience satisfied
Beginning start up sequence. . .

Welcome to the world

The being was surprised beyond words, so it was expected that his response was not the most elegant of phrases.

"...The hell is this shit?"

The blue box didn't indicate an emotional response, but it's words were quite clear.

How rude, is this how you treat all your friends?

"I have no idea, since I don't have any.  What are you and why are you made of my food?"

The blue box vibrated with what the being suspected was laughter.
How amusing.  Well, to answer your question I am a spirit whose purpose is to help you.  You may call me Claire or Clarence.
Your "food" as you call it is actually mana, and I am using it to talk to you because you are currently underground and have no available space for me to speak with you

"Hate to burst your bubble, but I have a room you can be in.  Can I have my, err, mana back?"

The blue box was blank for awhile, than faded and resumed it's path toward the crystal.  A small blue hole appeared in his room and out of it a small winged figure appeared.  The being knew it was what most would call a fairy.  A very gender neutral looking fairy.

"My goodness."  The fairy said looking around, "You have been quite busy haven't you?  I didn't even know dungeons could do this before proper induction."

The being was a little annoyed still about his mana being interrupted.  "I don't know what you are saying, but I worked hard to do all this you know.  I don't need little annoyances coming in and stealing my food.  I almost passed out because of the delay."

The fairy flew up and hovered in front of the being with her/his hands crossed.  "You're a rude one aren't you?  Well, I guess I'd be a little upset too if I was alone for a few days and had someone steal my nourishment."

"A few days?  It's been weeks since I was born."  The being said with a confused tone.

The fairy froze and slowly drifted to the ground.  She/he looked around the room slowly and took in the purple covered walls.  "Are you telling me you've been carving this entire room by yourself for weeks now without any guidance?"  She/he asked slowly.

"That's right.  I was trying to figure out how to eat mana faster when you showed up."

The fairy put her/his hands over her/his face.  "I can't believe this, my first assignment and I'm already messing up."  The fairy began to cry, which made the being very uncomfortable.

"Okay, um, please stop crying.  What's wrong?"

The fairy sniffled, "But, I was suppose to take care of you, and and I messed up.. .waahhh."

The being was really confused now, and a little annoyed at the revelation.

The fairy continued, "Sniff, I'm a dungeon pixie. We are born in dungeons and live together with them. When a dungeon pixie becomes of age, we go out and search for a new dungeon to raise and teach so it can become a new home. Sniff, Mommy told me she didn't expect me to find a dungeon and that I could stay with her forever, but I told I could handle it myself. But, but, you don't need me anymore wahhhhhhh!"

The being was sympathetic now. He understood the need for independence and the hardships of trying to forge a place in the world for oneself. Heck, that was what he had been doing the past few weeks.

"It's okay you know." He said, "I only know this stuff and nothing else. I could really use your help to make myself a better dungeon."

The pixie sniffed, looking up from the floor with wide eyes, "Really? You want me to stay with you?"

I smiled, not that she could see me do so, and said "Sure, I think I'll enjoy having someone show me the ropes. Welcome to my dungeon."

The a happy cry, the pixie flew up and hugged the crystal with her body. It worked well because she was the same size, and his glow turned slightly red for a moment. The pixie let go and pointed at the wall below the crystal. A small perch formed and she stood on it and bowed.

"Thank you very much for allowing me a home Mr. Dungeon. First thing is first though, do you want me to be Claire or Clarence?"

"Does it matter?"

The pixie nodded, "Dungeon pixies are born gender neutral and given two names until they bond with a dungeon crystal. You'll determine my gender for the rest of my life and a small part of my personality. At the same time, I get to pick out a name for you. That creates out bond, and I won't have to read your mind to talk to you anymore."

"Oh, I was wondering how you heard me. We'll be mind linked then?"

The pixie nodded. "Yes, but it will just allow normal talking. We won't be able to read each others mind."

The being mentally nodded. "Well then, I name you Claire the dungeon pixie."

Claire smiled at him, "And I name you Doc, the Dungeon Heart." Doc's purple light focused between the two and they felt their minds connect to each other.

And that was the beginning of the relationship between Claire the Dungeon Pixie and Doc the Dungeon Heart.

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starfyre7 @starfyre7 ago

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