Someone is speaking to me; a woman, beautiful and full of life. Her visage fills my mind and leaves little for my own thoughts. She is smiling at me, but she seems sad. Her beauty is diminished when she is sad, and I don’t like this. Memories flash through my mind, strange thoughts I don’t like.

A vision of something happening: laughter and lots of it. Another woman, smiling at me I think. I’m in a group, so I’m not sure. I know her name, yet it escapes me. I remember drinks, lots of them. I remember something about a celebration. It was a happy time I think.

I remember walking with the group. I remember her smile. I remember the danger; no one noticing in time. I didn’t drink as much. I remember pushing her away. Then, only pain was left. She was sad too I think; I remember tears on her face. How strange, for it feels like such a long ago time, yet I feel like it was very recent.

The beautiful lady is looking at me still. I think she was waiting for me to remember. Why is her smile so sad? Why is she sad? Is it for me? I feel fine, so she shouldn’t be sad.

Oh wait, I think I died. I guess that’s something to be sad about, but I can’t seem to feel it. The other girl makes me feel something though. I think it was happiness, the feeling I have. How strange; is it because she was saved by me? I’m happy she was okay.

Oh, the beauty is raising her arms. I feel myself start to fall away.

“Safe travels.” She whispers to me.

I don’t want to leave her. She makes me feel nice, but I feel myself leaving her. The farther I fall, the more I forget her splendor. Her light disappears quickly, and I’m left alone in the darkness. How dark it is indeed, especially with at least a slight remembrance of her light.

All alone in the dark, my memories are fading fast now. I don’t even have a name anymore. The knowledge I saw a lady is here, but her image is gone. I don’t even remember if she was a she or not. It’s all leaving me now.

I refuse to let her face go though. That other girl, her face is mine and mine alone. I save it, smothering it within myself as much as I can. Both images are saved in my soul: her smile, and her sadness. I think I managed to save them, but I don’t even remember why now. I just know they were important to me.

The darkness is disappearing now, but there is still no light. I’m falling still, but more slowly now; slowly, slowly, slowly drifting down into a lighter darkness. All the way to a small source of light: a little crystal in the darkness.

It brightens as I approach, and I feel myself drawn into it. It’s warm, and comfortable like a home. It is my home now I think; my home for my soul. A new body for me to live in. I don’t remember my old body, yet I know the form my old body had. This one is new and interesting to me, being only a small crystal now. I wonder what I can do in it.

First though, I have to say my first words. Well, as best as possible I guess with this body. I think I’ll say her name, since I managed to hold on to it. It has a poetic feel to it after all: the first word should be the same as the last word.


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