Man, it has been quite some time since I started writing here on Royal Road. My stories and you fans have carried me forth from an uncertain future into one paved in writing and slimes, for better or worse lol. Sincerly, a thank-you to you all.

So what's up? Well, The continuation of Slime Dungeon continues in Dungeon Wars book 2, which has been slightly delayed due to some major news and works regarding my other big project (Hungry Dungeon too, also doing that one).

So some of you know that I've been working on a video game for the past year. I learned pixel art, programming, and managing all on my own for this, and the project is now taking on that final form. The demo, originally completed back in October, is now almost done with it's second iteration, complete with 3 full boss fights, four large explorably areas that make a good 20-25% of the game, and planty of music made by yours truly. Oh yeah, I make music now instead of linking to it- you early readers should remember that :)

Up above, I've provided the links to the social media sites for the game. They are fleshly made, but I've taken the time to add some interesting things to them for this start. If you want to be kept up to date, just follow and you'll know it all.

March 19, the game should make its way to GDC Las Vegas, where it'll be shown off by my lovely PR person to some of the best in media and developing. How that goes will help shape the lead up to the next step, the Kickstarter. I'm putting some big time into that, especially goodies and the like. T-shirts, music, pins, stickers; It's quite the task, and not something I would have ever imagined I'd be responsible for.

So yeah, thanks a lot you guys for being there, here, and everywhere and reading my stories. RRL holds a special place in my heart, just like all of you. Hope to see you around, whether on Dungeon Wars, Hungry Dungeon, or dat Social Media.


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