Hey guys, Falcon here.

So, some good news. School is almost done this semester, leaving me only having to write a few 15 page essays for next week and I'm through. That means a summer of writing is coming up.

I'd like to have both Hero of Naught stories done this summer (this includes the new one I've yet to write) as well as at least 2 novellas. We'll see how that bans out with two maymester classes and traveling. But man, I only have one more semester before entering the true world of adulting. That means full time writing and videogame work though, so I kind of looking forward to it.

Anyways, the slime video game is progressing quite nicely. I've hired some professional pixel artists, concept artists, and an experienced programmer to help me along, and it's reached a a good turning point. I'm sure all of you will really love the visual changes in the above updates; I know I do.

Oh, and I've had the first promotional vid made for it with my bearded face in it :p

If you want to stay informed on the game's progress, subscribe to the youtube channel or follow my devlog here ----->

If you feel like this project would be good for your resume, drop me a line.

Everything's coming together nicely. With any luck, I'll also write chapters for the new slime dugneon story here through out the summer. I'm thinking maybe introducing a territorial fight as the next part- another dungeon with a different system.

WIshing you guys a good week then! I'll be making more video game music tonight. Cya.


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