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Hey guys, this'll be the last thing I post here in Chronicles. I've done a bit of thinking this past week about the future, and I think I've settled for whats to come.

My patreon account will be the location for the slime dungeon novellas and other projects. For instance, this video of me after working on the slime game for 5 hours:

Also found above.

The patreon should be a place you guys give me extra as thanks for what I've done. I'm not like the other authors with their charisma and buisness mind-set; it just isn't me. I've always taken the most pleasure reading happy comments and fan appreciation for what I do. Placing it all behind a pay-wall isn't the type of author I am.

I know 19 of you guys are on my patreon now. I apologize for being unable to satisfy your expectations. I like RRL and the readers too much to leave like this, even if it does cost me a little money.

So, now what?

School starts back up this week for me, with 2 semesters left. Pain, but better to have a degree than not. As much as I want to write Hero of Naught 2, honestly there isn't much waiting for me at that end. Few people bought it, let alone read it. Also, I've forgotten a lot of the details: skills, stats, etc. That's kinda important. I'll just let that stew until the summer.

Instead, my writing will be divided into 2 projects: Star Cosmic and The Slime Dungeon Diaries. Star Cosmic is space VR and has the first chapter up on RRL now. I've already written the prologue for diaries and will be putting it up after this post. In between the two, I'll also work on the Slime Dungeon Novellas, which will be up on Patreon. They will be short, 20-30 thousand word entries that help tie events from Chronicles to The Reluctent Healer, a series that takes place 15 years after Chronicles.

I started Slime Dungeon because no one had successfully finished a dungeon story. To this day, I'm not sure many have besides me. Maybe Dakota, not sure. That's my goal now with Diaires- a few dungeon story taking place with limited interaction with the outside world.

I will be deleting the end chapters for book 1 on RRL, not only to encourage amazon but also because the ending was reconned anyway so no loss. Also, added paypal link :p

I sincerely hope you all continue reading and enjoy the growing universe.

As always, Enjoy.


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