What should be the fate of Books 1-4
Pay lock them/delete them
3.91% 3.91% of votes
Eliminate all but book 4, first two kindle unlimited
8.26% 8.26% of votes
Eliminate books 2-4, leave book one as a rough draft
10% 10% of votes
Leave books 1 and 2, last two kindle unlimited
21.74% 21.74% of votes
Leave them all, hope people donate.
56.09% 56.09% of votes
Total: 230 vote(s)

Hey guys, it's me Falcon.

Man, it has been a long 2 years since I started this series. I mean that literally, writing the first slime dungeon for NaNoWriMo 2015. You guys here on RRL have been a great audience, and have really helped me improve the story so many time. A few of you have been here since the beginning, leaving me thank-you's and helpful comments. Some of you popped up later to enjoy the story, just as welcome. A few readers who were special to me disappeared too.

All in all, this was a good run. It's not the end though, not by a long shot. These first four books are the chronicles, the starting point for this universe. The adventures of Doc will continue as 'The Slime Dungeon Diaries' (name maybe). The new adventure of those who excaped will resume 15 years in the future, staring a young greedy healer. I also plan on eventually writing novellas for some of the interesting characters like the Bear brothers.

On the otherside of things, my more immediate goal is to write a sequal for Hero fo Naught, a story I have up on amazon. It's a kickass book, but due to a mistake I made it hasn't received the love it deserves. Book 2 should help it.

But you guys aren't reading for that bit of news aye? No, you want to know about my future writing and where it's going to be. For slime and hero, they will be written on my patreon starting next year. For other stories I'm thinking about, I'll put them up on RRL. Yawnder is a story I want to continue at some point, and I wrote a pretty nice opening chapter to a space VR story I'd like to continue as well.

I've been thinking long and hard about the status of the slime dungeon stories on RRL though. I'm the only published author (to my knowledge) who has really continued this, and it is costing me a bit with the free content. That's mainly why I'm moving other to patreon, but for the already written stories, I think I'll leave it to a vote. After all, you guys got me started, so you deserve a say in the fate as well.

It's been a blast writing for you guys, and stay tuned to the video commerical I'm making for book 4. Also, keep your eyes out as I slowly learn to program my video game. Those slime icons for my patreon rewards? Yeah, made them myself in gamemaker :p

Finally, if any of you have the time, please go to my amazon pages and leave a review on the final editions. It's the free, easy way to support an author, and I thank anyone who does.

Remember, Enjoy!


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Bio: Hi, I'm writer of the Slime Dungeon series and a few others. I like monster evolution, fantasy worlds, video games, and hearing from fans.
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