What should be the fate of Books 1-4
Pay lock them/delete them
4.21% 4.21% of votes
Eliminate all but book 4, first two kindle unlimited
8.88% 8.88% of votes
Eliminate books 2-4, leave book one as a rough draft
9.81% 9.81% of votes
Leave books 1 and 2, last two kindle unlimited
22.43% 22.43% of votes
Leave them all, hope people donate.
54.67% 54.67% of votes
Total: 214 vote(s)

Hey guys, it's me Falcon.

Man, it has been a long 2 years since I started this series. I mean that literally, writing the first slime dungeon for NaNoWriMo 2015. You guys here on RRL have been a great audience, and have really helped me improve the story so many time. A few of you have been here since the beginning, leaving me thank-you's and helpful comments. Some of you popped up later to enjoy the story, just as welcome. A few readers who were special to me disappeared too.

All in all, this was a good run. It's not the end though, not by a long shot. These first four books are the chronicles, the starting point for this universe. The adventures of Doc will continue as 'The Slime Dungeon Diaries' (name maybe). The new adventure of those who excaped will resume 15 years in the future, staring a young greedy healer. I also plan on eventually writing novellas for some of the interesting characters like the Bear brothers.

On the otherside of things, my more immediate goal is to write a sequal for Hero fo Naught, a story I have up on amazon. It's a kickass book, but due to a mistake I made it hasn't received the love it deserves. Book 2 should help it.

But you guys aren't reading for that bit of news aye? No, you want to know about my future writing and where it's going to be. For slime and hero, they will be written on my patreon starting next year. For other stories I'm thinking about, I'll put them up on RRL. Yawnder is a story I want to continue at some point, and I wrote a pretty nice opening chapter to a space VR story I'd like to continue as well.

I've been thinking long and hard about the status of the slime dungeon stories on RRL though. I'm the only published author (to my knowledge) who has really continued this, and it is costing me a bit with the free content. That's mainly why I'm moving other to patreon, but for the already written stories, I think I'll leave it to a vote. After all, you guys got me started, so you deserve a say in the fate as well.

It's been a blast writing for you guys, and stay tuned to the video commerical I'm making for book 4. Also, keep your eyes out as I slowly learn to program my video game. Those slime icons for my patreon rewards? Yeah, made them myself in gamemaker :p

Finally, if any of you have the time, please go to my amazon pages and leave a review on the final editions. It's the free, easy way to support an author, and I thank anyone who does.

Remember, Enjoy!


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Bio: Hi, I'm writer of the Slime Dungeon series and a few others. I like monster evolution, fantasy worlds, video games, and hearing from fans.
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Vapori @Vapori ago

Well leave book one here and maybe let book one and two  on kindle unlimited and let us pay for the rest.

with early capters and some insights in your writing for patreon suporters. 


First for the first time since i'm here. 

shangmg @shangmg ago

From marketing point probably the best option is to leave part 1 open. I'm buying a lot of books from Amazon, and it's not that unusuall to find part 1 of series for 0$.

But to be honest - I don't think changing things now will matter that much. Most people either already bought/donated, or read the parts available for free without any donations.


AdmAnim @AdmAnim ago

I would suggest doing what Emerilia did and leave the first few chapters of each of the older books. How many depending on chapter length. The newest book stays fully there until it is put up on kindle. This way you have a sample of each book free and the full and remastered version on kindle. If you fully remove the earlier books then it will be more difficult to get new readers.

Bluerexdc @Bluerexdc ago

I would think that you should leave book one and whenever you start writing the next book but leave the book ending behind people actually buying the book

Everyman McBeige @Everyman McBeige ago

If you do leave any of the chapters of slime dungeon up on Royalroad I would suggest that you leave the first volume up, but in its final form. The first book without edits has a lot of retconning when the series continued so to serve as advertising I would suggest that you have a the edited volume up. I wish you luck in the future as an author.

Dragrath @Dragrath ago

Hmm as others said you probably should leave the first book as I know I am certinly not going to buy a book without knowing its quality ignoring my current monetary difficulties.

As is book 4 and if I remember correctly book 1 were the only real standsouts with the books inbetween coming as lesser quality to the extent that had I read them first I would likely have not followed or dropped it. No idea about how they were with edits of course as I have nver had an intrest for Ebooks

The asset of RRL is the ability to comunicate with authors which is lacking in professional E-books otherwise I personally feel that the lack of a physical book is detrimental enough to my reading experience that it isn't worth my time.

Now I know that is a bit harsh given how expensive it can be to print real books but the direction of socity towards all digital media is quite worrying to me given the evergrowing risk of socity being intellectually wiped out by the loss of written media whether by terrorism warfare or natural events the more we move to digital the more fragile all of human progress and ingenuity becomes to being lost forever. And it shouldn't be forgoten that reaserch has indicated that humans can't be as intamently engaged by digital media due to the lack of the integrated nonvisual senses.

Edit I also feel that saving some of the comments might be a wise idea both for yourself and other authors as the more meaningful and indepth commentary on this site while rare is one of RRL's greatest features even if it is horribly underused.

Well with that I wish you good luck with your endeavors going forward.

Metaldagon @Metaldagon ago

I feel that you should just leave the books in their rough draft form here and post the final forms else where to be bought.

zako @zako ago

thankyou for this journy i cant wait to see how you out do yourself next

Varion @Varion ago

I would suggest option 3, but rather than leaving book 1 as a rough draft, polish it as best you can so that it is the best representation of your writing. That way, it will be more likely to direct traffic to your sequels.

Sonati @Sonati ago

Honestly you should delete all book except book 1. I have followed this Series since nearly the start, I have book 1 and 2 in kindle and I have read the originals you posted here before the in my opinion useless rewrites.

Honestly after book 1 you stopped listening to people comments you jumped ship to try and sell Slime dungeon and the story suffered from it, I clearly remember that this story was one of the poster childs of RR and everyone expected a lot from this and book 1 was what everyone wanted.

Comes book 2 and everything crashed and burned, people told you it was a mistake to make a book about the town, it is a story about a dungeon and it hardly had any dungeon in it, is like a harry potter book with no harry potter in it, but noooo money speak louder and lo and behold the reviews in amazon were horrendous, hell some made me feel bad and is not my book, I stopped reading after that, you know it was horrendous to watch how something that everyone loved could get soo much hate.

I watched how you tried to fix it with book 3 but honestly it was more like you burned the wounds to try and stop the rot, but the mistake was already done and published and there is no fixing that, now with book 4 I can see again the original idea that spawned with book 1 but is to little to late, add the ending and epilogue that to my eyes look like a very heavy handed way to fix all plot holes and lose ends all the while doing a... Hey lets forget everything and start again.

Deus ex machina after Deus ex machina, people hated the town... lets burn it..., rowen cant go with her.... lets kill him, the dungeon is linked to the town... lets use a goddess power to teleport it and bomb the city for good measure... yeah and lets not forget the soul part....

Honestly after this you should really go with your idea of doing a sequel in the future and forget everything after book 2 and please get more into this book that the other one the hero of something is not worth it, I tried reading it but it was like trying to read paint dry, it was cool and all that but it was honestly bland and could hardly keep me entertained for 10 mins before needing to go do something else.

Dont take this as a flame, is just my honest review of a series that could have been soo much but failed at it and before you say I have no reason to talk, I donated to your patreon for nearly a year so by much I should probably get up to book 10 free but I did still buy the books just to help.