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A note from falcon167

wdc543 on Vol. 4 Chapter 19ago

Oh, falcon167 a got a awesome slime for you.

Crystal slimes were virtually immune to physical damage, quite fast, absorbed most forms of magical energy, could shoot arrow-like shards of crystal at things that annoyed them, and even a tiny prickle from one of their crystal blades and shards would rapidly turn a living being into a crystal statue. They were sometimes called crystal basilisks, and they were one of those nightmare monsters that nobody actually wanted to fight unless there was no choice.

I got this from the web fiction Mother of Learning chapter 37



I actually don't have a crystal slime. I'll see about adding it for now as a placeholder lvl 6 slime: A prism slime that has gone through extensive tempering over time, becoming crystal. Crystal slimes are virtually immune to most physical damage, are quite fast, and can absorb most forms of magical energy.

They can shoot arrow-like shards of crystal that even a tiny prickle from one would cause a crystallization status effect. The shards are not sharp, however, and bounce off most armor. Their final attack is to focus light into a power beam of energy, but this exhausts them.

After Rowen’s sudden, and ill-fated, departure, Milly took the dungeon girls over to her room.


“I now convene the first all-girl meeting of the dungeon and town alliance,” she declared happily, “my name is Milly and I am a future adventurer and Rowen’s party leader. I practice a form of clerical magic with the lady of desire as my patron.”


“Going along with the mood, Claire flew up to Milly’s shoulder and curtsied. “My name is Claire, and I am the dungeon pixie partner of Doc the dungeon. I wield a variety of earth and dark magic as well as innate pixie magic.”


The two waited expectantly. Anadine and The Twins stared at the two, blinking without words.


“It’s you turn girls,” Claire prompted.


The Twins began to speak together, “We . . .”


“You have to introduce yourself individually,” Milly interrupted them. Claire nodded in agreement from Milly’s shoulder.


“M . . . my name is Ayla,” the first twin said hesitantly, “I am a warg in Doc’s dungeon. I fight with my body and can use shadow magic.”


“I am . . . Aisha,” the other twin continued after her sister, “I am also a warg. My powers are the same as my sisters.”


“Is there anything that you two don’t share?” Milly asked curiously.


The two girls shared a look of bewilderment as they considered what Milly asked.


“I like chewing on the neck first,” Ayla admitted, “The meat there is soft and chewy with a great flavor.”


“I like biting into the upper leg,” Aisha revealed, “It has a firm, meaty taste different from the other parts.”


Milly couldn’t decide if she felt more horrified or intrigued.


“My lord given name is Anadine,” the slime girl proclaimed proudly, “I am a wandering dungeon boss of my lord and master Doc. I fight with my slime!”


“Can I ask you a question?” Milly asked Anadine, “Why are you capable of speaking intellectually? I thought all slimes were mindless.”


“I ate a lot of dungeon shards from the undead dungeon and gained sentience,” Anadine boasted, “Now, I am the ultimate wandering boss monster in the dungeon; well, once I learn how to use my abilities properly.”


“Is that all?” Milly questioned, “I mean, any other slime would have just gotten stronger right? Why did the dungeon shard increase your intelligence rather than your strength?”


Anadine looked stumped. She folded her armored arms and began twisting her head like a screw.


“Um, we can think about that later,” Claire quickly intervened, “For now, why don’t we do something about Anadine’s clothes? If we’re going to go with the story that Anadine is Milly’s new bodyguard, then we’ll need to have her look the part. Milly, do you have any clothes she can try on?”


Distracted by the question, Milly turned her head absentmindedly and examined her closet. She walked over to the small room and rummaged through a pile of old clothes on the ground.


“Let’s see, I know it was here somewhere,” she murmured as articles of cloth began to fly through the air, “Ah here, found it!” Milly took out a ball dress and handed it over the slime girl. “Try on this dress first so we can get a sense of your size,” she said, “I picked this up from one of the refugees a few days ago. It’s a type of clothing adventurers they wear when socializing.”


To Milly’s shock, however, Anadine moved like water and exited the armor in a stream of slime. As the armor clattered to the floor, Anadine’s gelatinous body filled the dress perfectly, her slime moving to accommodate every curve.”


“Is this truly what adventurers wear when they are not fighting?” Anadine frowned as she tugged on her new clothes, “it feels much too frilly to be of any use.”


“We agree,” The Twins spoke up as their little puppy eyes looked Anadine up and down. Having shed her mish-mash adventurer armor, Anadine seemed to be experimenting with the ease of movement while wearing the outfit. The dress she was currently wearing was a long, flowing ball-gown covered in ribbons and tresses. It was a warm orange color, and fully emphasized Anadine’s womanly figure. Rather, Anadine’s full figure emphasized the womanly curves of the dress.


Milly clicked her tongue, “While I’ll admit this has more frills than normal, I’ll have you three know that this was the height of fashion back in Duran. I used to spy on the beautiful ladies from my bedroom window as they rode their carriages to the balls and other social functions with these and other dresses on. When I saw this for sale I knew I had to buy it, but I need to grow into it.”


Having said that, Milly then shot Anadine a jealous look, “It’s not fair that you have the perfect body; capable of fitting into any size and any outfit at your leisure. I might not even fit this dress after reaching growing up.”


“Is it that big of an issue?” Anadine wondered as she shrunk and shimmied out of the dress, “As a slime, I can change my body into any form I desire because that’s how I devour my enemies. I have no need for clothes because they get in the way of eating. Nor do I possess your odd sense of modesty and shame. Really, I think clothes are more trouble than they are worth. Armor seems to be productive however.”


“Anadine,” Claire sighed with a pitiful expression, “You really don’t understand how special your ability is. The ability to fit into any clothes is a power every female, and some males, would kill to acquire. If you keep talking so negatively about wearing clothes, I’ll rip out my own hair!”


Anadine shrugged without worry, “Alright, I won’t say anything else. Do want me to wear anything else?”


With a cunning grin, Milly whipped out her tavern wench outfit, “Here, try this on!”


Anadine slipped into the revealing blouse and knee-length skirt, filling the material out. She watched the skirt curiously as she swung her hips to make the skirt fly up.


“Milly, this outfit feels quite comfortable compared to the previous one,” Anadine reported, “It’s less frilly and is less constrictive. Though, the chest-plate feels a little tight.”


“It’s called a blouse,” Milly glared with envy.


“I see,” Anadine considered with an interested face, “do you have more of this style?”


“Try this!” Claire giggled as she picked up one of the thrown shirts and tossed it to Anadine.


The five ladies continued the fashion show until dinner time. They went through Milly’s entire collection of clothes, and even stole some of Fred’s shirts and pants. Milly and Claire ended up rolling on the ground giggling as Anadine morphed herself into an almost perfect copy of Fred. After recovering, the girls continued to have Anadine shift into poor copies of various characters around town.


“This is great!” Milly giggled happily, “I haven’t had this much fun since . . . well, ever!” She was taking a break from the clothing madness with Anadine; the two watching Claire struggle to convene The Twins to try to wear anything besides their own hooded outfits.


“Surely you jest Milly,” Anadine spoke in disbelief, “Surely you’ve had some female friends of which to partake of the joy of friendship? I have yet to discover a single abnormality in you besides those found in all human adventurers.”


“Thanks,” Milly said dryly, “but what I said is true. The few friends I had back in Duran could never come over to play because we all worked for our parents. After coming here, the only other children my age were the children of merchants and nobles, and those kinds of girls do not lower themselves to gather with people of my station.” Milly said the last sentence sarcastically.


“What a shame,” Anadine shook her head, “I would have loved to have been your friend had I known you earlier. We could have exchanged clothes and swords.”


“I thought you said you don’t have any clothes?” Milly questioned.


“I . . . I don’t,” Anadine said, slightly perplexed, “It must have been a slip of the tongue.”


Milly examined the slime girl with curious eyes before standing back up. “Let’s try one more outfit,” Milly suggested, “I have a set of adventurer clothes you would look good in. These have an outer portion of armor much like the famous adventurer Fiora wears.” She held up a set of clothes that included an armored, collared shirt and a set of armored pants.


Anadine followed Milly’s directions and flowed into the armored set of clothes. Her body adjusted herself to the size of the clothes, putting her at equal height with Milly. Anadine admired the way the outfit felt to her slime as she poked it in as many places as possible.


“I like this the best,” Anadine told Milly, “This feels exactly like what I should be wearing.”


“Here, take a look at yourself in the mirror,” Milly advised as she wheeled the slime girl over to the full-size mirror. Anadine froze at the sight of her image. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as her form etched into her mind.


“Milly, Rowen, I’m home!” Fred’s voice shattered the peaceful mood.


Milly froze as horror dawned on her face. “Oh no, daddy is home. Doc hasn’t fixed the hole in the pantry yet, and Rowen isn’t back!” She quickly turned to the cloth holding pixie. “Claire, do you have any distraction magic or, I don’t know, mind control magic?” she begged, “We can’t let him find out about the dungeon or you!”


“Hm,” Claire rubbed her chin, “I certainly could use my repertoire of pixie magic to confuse or mislead your father, but as a former adventurer there’s a chance he’d notice magic being used on him. Also, that wouldn’t be nearly as interesting . . . Milly, why don’t you go offer your father a drink?”


To emphasis her point the booze slime, which had largely been forgotten, slid over holding a wooden mug it had taken form the hole leading to the pantry. It split off a portion of its slime into the mug, and handed it over to Milly.


Milly raised an eyebrow as she examined the mug, “Is this safe to drink?”


“It packs a punch,” Claire admitted, “but that’s only because it has a high alcohol content. The booze slime is made of pure alcohol and nothing else after all. I’m positive your father will just be woozy after drinking it.”


“Milly?” the girls heard Fred at the foot of the staircase, “Is Rowen with you?”


Steeling her nerves, Milly put on a cheerful grin and skipped out of the room to the top of the stairs. “Daddy, come on up! Rowen and I have been experimenting making alcohol from . . . alternate sources. Come try it!”


Fred, who had just come in after working the construction site, smiled softly at the sound of his daughter’s voice. “Alright I’ll give it a try. Hold on for me.” He walked up the steps with heavy stumps and took the mug from Milly. He took a deep swing on the off chance the drink tasted bad, and was shocked by the impact his throat and stomach felt. He coughed and cleared his throat, reexamining the drink.


“Milly, ahem, this is a really good . . .” Fred trailed off as the hallway began to spin around. Milly caught him as he lurched forward.


“Oh, hic, that really hits the spot,” Fred hiccupped as Milly helped him to his bedroom, “I haven’t, hic, felt this drunk, hic, since your mother passed. Hic!”


“I know daddy,” Milly rubbed her father’s head, “Now lie down and rest. You have a busy day tomorrow.”


“You’re a good girl Milly,” Fred muttered as he closed his eyes, “I don’t know what I’d, hic, do without you. You’re a good . . . girl.” He stopped talking and soon the room was filled with the sound of snoring. Milly tip-toed out of the room and shut the door behind her. Once she was clear, she ran back to her room to confront Claire.


“I thought you said that drink was safe?” Milly interrogated Claire.


“It is. What’s wrong? He’s just asleep isn’t he?” Claire asked in confusion.


“My father has one of the best constitutions in the town,” Milly declared angrily, “He’s widely famous for drinking others under the table in drinking games, and not at the same time. There’s no way a normal drink would knock him out so quickly!”


 “I said the drink was complete alcohol,” Claire argued, “I didn’t think that 100% alcohol was dangerous to people. That’s fairly normal isn’t it?”


Milly yanked her hair if exquisite frustration and shock, “Claire, human alcohol reaches at most 60% alcohol content. Elves prefer their drinks at 50% even with their high resistance to booze, and dwarves top their drinks off at 85%. 100% alcohol is enough to kill non-drinkers and light-weights!”


Claire blanked out for a time as Milly’s words rang through her mind. She made a fist and lightly knocked her forehead as she stuck her tongue out. “Tehee?” she giggled nervously.


“I’ll show you a ‘tehee’!” Milly raged, “That’s my father you almost killed!”


The Twins watched the human and pixie run around the room with an almost apathetic expression. Ayla turned her head to her sister, “Aisha, where did Anadine go?”


Aisha raised her nose and sniffed the air. The slime girl had vanished in the hubbub of Fred returning home, and one of the outfits was missing.


“Momma,” Aisha called out, “Anadine left.”


Milly and Claire froze. Claire immediately cast her gaze around the room. “The window is open,” she observed. The two girls raced over and looked out, but the blackness of the night obscured their vision.


“It isn’t safe to leave the house at night,” Milly said frantically, “I can’t go after her until morning. Will she be alright?”


“I doubt there’s anything on the street that can kill her normally,” Claire admitted, “but I’m worried that she’ll get too far away from the dungeon holes. She and The Twins can only exist in places where dungeon mana permeates. The holes Doc opened up around town have allowed dungeon mana to rise into the surrounding air, but since Doc isn’t corrupting the ground the mana is very weak. Her powers will be greatly reduced as a result, and if she goes outside of town she’ll die, and won’t come back.”


“Won’t come back . . . you mean she won’t respawn?” Milly asked in dread.


“Her body will, but her mind won’t,” Claire fretted, “I know she’s smart enough to stay in town, but with her powers so weak . . .”


“Can you go get her?” Milly asked Claire.


Claire shook her head. “I can’t leave either because the rogue slime would most definitely try to eat me. I’m a large source of magic, which it would love to feed on. We’re going to have to wait until morning.”


“Anadine, please be safe!”


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