Hey guys, Falcon here! I had a wonderful time at Dragon-con and even met a few of you wonderful readers! That was actually a very nice moment, to meet people who came to shake my hand and thank me. I even sold a girl book 1 on Saterday, and the next day she came back to buy books 2 and 3.

Anyway, now that thats all over, its time for some slime dungeon book 4. I've decided the last few chapters havent been up to par.

By that I mean: wtf kind of dungeon story has no dungeon story? Claire plainly lies a few times, which she can't do. You guys are not that interested in what goes on in the city, and that chapter was really kind of pitiful really.

This takes me back to book 2 and the three rewrites I had to do, any of you remember that? LOL


Anyhow, so that's the plan. Fix the chapters and try finish up before this month disappears. Then, write hero of naught 2



After talking with my fellow professional authors, I've come to the difficult decision of deciding to not write future slime dungeon and hero of naught on RRL. Through evidence shown by various graphs and numbers, most of you readers do not contribute anything. No feedback, no reviews, no comments, and no buying the amazon copies. If any of you do one fo those 4 things, thanks. However, the grand truth is that most people don't do much besides read and leave. So, I've gone through and updated my wordpress, facebook, discord and patreon pages in preparation to move chapters to patreon. Once book 4 is done here, then I too will be done. I'm not done with RRL mind you, because I plan on writing more on the other story ideas I've started. I also have this space game story I'm experimenting with. But, in the future, patreon is where you'll need to go to read chapters of Slime and Hero before I finish publishing the books. Thank-you all for your understanding.



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Bio: Hi, I'm writer of the Slime Dungeon series and a few others. I like monster evolution, fantasy worlds, video games, and hearing from fans.
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DubZer0 @DubZer0 ago

I  completely agree with your choice.  The majority of RRL readers are dumb as shit.  You could write an entire chapter that completely re-writes your characters personality, the world, fuck, even the genre (change Slime into a space opera lol) and they'll still just write "Thanks for the chapter!" and "OMG, so amazing!! Plz never stop writing this".  Authors believe they are doing a great and job and continue descending into mediocrity until they wake up one day and realize everything they've written for the past few months/year is just garbage/not what they had in mind and stop writing.  Case in point would be Savage Divinity, great book that just went down hill with zero character growth for OVER 100 CHAPTERS.  This isn't my opinion, it is a VERIFIABLE fact; the MC stays as the same depressed, myopic bitch for over 100 chapters.  


As for your story, it was the first dungeon book I read so I'll always remember it fondly.  Especially the first one as it was a good book, made me crack up multiple times, even when re-reading it.  The other books didn't have the same light-hearted feel to it, too many plot points that weren't done skillfully enough (I think, not a writer just a prolific reader), politics (which I usually love but the setting just wasn't right) and the plot just wasn't memorable.  I think the biggest detractor was your story just lacked excitement, from the actual plot of the story to the way it was written.  As an new author, I think your biggest goal should have been studying how to write rather than trying to push out new books.


But then again, I'm a reader, not a writer, I can't understand the things you go through to write a book.  I enjoy your books and I'll buy them on Amazon.  Maybe you should keep RRL open so you can let fans know when you've released another book, Slime or not.

    Okonkwok @Okonkwok ago

    Not a reader of this story but just to chip on in the discussion, maybe people dont comment in this story because they know it wont do anything here. I mean you cant just expect that readers to be your free editors for a paid book. And yes while readers here dont contribute much, they dont neccessarily need to. Successful novels never needed the reviews of the public to be good, it needs time and preparation by the authors. Relying from the publics review to improve will only dull out that spark that readers found interesting in the first place.

    Authors needs to read more than what they write to be able to write well. Most bestselling stories take around 2-3 years per book, but the rough and overpopulated nature of RRL prevents that and instead authors are somewhat forced to churn out half baked chapters every week. 

Yuzmi @Yuzmi ago

Damn... i just began to follow this story and it happens. :S

Good luck for the future.

Poseidon @Poseidon ago

Hi, nice to know you had a good time, nice to hear that you are going to go through the chapters and make some changes as you did when you removed the elemental stone that had 4 elements. sorry to hear you stop posting on royalroadl, but I understand since there are already so many finished books on Amazon, so I think it's fine as long as new stories are posted on royalroadl when you start writing those. I have not commented a lot but I have bought all 3 slime dungeon books, and have read the story from the beginning. Please keep the royalroadl versjon up so you can notifi people about New books. Thank you google translat for helping translate this.

MajorMagers @MajorMagers ago

You are leaving the books up on RRL and just not updating them in the future right? It would be a pity to see the books go away from here where I can find them easy.

shadyxlr @shadyxlr ago

I still look forward to your future releases on Amazon can't wait.

PCarrson77 @PCarrson77 ago

Okay, truth be told I have been wating for the polished version of your novels on amazon mostly since the chapters here change a lot. I also like to read a book all at once so I don't forget stuff about it over the course of a month or two. I will continue to buy your books on amazon (I prefer kindle unlimited but I buy a few other books).

newyevon2 @newyevon2 ago

Sigh, can you at least link us an updated slime map that's accessible? 

Stepen @Stepen ago

Well shit, I can't use patreon, cause I got no money, and I've been following this since like ch 10 so that sucks, oh well

GreenKing @GreenKing ago

So....I have read this story from the first book. Multiple times. I have even bought the first 3 books on Amazon. And to be honest I wouldnt have bought the third book or any future ones becuase I came for the dungeon and what was inside of it. However, the reason I bought the third and why ill buy the future ones was becuase I got to see it here. I realized that it wasnt so bad and that it still had that dungeon aspect. So I dont know your book your choice. I rarely post..almost never and thats a failing on my part. But thats becuase I simply have no time. I used to read the newest chapter the hour it was released but as my life has gotten busier I have to bulk read when I can and so I am even less inclined to comment. I also dont like telling an author what should or shouldnt be done. People can be prickly Tongue but I should have left more comments and maybe discussed more about the chapters. Going forward I will. Not just on your stuff but on others as well. Thank you for the fun story and I wish you all the best.