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As stated on wordpress, the tables are giving me troubl with HofN.  As such, I'll work on that in May when I have more time per chapter.  For now, it's time for book 4!

Chapter 1


In a stone room, lit only by a large floating crystal in the center, a small pixie was flying around at top speed.  With her black hair whipping in the wind as her purple dress fluttered about, the pixie was all smiles as she finally landed on her ledge.


“Come on Doc, hurry up!” Claire urged as she took her seat for the third time, “I missed Anadine’s first wandering boss fight so I can’t afford to miss this one!”


The floating crystal glittered in purple light as it projected a low chuckle, followed by an image of a different place on one of its surfaces.


“Alright Claire,” Doc the dungeon crystal laughed, “here’s the image.  Sorry for the wait.”


“Poppa, we came too!” Doc and Claire turned happily as two large wolf-like figures materialized from the floor.  The worg twins were their first outside monsters to join the dungeons following the loss of their pack, and were now the adopted children of Doc and Claire.


“The more the merrier!” Doc exclaimed, “Now, keep it down!  Anadine’s fight is about to start.”


The four turned their attention to the image playing on Doc’s crystal body, which showed another stone-walled location.


The room the four of them were in the heart-room, the very bottom floor of the dungeon Doc created. The crystal floating in the center of the room was the core of Doc’s existence, while the underground labyrinth served as his outer shell he could control at will.  With his legion of slime monsters created from his own magic, Doc truly was master of the dungeon.


The image they were watching was on a floor higher up, the 8th floor specifically.  The 6th floor through the 10th floor were the jungle floors as their ceiling and walls were covered in plant life.  However, this room on the 8th floor was strangely devoid of plants.


Four adventurers could be seen walking in.  Two were human, while the other two were obviously not.


“I didn’t think I’d see elves teaming up with humans,” Doc observed, “I thought they didn’t really get along these days?”


“I guess they’re trying to cooperate more now that things are starting to settle,” Claire guessed, “Or maybe they were friends from before.”


The four adventurers looked wearily around as they entered the room.  The lack of plants seemed to have unnerved them, and one of the elves was speaking rapidly to the other three.


“Too late,” Doc announced gleefully as the doorways closed before the adventurers could decide to leave.  The two humans cried out and began beating on the door to no avail.


“We love this part Poppa,” Ayla and Aisha grinned wolfishly, “the prey realizes there’s no way out except to fight.”


“As one of the fey I’m not too interested in the despair of mortals, but I do enjoy watching them put up a good fight,” Claire commented from above the worgs.


“Aren’t elves also a type of fey?” Doc asked curiously, “I think I’ve heard that before.”


“Depends on the type of elf,” Claire admitted, “though gnomes are more related to pixies than any elf is.  That is a lesson for another day, because the fight is finally starting!”


Back on the 8th floor, none of the adventurers noticed the blue goop starting to gather at the center of the roof.  As the slime finished coming together, a humanoid head appeared and smiled down at the adventurers.  With a quick swipe of a tentacle, the two torches were extinguished in the room.  Darkness fell instantly, inciting cries of fear from the adventurers.


Anadine, the slime on the ceiling, formed two tentacles and sent them down to opposite ends of the room.  Under her control, the tentacles opened mouths on their tips and began to release girlish giggles that echoed softly across the room.


“She’s really mastered the art of unnerving adventurers,” Claire observed, “did you teach her that trick girls?”


The Twins nodded their furry heads proudly.  “We thought of the same trick, except having we sisters be on opposite ends of the room.  Anadine can do it better though.”


The human adventurers were clearly at wits end as they swiped recklessly with their weapons at the darkness.  Anytime they came close to one of the tentacles, Anadine effortlessly moved it out of the way, making sure it giggled near an ear as it passed.  The elves were better off, though still quite nervous as they readied their bows and silver swords.


Finally, one of the human adventurers calmed down enough to begin chanting fire magic.  Anadine quickly retracted her tentacles before the spell was complete.  When it was, the small fire floated into the air and lit up the room.  The adventurers quickly took stances, prepared for any attack.


However, Anadine remained hidden on the ceiling.  She kept her body as close to the stone as possible.  After a few tense moments, the adventurers slowly crept forward.


All of a sudden, one of the elves looked up and cried out in alarm.  He pointed at Anadine’s glistening slime body.


“I guess the ambush is a failure,” Doc chuckled.


Anadine wasted no time in congealing into a ball and dropping down into the center of the room.  She splashed on the ground, sending small droplets of her slime everywhere.  The few that hit the adventurer’s armor sizzled and burned as they hurriedly moved to wipe the drops away.


A moment later, all the slime rushed back to the center as Anadine’s slime body took shape.  What once looked like a small blue blob majestically morphed into a strangely beautiful woman.  Her head possessed long, straight hair made of slime that covered her non-existent ears.  Eyeholes sat above a small rounded nose and full lips.  Even her body seemed to be made of the desires of men as it swayed back and forth, enchanting the adventurers before it.


Claire nodded her head in satisfaction, “She’s taken my lessons on seduction quite well indeed.  So she’s mastered the fear and seduction arts of being a dungeon boss, which means all that’s left is what you taught her Doc.”


She paused, “Um, what did you teach her again?”


Anadine opened her ‘eyes’ and smiled at the adventurers, before her mouth opened impossibly wide to the size of her entire body.  Hardened slime teeth glistening, she screamed in battle-lust as she surged forward.


“I taught her how to devour,” Doc announced proudly.


Claire and The Twins rolled their eyes and sighed in amusement.  What did they really think he was going to teach the new wandering boss.


Anadine’s sudden attack caught the adventurers off guard, and before they could react her mouth had enclosed around one of the human adventurers.  The man screamed in horror as he struggled to swim out of her body, but found his arms and legs were worthless in the attempt.  Worse still, opening his mouth allowed for the corrosive slime to travel into his body.  He was now slowly dissolving both inside and out.


The other human wailed and frantically swung his sword down onto Anadine’s body trying to free his companion.  Anadine, annoyed but not hurt by the weapon, whipped out her arm and sent the adventurer flying into the wall.  He moaned as he rolled down onto the floor and clutched his chest.


The elves took advantage of Anadine’s distraction with the humans and separated, each moving to an opposite corner away from Anadine.  From there, they drew their bows and unleashed a barrage of sliver arrows into her body.  Anadine roared in pain as the arrows pierced her.


“You okay Anadine?” Doc asked through the telepathic link the dungeon family shared.


“Just hearing your voice restores my strength my lord,” Anadine’s loyal and perky voice echoed the heart room a moment later, “These arrows are mere pebbles to my body!”


Doc watched as an arrow destroyed one of Anadine’s tentacles quite easily.  “Are you really sure about that?” he sent her a questioning feeling.


Anadine was silent for a few moments as she focused on forming more tentacles to deal with the arrows, “To be quite honest my lord, I must admit I was a bit foolish in devouring this invading fool in a single bite.  I am unable to move as swiftly and will stay as such until his body completely dissolves in me.  He seems to have some sort of charm that is making it harder to eat him, however.”


Doc glanced over at Claire, “Is that a new type of enchantment?”


Claire nodded, “It’s likely an item created to deal with acid traps.  Slime acts like acid, likely because many acids require slime to manufacture them.  I doubt, however, that this was brought on purpose because most adventurers wouldn’t know slime and acid work the same.  I doubt most could even read a book, let alone craft properly.”


“Ha, that means I’m smarter than most adventurers!” Doc declared delightedly, “watching through Rowen’s eyes taught me to read!”


Claire coughed, “Doc, back to Anadine?”


“Oh right,” Doc calmed down, “Anadine, are you sure you can deal with the arrows without support?  I have enough reserved mana to create two back-up slimes for you.”


“Thank-you my lord, but this is my redeeming battle,” Anadine declined, “after that first failure, I under-went the lessons you and Lady Claire and The Twins provided for me in order to become a strong wandering boss.  I must redeem my honor here!”


“There she goes again with her macho honor,” Claire muttered as she rolled her eyes.


“Watch me my lord!” Anadine cried out.  Using three tentacles, Anadine layered and hardened them into a shield of solid slime.  Creating two more, she used them to block the arrows as she moved toward the elves at walking speed.


The elves, having seen that their arrows would have no more effect, stored them in their adventurer bags.  They both knelt on the ground and began chanting.


“Earth magic will not save you!” Anadine screamed angrily, remembering the golem that had thwarted her during her first battle.  In a fit of rage, she wound up her body and used the released force to throw her shields at one of the elves.  The elf tried to move out of the way, but was knocked into the wall by one of the shields.  Anadine’s tentacle pierced his skull a second later, killing him.


The death of his companion caused the other elf to falter in his spell-casting.  The delay caused a backlash of magic, blowing his arm off.  The elf screamed in pain as he held his arm, only silenced when another tentacle whipped by and tore out his throat.  Gurgling, the elf collapsed and died.


“My lord, I pronounce my first victory!” Anadine declared proudly over the bond.


“Not quite,” Doc disagreed, “you still have one.”



The last human was sitting in shock as he stared at the dying bodies of the two elves.  Liquid oozed out of his pants as his sword arm trembled and wavered.


“My apologies,” Anadine said solemnly, “please relax as I take my anger of presenting you with false information out on this knave.”


Taking on her beautiful appearance again, Anadine smiled as she carefully slid over to the crying man.  The adventurer began to scream and throw whatever was closest to him at her.  Stone and arrow entered her body, only to dissolve inside her.  The bones of the other adventurer were all that remained of him, and they spread through her humanoid body until she looked like a walking skeleton dressed in slime.  She smiled down at the adventurer, who dropped his sword and giggled as his eyes rolled into his head.  A quick swipe later, and the magic fire was destroyed.  As the darkness fell, Anadine giggled again.




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