Falcon here, hey guys.


So good news, I've been working on chapter updating and editing.  Today I knock out 7 and 8 and send them to the editer.  I'll be knocking out the rest this week and then resuming new chapter writing.  Hazza.


Having a little trouble figuring out how upload the many part chapters . . . I may have to delete and re-upload.  Loss of views I guess with sometimes no change, but such is life I suppose.  If everything goes to plan, I'm looking at a nice late Feb, early-mid March release for Book 3 on amazon, name pending.  Current plan is that Book 3 and Book 4 tie in together; Book 3 has the little mini arc at the start that says bye to the bears and will move onto to the "school" arc of the story.  Every well-paced story needs a school arc after all.  I hope you guys enjoy Doc's indirect schooling.


Anyway, on to patreon.  Now that I FINALLY got the ______ book 2 hard copy out I'll be sending it to the people who gave me their addresses.  Also, e-book version to email address DELIVERED ON MESSAGE SYSTEM IN PATREON.  On that note, I'm kinda a large jerk for being so late with this.  Sorry.  Many Sorrys.  Please stop wasting your money on me.


Ahem, anyway.  Rather than move immidiately into Book 4, I would like to take the new version of Hero of Naught, fix it up, finish it, and publish it.  I mean, it has 20 chapters on it so it's kinda almost done.  Though, If I compare it to the size of other stories >.> . . . . . shorter I guess.  I would like to make that story nice so you guys can enjoy it too.  What do you guys think?


As always, hope you all enjoy my work.  Falcon Out


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