Warlord of Winslow

by Diemos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Karl Brunett leads a mediocre life and yearns for the opportunity to be something greater. Though never quite mustering the motivation to seize his place in the world. That's until the system decends on Earth and throws the old world into chaos. Having been somewhat prepared for a catastrophe he finds himself uniquely position to take the things he has always wanted. In doing so he might just save more people than he kills on his path to greatness.

** First couple of chapters are kinda short, I might at some point condense the first few into one chapter. Or not. Meh. **

***This is my first attempt at writing here... or anywhere, might start a little slow though I hope those who read it at least find it entertaining.***

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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 "Initializing" ago
Ch. 2 Answers ago
Ch. 3 "Status" ago
Ch. 4 "Skills" ago
Ch. 5 "Class and Abilities" ago
Ch. 6 "Distribution and Chaos" ago
Ch. 7 "Rallying the Defenses" ago
Ch. 8 "Hunting the Hunter" ago
Ch. 9 "What now?" ago
Ch. 10 "Quests" ago
Ch. 11 "Riders" ago
Ch. 12 "And the coyote you rode in on." ago
Ch. 13 "Loot, Trains, and Goblin camps." ago
Ch. 14 "This girl is a little scary" ago
Ch. 15 "Fight the Patriarchy!" ago
Ch. 16 "Pressing on." ago
Ch. 17 "Fresh Meat" ago
Ch. 18 "The Breeding Den" ago
Ch. 19 "And I cried" ago
Ch. 20 "The Atrium of the God-Touched" ago
Ch. 21 "Sanctum of the defeated, the defiled, and the Forsaken." ago
Ch. 22 "EPIC LOOTS!" ago
Ch. 23 "Returning" ago
Ch. 24 "Imps, Spider Demons, and Assholes, OOOH My!" ago
Ch. 25 "No Excuse, Only Responsibility" ago
Ch. 26 "Work problems, better shit to do." ago
Ch. 27 "You've gotten big." ago
Ch. 28 "It's not a prison anymore." ago
Ch. 29 "Team building" ago
Ch. 30 "It Begins." ago
Ch. 31 "I couldn't save them." ago
Ch. 32 "Team Building Part 2" ago
Ch. 33 "Little Warrior" ago
Ch. 34 "Providing for the Defense." ago
Ch. 35 "Settlement Defense" ago
Ch. 36 "The Lieutenant and his Vanguard" ago
Ch. 37 Interlude "One Hundred Thousand ASI" ago
Ch. 38 "Eff My Life!" ago
Ch. 39 "Oil, not Tar" ago
Ch. 40 "Enter the Creep" ago
Ch. 41 "Xokar, the Indominatable" ago
Ch. 42 "A Little Humility" ago
Ch. 43 "Broshaan, the Executioner, Master of Hounds" ago
Ch. 44 "It's the cops!" ago
Ch. 45 "The Chimera" ago

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Jacksonion Democracy

So far MC is a veteran who let themself go, living in a ratty motel and when the system suddenly pops up - he has a lot of guns, and a lot of problems. Most of the problems are solved with his guns. He isn't a "bad guy" per say, but don't expect anything good from him either and it seems so far he leans more towards the evil end of the spectrum.

Grammar is good, and plot seems to be the typical start so far (kill monsters, get some people, start safe zone, etc). Lotta characters are dying really quick, and at this point there isn't much development for anyone but I haven't gone too far in so take that with a grain of salt.

This story gives me a lot of questions that haven't really been answered yet, and I am at a point where I am not interested in reading more to find out. Some of these questions are - example A) he is using ammo like it's nobody's business but even after quite some time he hasn't thought about where to get more - ammo is a finite supply and unless people figure out how to make more in the apocalypse his entire build is screwed, example B) why is he in a motel in butcrack nowhere with like a dozen guns and $hit tons of ammo, like guns & ammo are not cheap yet he has enough to make a middle class gunnut blush, example C) why is this called "warlord of winslow" when his class is "outlaw" AKA someone who is not big on authority - that's like making a story called "everyday life of a dentist" and the plot being about a person magically giving people cavities. 

There are a few personal problems with the story as well, real world political situations and topics have been brought up (nothing in depth, but it's very blatent) so if you don't enjoy reading a story with those popping up then beware as MC has some very loud opinions on this.

But my biggest problem with the story, is the fact that MC is a 40+ year old man and is making lovey dovey eyes at a young girl who is literally described as, and I quote "Maybe 18, but probably not". It seems so far that they are being pushed together for a romance with MC thirsting after her quite a bit, and maybe for some people this might not be a issue but for me - this ain't it chief. 



Book starts off following the mc when system is introduced. Hes not a good guy and doesn't really have a moral compass or empathy. He's pretty bitter about life too. With the system it turns into a shootout with his obsession with guns. Some heavily conservative ideas as present. Not my thing but it's decent 


I like a good combination of guns and magic, so this story is right up my alley. The MC is tough and out to bring a little sanity to an otherwise insane world and he looks to be pulling the rest of Winslow along with him. It is an interesting and well written tale so far. The author is putting out the chapters regularly and often. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next.