Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)

Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)

by DarkTechnomancer
Artist: TsurotArtistry

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

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After centuries of endless wars, the three greatest nations of the continent have come together in peace. As a symbol of their cooperation, they have worked together to establish the Grand Academy of Spiritual, Martial, and Arcane Arts, a place where the best and brightest of each nation can gather on neutral ground and share knowledge, techniques, and cultures. Can the peace truly last, or is the academy just another proxy for the constant conflicts the three nations face?

None of that matters to Lee Jia, a homeless young girl who's biggest concern is surviving the winter. But when she accidentally stumbles into the academy in search of a new place to stay, her destiny is changed forever. Determined to carve out a new place for herself and make the most of her good fortune, Lee Jia dives head first into the world of magic and martial arts.

Fates Parallel is my first serious attempt at writing a story, and a personal love letter to Eastern fantasy and xianxia stories. It's heavily inspired by East Asian culture, folklore, and mythology, with what is likely going to be a decidedly Western artistic license. I try to write every day, with a goal of about 45,000 words per month (~1500 per day). Chapter lengths are around 3000 words on average, releasing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Cover art drawn by the incredibly talented Tsuu (TsurotArtistry).

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241. Surprise ago
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248. Want ago
249. Exposed ago
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253. Experiment ago
254. Divide ago
255. Science ago
256. Connections ago
257. Conflux ago
258. Hurry ago
259. Hunted ago
260. Twilight ago
261. Hide ago
262. Breaking Point ago
263. Stabilize ago
264. Talk ago
265. Detour ago
266. Road ago
267. Infiltration ago
268. Reconnaissance ago
269. Doctor ago
270. Examination ago
271. Treatment ago
272. Estrangement ago
273. Detente ago
274. Debriefing ago
275. Scramble ago
276. Avatar ago
277. Dilemma ago
278. Homunculus ago
279. Meili ago
280. Lushan ago
281. Sect ago
282. Debt ago
283. Boon ago
284. Rejection ago
285. Beatdown ago
286. Breakdown ago
287. Regression ago
288. Corruption ago
289. Happiness ago
290. Demands ago
291. Self ago
292. Heist ago
293. Escape ago
294. Weakness ago
295. Resonance ago
296. Scars ago
297. Gaze ago
298. Restraint ago
299. Recovery ago
300. Elixir ago
301. Hollow ago
302. Definition ago
303. Domain ago
304. Elementary ago
305. Pass ago
306. Fiend ago
307. Etiquette ago
308. Baishulin ago
309. Browbeat ago
310. Familiarity ago
311. Purewater ago
312. Heart ago
313. Confidant ago
314. Xiulan ago
315. Posture ago
316. Pleasantries ago
317. Safe ago
Interlude 5.1 - Sowing the Seeds ago
Interlude 5.2 - The Little Worm's Sting ago
Interlude 5.3 - Final Flight ago
318. Peace ago
319. Inspiration ago
320. Social ago
321. Domestic ago
322. Therapy ago
323. Spell ago
324. Precision ago
325. Vulnerability ago
326. Reconstruction ago
327. Peak ago
328. Isolation ago
329. Projection ago
330. Asura ago
331. Lightspeed ago
332. Mother ago
333. Healing ago
334. Persistence ago
335. Warning ago
336. Hypothesis ago
337. Faith ago
338. Entwine ago
339. Liminal ago
340. Conviction ago
341. Patriarch ago
342. Proposal ago
343. Politic ago
344. Court ago
345. Distraction ago
346. Assassin ago
347. Opportunity ago
348. Ambition ago
349. Distortion ago
350. Promise ago
351. Treaty ago
352. Staging ago
353. Extension ago

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So, first off, Fates Parallel is very well written. Very few errors, fluid prose, and no inconcistencies as far as I was able to read.

But I can't continue reading it.

Not because of plot armor or something like that. The coincidences happening to Lee Jia can easily be explained by the story, so that's a non-issue.

Not because it follows cliches. It's actually quite ingenious in its use of the regular xianxia tropes and offer a slightly different, and enjoyable, take on the genre.

Not because of the yuri direction it seems to take. I'm fine with that.

But I have BIG trouble staying invested in the main character. For spoiler reasons.

Lee Jia is pitiful. I don't see any other way to put it.

She's not only pitiful, she's fun and bright and interesting to read about at the start, but her reaction to Yan Yue's betrayal is... impossible for me to read.

I understand that there's something wrong with her psyche, that the author made her too nice on purpose. But it's just not fun to read. The 3 last chapters have been a slog for me.

It is absolutely not the fault of the author, I understand what they want to write, and I'm guessing this "nice" phase won't last, but I just can't keep going when Lee Jia repeatedly feels empathy for someone that shows very clearly she's in it for herself and is willing, and has done already, major harm to her and An Eui.

God damn, she even felt sorry for the girl that caused An Eui's exile and lied about it to get into her pants !

I'm not about to tell the author what to do with their own story, but it's too much for me.

In a way, congratulations, author, you made me care for your story. It's just going in a direction I physically can't enjoy.


In the end, it's a personnal shortcomming that is stopping me from reading this fiction, but it is a good story nonetheless.

Read it and make your own opinion.


I have read more than 390 chapters so far. It's been a delightful journey. The plot is innovative and attention grabbing. The MCs come from different backgrounds, harsh traumatic paths and take from those experiences distinct views in life. The side characters are so fascinating and noteworthy as well, it makes you want to know about them as much ass possible too. The progression is not overwhelming, where friendships and alliance play an important role in the success in overcoming problems. It's a soul searching experience for each one of those involved. Crazy is kind of the norm here, but you will not get disappointed by it. I love the nerd parts as well. 


Great plot, but as a whole is a slog.

Reviewed at: 96. Introduction

(I know this is a mostly negative and harsh review, but when you told your readers In an author's note mid way through the story that that chapter had almost all negative comments on it and cause many people to drop you should REALLY consider a rewrite or rollback...)

I had great hopes for the story, it has great reviews and was even recommended by a friend.

Now don't get me wrong, the plot is good and very interesting, and the allied character's were all great (except Xin). it's why I've read up to chapter 94 after all! 

But the kicker is that our (main) MC Jia is such a forgiving, trusting and generous saint of stupidity that I considered dropping about 20-30 chapters in. Her personality is a MAJOR mismatch to her background, and it comes off quite rough and jarring at times. But like I said, I really toughed it out for the story and allied character's.

Speaking of other characters, let me explain. Firstly, the rivals/enemies are, with one exception, 100% the  usual insane, self centered, revenge hungry and completely delusional cultivation story enemies. And the one that wasn't (the singing girl to avoid spoilers) was real close and also cause me to put this down and barely come back latter. The friends on the other hand were enjoyable and with good humor, though some were diminished by their acquisition with how damn trusting and forgiving Jia is.

And to wrap it all up up, the author REAL likes to shit on our poor MCs. Like come on man give the poor girls a damn break. It just sad defeat and hollow victories.


Really, really good.

Reviewed at: 214. Portent

I don't spend much of my free time reading, but when I do, it's the latest chapter of Fates Parallel, available to patrons and close personal friends of DarkTechnomancer.

I was lucky enough to see the conception of this story long before it reached online publication, and though my knowledge of the xianxia genre is limited only to this story thus far, it certainly leaves a favorable impression on me. The sense of steady progression both in terms of power and character, not only for Lee Jia and An Eui but also the supporting cast, continues to delight me even 200+ chapters in.

I was also the one who provided the poorly received cover art before it was replaced with what we have now. Despite the blow to my ego, I was proud of the work I had done, specifically because it was for this story that I adore.

I want to see Fates Parallel progress all the way to the end, whether it take another hundred chapters or even a thousand, and I hope DT does too. Keep it up, my guy.

Jotun R

Sone of the best xianxia i've read

Reviewed at: 118. Sisters

I started quite sceptical after reading the mixed reviews, but after getting to chapter 118 i have to say that most of the flak thrown at this webnobel is very misguided.

Fates Parallel is excelent, it has an ok start, but after the first arc, it starts to get steam and the writing improves a lot, the author has made an interesting universe of mixed power fantasy elements into a great whole that has a distinct far east aestethic, it has a lot of promise and potential, i'm glued to more updates.

Keep up the ancestors work DarkTechnomancer!


A Guilty Pleasure Serial

Reviewed at: 216. Pact

Guilty pleasure only in the sense that I seem to be winding down whenever I stop to read this. Pairs well with wine.

Style: The pace moves quickly when it needs to and slows down when working on interpersonal development and major plot points -- which is my personal preference. The characters are far from perfect, nor do they make all the right choices. How boring would that be?


Grammar: Excellent. No problem reading. Very smooth.

Story: Like a very long serialization that you keep reading. Checking in on it when there is downtime and enjoying it without any hint of urgency.

Characters: In some stories there are characters that absolutely surprise you with how they flip from one personality to another. This is not one of those stories. The consistency of these characters and their growth in general is welcome. There are a lot of relatable personalities and tropes that feel a little more niche than your average RR story, but they're very, very good.

If you're looking for a story to invest in that has characters that undergo long and thorough development with a bit of that Wuxia magic, this is the one.

Thanks for the story.



Starts well and drops off significantly

Reviewed at: 51. Compromise

Starts really well with a lot of promise and then in the second book a series of improbable forced events occur, the characters take illogical actions that aren't consistent with their characters. Frankly the second book has more plot holes than a colander.

The characters are reasonably well written if inconsistent in their motivations. For example the MC spends her whole life as a theif not trusting anyone and the moment she gets into the college she starts trusting everyone implicitly?? The multidiscipline cultivation streams start well but again start to lose consistency and believeability as the series goes on. It's not any where near the level of Beware of Chicken and others.


A really great story, but just not for me.

Reviewed at: 80. Regrets

I've really enjoyed the author's writing and how they've overall pieced together the story.  The world that this story builds is fascinating and I really do enjoy the various factions and how they interact with each other.  And, the reason that I read up to this point, the author really has a way with words that keeps you invested and strikes a good balance between dialogue and narration while having a good sense of when to create action and when to let the pace slow.  And they write a great action scene as well when the pace picks up.

Unfortunately, I'm dropping this because i primarily get invested into a story for the characters and the continued actions of some of the main character's just have gradually turned me off this story.  Primarily, I just really don't enjoy reading about the main supporting character and the way she interacts with the other members of the cast. And the continued rash actions of the protagonist and general suddenness have also been small contributing factors as well.

Ultimately though, like I said earlier, I think this is a great story that deserves at least your consideration and that the author is really fantastic with their prose.  But it just became not for me.


The story is good, 

The story following Jia and Eui is cool, it's well structured and while we can be confused on the mc, it's because the mc themselves are confused. We can follow how they grow and it's pretty fun. The systems of cultivations are pretty good, and their interaction is pretty fun.

Compared to other pure wuxia story this one is more low high level. The author takes its time to properly "level up" it's characters and is not blindly rushing to have an op mc. 

The interpersonal relationship are well done, there is friendshiph, envy, hate and a lot of other emotions. It's not just the classic friend vs enemy.

If you see comments or reviews talking about the cover it's because the first one was reaaaally bad, however as you can see right now the cover changed and is now pretty good. Thanks the author for taking our feedback, it's appreciated.


In spoilers the "old" review, which was essentially talking about the cover.

The story is good, the cover is pretty bad.

The story following Jia and Eui is cool, it's well structured and while we can be confused on the mc, it's because the mc themselves are confused. We can follow how they grow and it's pretty fun. The systems of cultivations are pretty good, and their interaction is pretty fun.

However the style of the image on the cover is creepy, I'm sorry to say this, but seeing this image really destroy the image of the mc i have. While reading the story i imagine those "cute" girls and then i remember the creepy eyes and fingers of the cover.

It ruins my imersion of the story, i can understand some creative freedom for the artist, but at least respect some basic human proportion. I know the girls are half spirit, but those look like some insect fae-guys with the proportion of the face all wrong, it's too alien for me.

I know it's a pretty long rant for just a cover but it's the first thing someone see of your story, and you want your main characters to be "human" so that the reader can empathise easily with them, this cover make this pretty difficult. Moreover if you want readers the cover is a pretty important selling point, and if another author did not advertise your story, i would probably not have read it (because of the cover).


Loaka Of The Wind

Edit: It's been a little while since this review! I thought I better update it.

Fates Parallel is one of my favourite pieces of writing. Admittedly, I don't read as much as I used to, but FP has so much thought and detail in every character, in the setting and execution. The worldbuilding is really interesting and gets more love as the story goes on. Each character has flesh to them, even the 'background' characters. Xianxia tropes are used and subverted in fun ways.

Lee Jia, the protagonist of our story, starts with nothing but a hunger to survive. As she grows stronger and grows as a person, she makes lots of discoveries about herself, changing her attitude to one of not just mere survival, but of thriving. Jia goes from a lonely, miserable kitten to a tiger in her own right, who knows the importance of striving for success and caring for her friends. She experiences set-backs, some her own fault, but works tirelessly to overcome them. Does she always make the right choices? No! But that's what makes her human. For every failure, she dusts herself off and comes back twice as hard. Also she has a girlfriend and that's great. Good for Jia! Good for me!

If you like xianxia/wuxia stories, if you like girls who take a long time to realise they're in love, if you like sick fight scenes and careful introspection, you'll like Fates Parallel! I hope you enjoy this story even slightly as much as I do.

Coincidentally, I am the writer of the first (and, at time of writing, only-- greatest!) Fates Parallel fanfiction ... is that an indicator that it's well loved!? Only you can be the judge!