Defiance: A Hybrid's Tale

Defiance: A Hybrid's Tale

by Jacob Stone Writer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

After years of hiding and running from his grandfather's sadistic coven, Nathan takes a chance at a normal life and starts attending Shadowdale college to become a Veterinarian. But when he draws the attention of a young handsome Alpha werewolf named Adam Wick, he has to decide if it's worth the risk to fall in love with him. Would he find happiness in the arms of Adam, or will he lose him as Nathan did before when his stepfather, the closest man to a father he had, died at the hands of his grandfather? Could he risk losing another loved one?

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Jacob Stone Writer

Jacob Stone Writer

Word Count (VIII)
I Am Taking Off (V)
Group Leader (I)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A New House to Call Home. ago
Chapter 2: The Beginning of My New Life. ago
Chapter 3: Fucking Hunters! ago
Chapter 4: The Saved. ago
Chapter 5: Tangled Situations. ago
Chapter 6: Smoke and Mirrors ago
Chapter 7: Old Friends. ago
Chapter 8: Hidden Agendas ago
Chapter 9: The Attack of the Squirrels. ago
Chapter 10: A Day at the Elder Court. ago
Chapter 11: An Eye Full. ago
Chapter 12: The White Stag. ago
Chapter 13: The fumbled Meeting. ago
Chapter 14: The plight continued. ago
Chapter 15: Divergence. ago
Chapter 16: The Invitation from Mr. Hunk. ago
Chapter 17: Wise Words and Pompous Asses. ago
Chapter 18: O, Hell No! ago
Chapter 19: Hell Fuckin' No! ago
Chapter 20: WTF Happened? ago
Chapter 21: Just my Luck. ago
Chapter 22: Fuck my Life. ago
Chapter 23: Who's My What!? ago
Chapter 24: Meltdown. ago
Chapter 25: We're Not Alone Anymore. ago
Chapter 26: Indecent Proposal. ago
Chapter 27: Forced Matrimony My Ass! ago
Chapter 28: Is This Really Happening? ago
Chapter 29: Taking A Leap. ago
Chapter 30: My Brother, The Whiny Bitch! ago
Chapter 31: Do It! ago
Chapter 32: A Mob of Pissed-off Pups. ago
Chapter 33: Joining The Pack... Yay!? ago
Chapter 34: Detective Meow! ago
Chapter 35: Mom! How Could You! ago
Chapter 36: Alex, The Great. ago
Chapter 37: Dear Valentine, My Ass. ago

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