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Pyrrhus has lived a sheltered life for all his seventeen years. A life devoted totally to training for war. Now, his one chance to see a greater world, to see the heavens with his own eyes, is to pass one final test. His guardian has taught him how to fight but not how to kill. His quiet life hasn't prepared him to bleed and scratch and claw for survival. Not yet.

But the magic he's learned, the power of book and rune, burn in his grasp. Fragile he may be, but his strength reaches to the stars above.

He is the Glass Canon.

Cover art is by Lebidko Grigory.

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Origin, The Creator

This will start out as a regular review and will be updated. I've read the beta version and have spoken with the author about some of their plans, and I have to say, I'm impressed and very much sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for more.

First, they have a prolific way of drawing you into the story and the world from the get-go. I find that too many stories on Royal Road start with far too much exposition before giving any reason as to why the reader should care about the character.

Next, the descriptions in which the crafts with relative ease eclipses my own skill by a wide margin. They paint a vivid picture seamlessly all the while continuing the progression of the story and while building upon the characters.

Lastly, for now, the world has a clearly larger plot going on. The details haven't been made known to me yet, and I can't wait for more!