Freda sat at the back of the crowd. Her flowing white hair made her look like an ethereal fairy. She said nothing as the crowd bickered on the late appearance of candidate number 500.


'I see. My son is here"


Immediately the thought crossed her mind, she could feel an enormous energy radiating from a certain conner of the arena. From that conner, a youth with blonde hair was approaching.


He wore a red track suit and a red matching jogger with white stripes. He had surpressed his cultivation base, and only true monsters could access his cultivation.


That being the case, Princess Swallow-heaven could easily feel the enormous energy Lenin was trying to hide. But why was Lenin's mother, who apparently had no power, able to easily deduce his powers?


It was a true mystery.




Aina, who was standing beside Brian at the waiting area, was overjoyed to see Lenin appear. She had thought that something bad had happened to him or that he wouldn't be able to make it to the ranking tournament. But here he was!

'Stupid brat. You made me worry' Aina thought with a smile.


At the far side of the arena, where the VIPs sat, Princess Swallow-heaven was smiling mischievously.

'I was right after all. This boy! Does he really take the higher ups for fools? How did his cultivation base rise up to this extent in just a week of being able to cultivate?'




Lenin walked calmly towards the centre of the arena. The crowd booed and cursed at him for being late, but he paid them no heed.


He looked straight towards his opponent. When he reached the stage, he looked straight into the eyes of Ms. Fleek. He then turned his head and move to stand in front of France.


France stared at Lenin curiously. He had learnt that through some miraculous events, Lenin was now able to cultivate. But even still, he couldn't correctly analyze Lenin's cultivation base.


He wasn't worried though. Even if Lenin could now cultivate, there was no he way he was on the same power level as him, a powerful pyrokinetic.


"I didn't think you would actually join the ranking event. Do you really want to die that early?"


Lenin smirked.

"It seems you've got a big mouth Class Rep. Since you care about me soo much, I'll give you three moves first"


"You!" France frowned.


Lenin acted surprised.

"Oh? It's not enough? Okay then, I'll give you a one arm handicap. That should be enough, no?"


At this moment, France's face was twitching out of anger. The veins on his head became visible and it was as if they were about to explode.


The crowd was in an uproar.

'Who is this arrogant kid?'


'Does he think he is the same as that girl from before?'


'Right! That girl was just a one time oddity. Does he think he can do the same thing as her?'


'Hah! He wants to challenge a pyrokinetic with that weak cultivation base?'


Many other things were shouted out, but as usual Lenin didn't care.


Trisha, who sat beside her mother was so angry.

'Humph! Who do these people think they are to curse my brother? A bunch of trash who can't tell mount tai!'




Princess Swallow-heaven continued to watch the exchange. Her impression of Lenin grew slightly.

'He's arrogant. I like that. But does he have the power to back his arrogance?'




France who was now royally pissed off, ran towards Lenin.




He channeled his flames into his legs, which increased his destructive power considerably. As soon as he reached Lenin, he jumped in the air and did a round kick. The kick was targeted towards Lenin's right neck.




The force from the collision was intense.




"Your first move is gone. Two more"


Lenin's left hand had moved to the right side of his neck. Lenin's index finger was up and blocking France's leg.


"Tch" France clicked his tongue and jumped back.

'What? How did he stop my kick? Never mind. I can't stop now!'


Landing a few meters away, France brought his hands together and opened his palm.


"Fire tornado!"


A rolling fire stream shot out of his hand towards Lenin. When Lenin saw this, he released his qi and penetrated the fire.


Due to the collision of two different forces, the fire dispersed.


"That's two."


By this point, the crowd was shocked. They all wondered one thing; "What is up with these first years?"


France was frustrated. He yelled out and released the full force of his flames to Lenin.




This time, Lenin didn't stand still.


He run towards the flames and punched through it.

"Its my turn to attack now" Lenin lifted his right hand. "Ancient Harmer"


A large projected hammer formed in the air.


Seeing this, France sighed with relief.

'Hah! This is just the unranked beginner skill the school hands out. I can easily counter it.'


"Fire wall!"

A twirling fire dome wrapped around France.




The hammer smashed into the 'Fire Wall'. The unexpected happened. The flames begun to disperse as the hammer smashed through it.

'Wha- what's going on? How can this unranked skill be so strong?'


Splak! Splak!


The hammer continued to pass through the flames.


"Noooo! I can't accept a second loss. Not now!"


The hammer crashed down.




Dusk covered the arena. The crowd already new the outcome of the battle.

Ms. Fleek jumped onto the stage and flicked her hand. Immediately, a whirlwind appeared and cleared the dust.


France was crushed hard into the ground. He lay down unconscious in a small crater.


"Winner, Lenin Heartfield!"



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