Brian grinned brightly at Matyr. He knew his chances of winning this match was close to zero, but he didn't mind. He just wanted to enjoy the battle.


"I'll give you the first strike." Matyr said lazily.


Brian frowned.

"Are you looking down on me?"


Matyr stopped fidgeting with her fingers and raised her head to look at Brian.

"Its because I acknowledge you, that's why I'm letting you have the first strike"


Brian stared intensely at Matyr, and then shrugged.

"I hope you won't regret this!"


Brian took a martial art stance while circulating his qi.


Matyr raised a brow.

'Hoh? Has his cultivation risen again since our last..... Game?'

Matyr smirked widely.

'This might actually be entertaining'


Brian's qi exploded. He immediately begun to move in a strange pattern. It was a speed foot work!. It didn't make him too fast, just fast enough to compete with Matyr.


He shot towards Matyr with his palm raised high.

"Flame Devouring Palm, Second stance!"


Immediately, a flame coated Brian's palm. The flame begun to form into a dragon that seemed to be capable of devouring anything in it's path.


Since Matyr had decided to let him have the first move, she stood still while the attack approached.


Swish! Boom!


Brian aimed for her chest. He wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible. But he didn't expect what had happened.


Brian tried to pull his hand back but it wouldn't budge. Matyr had caught his hand and stopped his attack barehanded.


"I'm surprised. I knew you were strong, but I didn't expect that you would force me to use my plasma force right away" Saying this, Matyr let go of Brian's hand.


He immediately jumped back to put distance between them.


Matyr looked at her palm which had now turned red from Brian's attack.


"Do you know why-"

Matyr's plasma force begun to bubble in her. "Most vampires don't use any sort of skills or spells?"


Matyr's plasma force was released. A pressure could be felt from her aura. Immediately she turned into a blur. She appeared directly in front of Brian and punched him.


Brian's eyes widened as the attack approached.


Crash! Boom!


Brian shot backwards and smashed into a wall. The wall collapsed on him.


"Its because are physical abilities make up for any luck of skills, spells or martial arts. Not to mention, plasma force is more potent than qi. Do you understand now?"


The smoke cleared from where Brian had crushed into.

"Tch. I can't believe you are this strong without using your full power"

Brian said.


He had his hands crossed in an X form over his face. He had blocked the attack. But even so, smoke could be seen from the point of impact on his hands. He was heavily injured.


"You blocked it?"



Brian struggled to get up. As soon as he stabilized himself, he charged towards Matyr.


"Cannon fist!"


He pulled his fist back.


Matyr shook her head.

"This fool. How can he make such an obvious attack?"


Matyr also readied her right fist. When Brian neared her, she punched towards him. She knew Brian was going to face her head on. At least, that's what she thought.


Brian dodged downwards as Matyr's fist hit nothing but air. He targeted his cannon fist onto the ground and punched it.




The force propelled him into the air.


"Cannon fist!"


He pulled his left fist back. Pure destructive power surrounded his fist. He descended towards Matyr. The force from his descent plus the skill he used made this move a truly deadly one.


Matyr, who was shocked by the turn of events quickly regained her wits.

"Good. Good! But it's not enough!"


Matyr then picked a pen from her pocket and pressed a button. It turned into a sword. A normal sword.



Seeing this, Brian poured more qi into his attack. He wizzed down towards Matyr like a rocket.




A fist and sword collided into each other. Energy force sweeped throughout the whole arena




Brian spat out blood and fell on his knees. He grinned widely.

"You are strong"


"So are you. You made me use a weapon"


"Tch. Don't mock me. You used a normal sword against an uncommon ranked glove. Not to mention you used one move"


Matyr stared at him silently.

"It doesn't change the fact that you are strong."


She then rose her head and looked at Ms. Fleek.


"Match over. Matyr Dhampir wins"


The crowd burst into a huge site of adoration. The battle was indeed spectacular.


"Okay, okay. Quiet down. The next match is between. Number 10 and Number 500!"

Seeing '500' Ms. Fleek frowned. The only student who should be number 500 is Lenin. And he hadn't been seen since the tournament begun.


"France Manroe, here!"

France said as he arrived unto the stage.


But unlike the other matches no other student had arrived as the opponent.


The crowd started to become impatient.

'Where is the opponent?!'


'Why hasn't the match started yet?'


'He's a coward!'


'Is he so afraid'


'Who is this number 500?'




In the VIP area, a charming young woman sat in the most prominent seat. Her beautiful red hair fell to the ground.


Her fingers played with her hair as she was deep in thought.

'Hmmm.... Did I overestimate the kid too much? I didn't take him for a coward though.'


As different thoughts went through her mind, something snapped her out. Her eyes widened in surprise


'Ugh! This monstrosity of an aura' She then grinned widely. 'I see'.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


I've been busy lately, But have no fear... I have great things in the works for this novel. Anyway, I created a discord server but I'm not sure if I should post it, so please comment your thoughts on the server.


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