It was Saturday morning. Freedom country was still bubbling with excitement due to the ranking tournament that was supposed to continue today.


In a particular office at the left wing of the school, a short beauty sat in a chair with her eyes closed. Actually she was a woman, but her height made her seem more like a girl. It was Ms. Fleek.


The left wing of the Immortal Institute was actually the wing that housed all the offices of the staff. Her blue eyes shone brightly as her mind wandered in deep thoughts. The events of Aina's ranking battle was playing in her mind.


'How? I still don't understand. How can a student get 'that' skill! Forget getting it, how did she even use it at her current stage.'


Her beautiful eyes narrowed as they begun to shine with power.

'A skill that I never thought still existed. The Monarch's Aura'



Ms. Fleek sighed heavily.

"I wonder if any of the other homeroom teachers or staff members noticed. Hmm... Shouldn't the principal have noticed?"


As she begun to contemplate out loud, a loud knock sounded.


Knock! Knock!


She lifted her head to the door.

"Come in."


An attendant wearing a black and white official dress walked in.

"Ms. Fleek. It's time"


"Right, right! I'll be on my way."


She stood up and made her way to the arena.




In the arena, the crowd had already gathered before the start of the tournament. As usual, Freda and Trisha Heartfield were seated at the far back of the crowd.


Out of nowhere, Ms. Fleek jumped onto the stage.

"It seems you've all been as excited as I am for this year's ranking tournament! Let us not delay" she said as she waved her attendants forward.


She placed her hand in the box that randomized the matches.


"Student holding number 10 and number 79, step forth"


The first to step up was number 10. A beautiful girl with bright red suit. Her red lips were dangerously seductive.


"Matyr Dhampir of Class-1A, also the student representative, here!"


The people in the crowd were confused. Wasn't the student representative supposed to be selected after the ranking tournament? What was going on?


'Is it true? But I thought the student representative was the second strongest person!'


'I doubt it. She must be spouting nonsense. After all, how powerful can this beauty be?'


'I'm not so sure. I don't believe she would lie in front of all these officials. The student representative is a really big deal'


As the people in the crowd discussed, a male student stepped forward. It was France Manroe.

'Damn! Why did I have to be paired with this monster!?'


"I'm here" he said.


Matyr stared at him.

"You. I've seen you before"


"I'm the class representative of Class 1-D, and most importantly, I'm from the Manroe family!"


"Manroe family, I see. And so you think that qualifies you to stand in front of me?" Matyr said nonchalantly.


The crowd roared.

'Hahah... Is she just an ignorant brat?'


'She must have a powerful backer. She doesn't even put the Manroe family in her eyes!'


France's faced twitched.

"You dare act so high and mighty. I've thoroughly prepared for this battle. We'll see who has the last laugh!"


"Let the battle begin"

Ms. Fleek declared.




A loud explosion rang out. Bright red flames flared about. France stood still with his messy black hair. Flames swirled around.


'A...a... A pyrokinetic!'


'He's a pyrokinetic! Aren't they so rare on earth? That girl is definitely fucked'


Matyr stood still as she watched France. She seemed unconcerned, as if what was happening didn't matter to her.


"I don't know how you got the student representative title, but you are going to lose it today!"

France said and charged right towards her.


Still, Matyr remained undisturbed.





One minute later.......


The atmosphere was solemn. Everyone who was witnessing the seen before them was dumbfounded.




Matyr pressed her leg hander on to France's face. France was lying on the ground.


"This was what you were talking about. Hmm... Not bad, you lasted a minute."


"I... I give up!"


"Matyr Dhampir wins!"


Matyr left the stage without paying mind to anyone.


"Next match is, number....." Ms. Fleek trailed of.

'Wait! What? Her again?' Ms. Fleek thought in her head.


'Why did she stop?'


'Hey! We are waiting!'


Ms. Fleek snapped out of her thinking.

"Next match is between Number 10 and number 28."


Matyr stopped in her tracks and turned around.

"Oh? I'm still next?"




Brian flexed his muscles as he prepared to go on stage.


"You won't win." A soft voice said.


"Jeez Aina, can't you support me?"


"I do support you. I just don't think you can win." Aina shrugged.


"Tch" Brian clicked his tongue good naturedly.


He picked up his power item, which was a glove, and went on stage.


Aina watched Brian's back as he left. Her expression changed slightly.

'Lenin still isn't here'




Matyr saw a figure approach the stage. She recognized him instantly.



She said, while narrowing her eyes. She knew Brian. He was weaker than her, but he was still dangerous. Based on strength alone, he wouldn't have difficulty in facing a Class 1-B student.


" 'Sup?' Brian said with a wave.


Ms. Fleek made a hand gesture.

"Let the match begin"


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


As I said, I'm super busy with assignments, so sorry for the late chapters.


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