A huge frosty palace stood firm in the erratic weather. Ice and snow tortured the lands of that world. It could clearly be seen that, that specific world had never seen a warm weather before.


But what planet could be this cold? What planet existed which had never tasted the decency of summer.


It was the world of the frost giants!

A world which housed one of the most powerful race in the multiverse. But something was wrong, bodies were littered everywhere.


It seemed like a war had taken place. The bodies of frost giants littered the whole palace.


A beautiful woman with white hair and dark purple eyes pulled her halberd out of the body of a frost giant.

"Finally. It's almost over. Lenin should be taking care of Loki right?"

She asked with a worried look.


"Trisha! You worry too much. With the level of Lenin's practices, even if he hasn't reached the half-god realm, he can best Loki"

A brunette elf, who looked to be in her twenties said as she approached. She was extremely beautiful and had a voluptuous body. It was Aina!


A young man with black hair appeared in a blur. He had red gauntlets on his hands.

"I'm also done. Let's go help Lenin"


"Brian's right!" Trisha said.




A loud explosion rang out of the main building of the palace.


Brian smirked.

"It seems Lenin's going at it with Loki"


Aina's expression changed.

"No! Something is wrong! What is that?"


Aina pointed to a large black shield that kept on expanding.


"Wait!... Isn't that.. a... A heavenly law? Is this Loki's doing" Princess Swallow-heaven said with her mouth agape.


"Quick! My brother is in danger, we have to help him!"

Trisha immediately ran towards the expanding domain. The rest of the team followed suit.



Sinister energy force burst out of Trisha. Using all her strength, she smashed into the domain.


"Halberd Art, Pierce the Universe!"


Crash! BOOM!


The whole palace shook. The destructive power was monstrous, but the domain remained firm.


"What? How?"

Trisha was shocked to the core.


"No no! We have to get Lenin out of there!" Princess Swallow-heaven said anxiously.


"Errm guys, we don't have enough time. We have to leave Lenin behind. Odin has locked onto us!" Brian said.

His left eye had turned white, as if he was in a trance.


"What? Are you stupid? Who knows what Loki is doing to him over there we h-"


Aina cut of Princess Swallow-heaven as she said;

"Let's leave, now! Lenin can take care of himself, and Odin won't interfere in whatever is going on in the domain"


"Aina! How can you say that! You can leave if you want to! I'm not leaving Lenin. Even if the Sovereign Lord himself were here I wouldn't leave!"

Princess Swallow-heaven was completely angry, she felt betrayed by Aina.




There was silence. Trisha had slapped Princess Swallow-heaven.

"Don't be stupid. Do you think I want to leave my brother? We aren't helping him by staying here and getting ourselves killed. Aina is saying the right thing. At the end, both you and Aina are Lenin's-"


"That's enough. I can sense Odin!"

Brian interrupted.


"Let's go"

Aina said. She had a completely emotionless expression on her face.


With that, the team made their way away from the palace.




Deep within the domain. Two figures with monstrous aura sat at opposite sides of a table drinking tea.


"Honestly, I have to say, I'm impressed. A brat who's not even in the half-god realm almost slaughtered me" a lean man with short black hair said as he sipped his tea. He was extremely handsome.


"And I would have succeeded, were it not for your tricks Loki"


"Well, what did you expect? I'm the god of mischief after all" Loki said with a smile.


Lenin stared at Loki.

"What do you want Loki? I'm already trapped in your domain. Why don't you just kill me?"


"Oh! That would be no fun!"

Loki lifted his eyes to look at Lenin.

"You came to stop me from joining forces with Odin right? I have a suggestion. Let's play a little game to solve this little war of ours"


Lenin lifted a brow.

"A game?"


"Yes. A game. If you win I'll let you go. I'll even break my alliance with Odin and not get involved with anything"


Lenin narrowed his eyes. Wasn't this too good to be true? He wasn't concerned about himself. But the fact that he could easily solve the problem with Loki without anymore casualties is what was appealing to him.


"What is this game?"


Loki smirked.

"Nothing much. With your abilities, warping the reality of a world or two would be nothing right?"


Lenin stared back without answering. Loki continued.

"You can select any champion from any part of the universe. And I will select mine. This game will use that backwash planet, Mineval, as it's field. Don't worry. This game takes place outside of time, so we can spend eternity playing this game without any worries"


Loki went on to explain the rest of the rules.

"Well, let's get started!"




It was dark and gloomy. A certain soul drifted aimlessly in the void, about to disappear.

'What's this? Ah! That's right, I died. I was the head of my fashion company, but I was assassinated before turning forty. Well, I have no regrets. Wait! I never finished reading all my webtoons and mangas!'


And that time, the soul wanted to cry. During her lifetime, to the public she was a bold, hardworking and dedicated young woman who built her own fashion company at the age of twenty five. But in her private time, she was a hardcore weeb that spent hours reading or watching anime.


She was sad because she couldn't finish her collection before dying.

'I can believe I didn't finish my collections! Especially the ecchi and harem ones. I always wanted my own harem. A harem with top class beauties like myself, and a few men!'


Anyone watching the behavior of this wandering soul would feel as if the soul was drooling. She was a pervert!


As she continued fantasizing about a bunch of girls and guys fawning over her, a bright light appeared.


'Oooooh. What is that? Is that the afterlife. No! I don't want to go. Not when I haven't experienced the bliss of having a harem.'


She immediately tried moving herself. Her form was a wisp of white ball. But before she could try anything, the bright light released a strong suction force that sucked her into it.




Everything went dark. But then she felt she was lying on something. Wait, she could feel again! How?


'Ugh! I thought I was going to the afterlife. Where am I?'

She said as she opened her eyes.


The odd thing was, when she opened her eyes, she could see from alot of angles. Almost as if she wasn't human.


'Oh, oh! Was I reincarnated? Like the anime I once watched. What was the title again? Hmm... Aha! 'That time I got reincarnated as a slime'. Wow! Am I also going to be overpowered'


As she thought of this a sound pinged in her head. A blue screen with words appeared in front of her.

[Ding! Host has awakened. Loading data and system!]


'Huh? I was right. I got reincarnated. And I have a system. From the look of it, every creature in this world has a system. If it was exclusive to me, the system wouldn't have 'Loaded' a pre-existing data'


Vicky analyzed in a serious tone. Her deduction was no surprise. After all, Vicky Ralzan was the person who built a mega company in four years.


[Ding! Emergency warning! Interference from an unknown being detected! Can not stop changes being made]


'What? What's happening? Which bastard is messing with my system!'

Vicky silently fumed.


[Processing new information!]


[Processing.... 10%]


[Processing... 40%]


[Processing... 60%]


[Processing... 100%]


[Processing complete. Loading data]


'Finally! Let's see how this system is. Well, I'm a little worried. Some sick bastard messed with system. Ugh! I hope it doesn't affect me that much.'


[Loading complete]


Name: Not named (Vicky Ralzan)


Race: Undead Blood Tick (Extinct)


Level: 0


Exp: 0/20


Danger level: SSS grade


Skills: Blood drain(active) Lv. 1: Sucks the blood from opponents to nourish the body. Requirements: Bite victim(this requirement is automatically removed when the skill reaches a certain a level)


Unique skills: Chameleon effect (This ability is due to the interference of an unknown being. There is a strength limit)


Blessings: The blessing of Lenin Heartfield (A transcendent being was impressed by your past life and decided to support you. Effect: Drastically modified the natural system. Giving it new and profound abilities).


Vicky almost collapsed.

'A...a... Tick? A tick! How I'm I supposed to survive in this world? And who's Lenin? Was it the bastard that messed with my system!'


Vicky was so frustrated. She didn't know what to do. Her eyes shifted to the danger level.


'Danger level... SSS grade? Is this system trying to fuck with me?!'


At this point she was boiling with anger to the point of bursting open.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Sorry for not posting yesterday, I have alot of exams. Anyway, I was planning on creating a discord server, so please comment your thoughts on that.


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