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I'm sorry for this short chapter, I'm not feeling too well. Today was supposed to be a mega side chapter, but since I'm not well, I postponed the side chapter to next week MondayB-). So, today is just a short continuation.;)

The principal took her seat after making her speech. Her seat was placed at the VIP area, but stood out more to the masses.


Just then, a blue haired little girl came onto the arena. She opened her mouth and spoke out loud;


"I welcome you all to this year's ranking tournament. My name is Lorenzia Fleek, homeroom teacher of Class 1-F"

She paused and turned towards the area where the participants were seated.


"All participants come forth."


All the first years came forward. They were two hundred in total. Among the millions of students that had applied from all over the world, only two hundred had been admitted. That is, the best of the best.


Ms. Fleek turned towards the two attendants behind her.

"Bring it"


They nodded their heads and retreated into the building, immediately returning with a blue orb.


"All the first years will touch this orb. Apart from registering the strength of the participant, it will also allocate a number to each of you. The battle sequence has already been made. All that's left is the allocation of the numbers. Now, step forth"


One by one, each student came and picked their number. After the last student, Ms. Fleek frowned.


'Why is there only one hundred and ninety nine participants. There's one student left?'




Somewhere in the stands, among the thousands of spectators. A beautiful young woman, who seemed to be in her twenties was seated. She was a beauty to behold. Beside her, was a young girl who seemed to be a replica of her.


The young girl was frowning.

"Mum. I can't see Lenin anywhere!"


"Calm down, Trisha. He'll be here"

Freda, Lenin's mother, said in a calm tone.


It seemed like she wasn't bothered one bit by the fact that her son had not arrived.




Princess Swallow-heaven, the principal of the Immortal Institute, sat with her head raised high. She was intrigued by the turn of events.


'Oh? It seems the boy isn't here'

She said with a smirk.


But her eyes shifted to someone in the stands.

'But, that woman is here'


She focused her mind onto Ms. Fleek.

"Don't bother with it. Just continue with the tournament"


Ms. Fleek jolted a bit, but then calmed down. She realized that the principal had just spoken directly into her mind. In other words, it was telepathy.


Shaking herself out of the temporary shock, she turned to the crowd.

"Okay, it seems one student isn't here. But there's no problem. Since everything is ready, participants get ready to fight!"

Ms. Fleek announced to the crowd.



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