Lenin sat crossed legged with a frown on his face. He had been staring at 'Divinely Forged Muscles' for hours, but there were no results.


He was finding it difficult to comprehend the details. From what he had understood, it seemed like to start cultivating the skill, he had to control his qi and change it's form into needles.


These needles would then be used to prick certain points of his muscles, like acupuncture. The problem right now was that, controlling ones qi to become as slim as needles was not as easy as it sounded.


It took a high level of concentration to do that.


Master Vacto had helped him rent one of the training compartments for three days. Training compartments were one of the school's facilities that allowed a student to train in seclusion.


Lenin closed his eyes and tried to follow the skills instructions again.


A day passed.


"Hah... Hah... Hah"

Lenin panted heavily as he sat crossed legged. He had been cultivating nonstop for a day. It was now 12noon. The rankings started the next day.


He had only managed to slightly forge the muscles of his right hand. It was far from the amount of power the beginning stages of the skill gave. He needed to enter the beginning stages by the start of the rankings.


Normally speaking, it should take at least three months for any person to train a rare ranked skill into it's beginning stages, but Lenin was trying to do that in three days.


Lenin stood up. He stood in the stance shone by the skill book.


"Divinely Forged Muscles, 1st stance. Tiger's roar!"


Lenin's fist shot out. In that second, it was as if Lenin's fist had transformed into a tiger that could consume anything.




A wave of air exploded from the fist.


"I'm progressing, but this is still far from what I need"


Lenin place his hand on his chin and began to think.

"What can I do to increase my training speed? This skill emphasizes efficiency of the energy force. So what if I change my qi....."


Lenin trailed of as a solution hit him. He should stop trying to use qi and just use his god force!


"Okay, I can do this!"




It was early Friday morning. The Immortal Institute was bustling with activity. Today was the beginning of the ranking event.


Dignitaries from all over Freedom Country were attending. Even some major powers from around the world had sent executives to observe the ranking tournament.


The ranking tournament was taking place in the arena. The roof of the arena had split open to allow a more open area.


Parents filled in to watch their children battle. Dignitaries were directed to the VIP area. After a few hours of shuffling, most people were seated.


An extremely expensive limousine parked at the entrance of the arena. Guards flanked the left and right sides of the vehicle. The door opened and two men walked out.


One man wore a black suit. He seemed to be middle aged and was quite handsome. The one who followed next was a man who looked like he was in his sixties. He wore a yellow taoist gown.


Everyone present in the arena bowed down in reverence.


As they walked towards the VIP area, Master Vacto came forward to receive them.


"President Lucas, Mr. Ravine. Its an honor to have you attend our ranking events" Master Vacto said in a respectful tone.


The old man narrowed his eyes.

"Where's my daughter? Doesn't she know its common courtesy, as the Principal of this Institute, to welcome us?"


"I'm sorry Mr. Ravine. The Principal is a little busy so she couldn't receive you, but I can assure you that she'll be here later on"


"Oh? You dare defend her in my presence?" Mr. Ravine barked out angrily.


He released no aura or power, but his presence alone was suppressive. Even so, Master Vacto didn't even flinch.


'Curse that old woman. She intentionally left me to deal with the difficult stuff'


"Mr. Ravine, with all due respect, this is the Immortal Institute not your courtyard."

A loud melodious voice boomed.


A lady with red flowing hair could be seen floating in the air. She wore a see through green outfit that showed all her flesh. Her skin was beautifully tanned.


Murmurs broke throughout the whole arena.

'Who is this woman who dares disrespect the Ravine family?'


'Does she not fear death?'


'She's just a fool'


Ignoring the murmurs, Master Vacto bowed deeply.

"Welcome Principal!"


Immediately silence filled the whole area. Then all the students in the Immortal Institute who were in the waiting area stood up.

"Welcome, Principal!"

They said.


"Mr. Ravine. President Lucas. Please have your seat so I can start the tournament" she said while narrowing her eyes.


Her presence easily suppressed her father.

"I see you've grown more confident my daughter"

Mr. Ravine said as he went to his seat.


The principal, who was still floating in the sky shouted;

"This is the first year ranking tournament event. The only rules are no killing, anything else is allowed. Also, the person who ranks second has two slots to challenge the first year King. There will be no battle royale. Only one on one matches. Now, Let the tournament begin!"



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