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Side Chapter: The Woman who lay in the Dust


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The great city of Veritia stood tall. It's magnificent golden gates were warded with the strongest protective enchantments on the planet.


This planet was not earth. It was a planet named Luki. Luki was a prosperous and great planet. It had continents all over the world that were dominated by two specific races.


The ghouls and the barbarians. The ghouls, which were a type of undead, served the gods of the light. Yes! They served the gods.


Most people assumed that because the ghouls were a clan of the dead, they served the demons. That ideology was wrong.


The essence of demons were about carnage and destruction. But death was a part of life, therefore making the clan of the ghouls serve the gods.


In contrast, the barbarians were of demonic descent. Humans whose genes were mutated, making them more demonic than human.


The two clans had been warring for years. Due to severe loss of clansmen, the two factions had gone on an indefinite period of peace.


The city of Veritia was the capital city of the ghoul kingdom. This in turn made it the most prosperous country. This was also where the ghoul royal family lived.


Outside the city of Veritia, deep within the dark forest that housed various forms of wild and demonic beasts, lay a woman.


This woman had brown skin, three horns on her head, and a well proportioned body. She was a beauty to behold.


But anyone who saw her would be shocked. Three horns in the ghoul community represented a being of the royal family.


Whoever they were, when a ghoul married into the royal family, there was a mixture of blood and physique.


This caused them to inherit the three horns of the royal family, along with the power of their mate.


A loud thunder boomed and rain began to pour. Initially, it was sunny and bright. But all of a sudden deep and heavy clouds covered the sky.


Thunder and lightning roared about, as if welcoming a transcendent being. Every ghoul in Veritia city could feel the power from this down pour.


Demonic beasts began to scatter away as if afraid of an all mighty God descending from heaven.


Meanwhile, the three horned woman lay in the mad as the rain poured down heavily. Her breathing was shallow, as if she was on the verge of death.


Her clothes were torn so badly that all the flesh from heavenly places werr exposed. Wounds were all over her body, and blood poured out of them.


Six men surrounded her.


"Hahahaha! I didn't know having sex with a consort was this amazing. Her insides were great" one said.


"Hah! You are right. I can't believe I doubted you at first"


"We don't blame you. The king told us to dispose of her. We might actually have been killed if we were caught raping her" another said, while buckling his shorts.


The others followed suit and dressed into their armor. The six men were elated with their sexual experience. After all, it wasn't always a private guard of the royal family got to fuck a consort. Or ex consort.


The first man who spoke was actually the leader of the royal guards, Gard. He had already finished wearing his armor. He lifted his foot and stepped on the head of the woman.


"Consort Matilda. Oh! Wait, you are Matilda now. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. It's time to die"

The man drew his sword as he said this.


The woman made no sign of movement. Blood and rain made her hair stick to her face. Her eyes were lifeless, as if she were already dead.


"I see. It seems we broke you. I'm sorry for your daughter though"


Immediately the word 'daughter' left the mouth of Gard, life returned to the woman's eyes. She opened her mouth as if she was trying to say something.


"Daughter.... Lisa.... My daughter"


Hearing this, Gard and the other guards burst out into laughter. Gard lifted his leg and stomped on her head again.


"So you do have some life left. Well, since you are going to die, I'll tell you what you want to know. Your daughter was used as a fuck toy by the other twenty seven children of the king and then sent to a brothel"


The woman, who initially gave herself up for death flared with anger. Her heart was filled with every negative emotion imaginable. Anger, hatred, death, revenge, slaughter, and many other.


All this was directed at the royal family, the king and the entire ghoul clan. She wanted nothing but to wipe away the people she once called family of the face of the earth.


'The king dares! That bastard! Was getting rid of me not enough for him? He allowed his children to lay their hands on my daughter. Scam! Ever last one of them. If I survive, I swear by the gods of the ghouls, and even the demons of the barbarians. I'll wipe them of the face of this planet! I'll bathe in their blood'


Matilda boiled with fury and anger. She, who was considered one of the greatest talents on the planet couldn't even save her own daughter? Shameless! She gritted her teeth until they began to crack. But even with all this emotions, she still couldn't bring herself to move.




The thunder and lightning grew fiercer. The whole forest began to shake.


"Damn. What's wrong with this rain. It's fucking unnatural" Gard said with a twisted expression.


The other guards nodded in agreement. They were all trained veterans, and were one of the strongest beings on the planet.


But for some reason, the storm scared them to death. This was simply unnatural.




A tall lanky young man hovered in the air. He hovered directly above the scene of a woman surrounded by men.


He had thick blonde hair. His blonde hair was long and beautiful, and it flew about all around him.


His dressing was like that of an old taoist, but he himself was young. He looked to be in his twenties.


He looked so pale to the point of transparency. Almost like, he wasn't actually a physical being.


If anyone looked at him, they would say that he was a serene god who had descended from heaven. At least that is what they would have said if they could not feel his aura.


For his aura was deathly sinister. It was disgusting and twisted, like that of the demons from the fourteen pits of hell. If any cultivator with an average cultivation base was in his presence, they would instantly go insane.


He looked down with interest at the scene that played below him. His ocean blue eyes sparkled brightly in the dim of the knight.


'Hmm... I can't believe a barely functioning thunder bolt thrown by Zeus almost destroyed me. I can't imagine what would have happened to me if had used a proper one, not to talk of the master thunder bolt. In other to save my nascent soul and consciousness, I had to use both my human and godly core! Now I have only my demonic core left. Ugh!'

The ghostly figure groaned with great exasperation.


'I was thrown this far back into the multiverse? I don't even know where I am. The aura in the atmosphere is completely different from the multiverse. It's almost as it's..... NO! Impossible! How could it be! Could this world be disconnected from the multiver?!... But!... But!'

At his point, this all powerful being was just speechless. He looked dazed for a bit, but then he shook his head.


'Let's not think of this for now. Right now, I can't do anything in this form. I need to regain my past strength, investigate the secret of this world, and ascend back to my family'


At the thought of his family, the floating beings heart melted. Images of his wives, friends and comrades flashed before his eyes. This only strengthened his resolve.




A shout snapped the figure out of his thoughts.


'Hmm... It seems like they are about to kill the woman. Well, it's none of my business. I better look for a vessel fast, before this planet's natural laws begin to-'




The thunder and lightning increased all around. The transparent figure's face twisted in horror.


'Already? Is this planet so weak that the universe is in such a hurry to disperse my conscienceness?'

The figure asked as he gritted his teeth. How were the natural laws already so prepared to disperse his soul.


He needed to find a vessel now! He looked towards the scene below him.


'Damn. All those guys simply have trash talent. Hmm.. But the woman. Her talent may be the lowest of the low, but it is still far greater than the men. Tch! Do I have to save her?'


As the figure debated what to do, his legs began to fade away.


'Forget that! I'll just possess her and deal with the rest later!'


With his decision made, the figure flew towards the people.




Gard brought down his sword heavily, ready to deal the killing blow.




A boundless sinister energy filled the atmosphere. It's very presence caused trees to wither and sucked the life force out of living things.


It was like a path to hell had been opened. Gard, who was about to kill Matilda, had stopped his action midway. He was shaking all over. To the point of collapsing.


Fear gripped him like never before.


Crunch! Crunch!


Tree branches broke as someone walked towards their direction. Gard and the other guards turned towards the sound.


As the figure stepped into the moonlight, Gard shivered.


A devilishly handsome man stood in front of them. He looked to be in his twenties, and wore a white gown. His blonde her flutered in the wind.


"A barbarian? And a child at that? Let's kill him after we deal with the ex consort." One guard said cheekily.


Gard, who had not heard what the guard had said continued to stare at the young man.


All his instincts were telling him one thing. RUN!


'This man is dangerous! Could that sinister energy be from him? I have to run'


"Hey you! Don't move. If you run, we'll tear your limbs off", another guard said.


'Why are these people calling me a barbarian? Could it be a race similar to humans? Well, these guys aren't even humans themselves. Well, never mind'


"Friend. Why threaten a young man like this? I don't want any trouble, just leave the woman with me and be on your way" the young man said with a kind smile.


"What did you fucking say?" a guard shouted.


The young man sighed. He was not surprised by the attitude of the guards. They were so weak that they couldn't even sense his power. They thought he was normal.


The only person who seemed to have an idea of his power was the man who was about to kill the woman.


The young man's eyes landed on the woman's face. It was a face filled with unrestrained terror as she stared at the young man.


'Oh? It seems I underestimated my vessel to-be'


"Woman. I'll ask you this only once. Do you want revenge?" The young man said while completely ignoring the guards.


Matilda, who was scared to the core didn't reply. She couldn't reply even if she wanted to. All her strength was gone and she was on deaths door.


Matilda could feel the sinister aura from the man.


'This.. this man. He's the devil! The devil! I've heard tales in the royal palace about the devilish aura of demons. Could this be a demon? A real life demon worshiped by the barbarians?'


Matilda couldn't believe it. But that was not what mattered to her right now. What mattered now was the question the demon asked her. 'Do you want revenge?'.


Could it be that this thing had a way to help her achieve her goal? But even if it did, it was stupid to make a deal with a demon. She wasn't completely sure what the young man was, but she was sure he was related to demons.


She knew from various literature how atrocious demons were.


The young man's eyes turned dark as he narrowed his eyes. His aura flared, giving rise to the imagery of atrocious beings in the pit of hell. His eyes turned a deep red.


"Miss" he said coolly. "Does it matter what I am, as long as I have the power to give you what you want. Or is your resolve to save your daughter this weak?"


Matilda was surprised for a bit. At this point she stopped thinking. This being was right. She didn't care what price she had to pay. Be it her soul, her life, her body or anything else. It didn't matter as long as she saved her daughter and got her revenge on the ghouls.


Matilda's mouths made a movement. The young man bowed his head and smiled. "I see" he said.


During the exchange, the guards wanted to slaughter the young man for his insolence. But for some reason, they couldn't get near him.


They knew he was nothing but a weak barbarian child, but why were they so scared to get close to him.


"I'm sorry. I can't allow you to kill this woman. It's not personal. Just necessary." The young man said.


His bright red eyes shone for a split second, then returned to normal.


Splosh! Splosh!


Pools of blood filled where the guards used to stand. The young man turned to Gard.


"You led them to rape her yes?"


Gard didn't answer. He shivered fiercely from fear.


"Aye! You can't even answer"

He flicked his index finger as he shook his head.




Gard exploded into a pool of blood.


Matilda, who was watching the scene, was shaken to the core. How could a being this powerful exist? He was truly the devil!


As if on cue, the young man walked straight towards the ghoul woman lying on the ground. As he did, his physical body turned into a transparent, shadowy version. He stopped in front of her.


"I'm sure you know this by now. Your revenge comes at a price. I will be your master, and make you the strongest being in this universe. And in exchange, you will do whatever I say. Do you accept?"


Matilda barely nodded.




The young man burnt down and touched the forehead of the woman. A bright red 'D' symbol formed on her forehead.


Brilliant red light filled the whole forest.


The light disappeared to show a perfectly healthy Matilda. Matilda raised her hands and looked at them in surprise.


Her body shined liked porcelain. It was more beautiful than it had ever been. She felt vigorous and full of life.


She drew her sense in her body to better scan it. She almost collapsed from surprise.


It was as if this body was not hers. Her current body had potential beyond what was possible in her world.


Sinister energy poured out of her body. This feeling of power was amazing. Too amazing!


"Due to some certain circumstances, I could only give you a trash physique upgrade" the young man said with a hint of sadness.


Matilda almost collapsed again. This power.... Was trash? The hell?


But then something hit her. She hastily gathered herself up and kowtowed deeply towards the young man.


"Forgive my foolishness Demon God!"


"Demon God?"


Matilda lifted her head slightly.

"Are you not the demon God that the barbarians worship?"


'What the hell is she even talking about? I don't even know the barbarians. Well it doesn't matter'


The young man narrowed his eyes.

"It seems you are no fool. You easily guessed my identity. But do not call me that. I don't want to be exposed"


"Of course... But how do I address you? Master?"


"You are now my disciple, so I will allow you to call me, Master!"


The young man radiated demonic majesty. Lenin Heartfield, who had never had a disciple, took in his first disciple! Not just that, he decided to train her in the arts of demonism.



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