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Master Vacto shut the large book closed. He had finished his lectures for the day.


"That's all for today. Lenin Heartfield, see me in my office. We have alot to discuss"


Master Vacto walked out of the room. Immediately, Aina turned her head to Lenin.


"That's strange. Didn't we already report what happened yesterday?"


"Maybe, he just wants more details?"

Brian chipped in.


"Either way, it better be quick. The ranking battles start this week."


Lenin packed his books and began to head towards Master Vacto's room.


'Sigh... It's been two days since the battle with the life sucking ant. We've already reported everything. Or could it be that Master Vacto sensed my true cultivation level. Impossible. I perfectly surpressed my cultivation to the 6th stage of the qi gathering realm!"


When Lenin and his friends arrived from the portal all battered up, no one suspected a thing. This was because the fraction zones were always dangerous, and even though there were usually no deaths, there were always dangers.


They had barely made their way to the infirmary before they collapsed. Since it was normal for the students to undergo an examination every time they returned from the fraction zone, Lenin had purposely suppressed his cultivation.


His records showed him as a mortal. If he suddenly released the pressure of a nascent soul realm, it would shake the whole world. Even so, when he was examined and discovered to be a cultivator, it had caused a huge fuss among the upper echelons of the school. Thankfully, the Principal had taken care of everything and placed it under wraps.


He didn't know why the principal was helping him, but he was grearful nonetheless.


But, it seemed Master Vacto suspected something.


Lenin walked briskly as he thought of the events about to unfold.


As he was taking a turn around the left corner, he bumped into someone.


Lenin looked shocked as he was snapped out of his thoughts. Not because he had bumped into someone, but because he fell from the collision.


A hand extended towards Lenin.

"Ah! Sorry, I didn't see you there. I'm a little clumsy. He he he"


"Oh, it nothing"

Lenin said as he scanned the youth. He took the youths had and got up.


He looked around the same age as Lenin. He had brown hair and wore a green kimono. His eyes were mostly closed. How did he even see around? He had a smile that sent shivers down Lenin's spine.


Were students even allowed to were anything apart form their uniforms?

He was probably a third year or something.


"I'm Lanvris Secraf. May I know your name?"


"Lenin. Lenin Heartfield"


"Ah? Lenin? The mortal that was admitted into the Immortal Institute?"


"That's me."


"Then shouldn't you have died from the collision earlier?"

Lanvris muttered under his breath with a surprise look on his face.


"Did you say something?"

Lenin asked.


"No. No. Nice to meet you."


"Errrm... I'm kind of in a hurry, so I'll be going"


"Sure. Sure. I'll see you around"

Lanvris said as he completely opened his eyes.


In that moment, all Lenin's senses went on high alert.


He was right! Lanvris was probably a third year. And a high ranking one at that.


It was only for a slight second. Lanvris' enormous aura consumed the room. Not only that, Lenin felt something similar to his god force emanating from Lanvris' aura.


Could it be? Could Lanvris be part god. No! It's impossible.


Lenin swallowed. He quickly walked past him toward Master Vacto's office.




Master Vacto sat in his chair and leaned back. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to drift off.


Knock! Knock!


"Come in"


Master Vacto sat upright. His demeanor changed. He had the bearing of an expert ready to consume the skies.


The door clicked open. Lenin walked in the large office and scanned it. There was a huge shelf filled with books.


Master Vacto sat behind a huge desk with his arms folded.


"Lenin Heartfield, have a seat."


Lenin sat down.


"Now, I saw from your records that you are now a cultivator"




"And from what you stated, this is a result of your cultivation stacking up for years?"


"Yes Sir"


"I see. Do you take me for a fool?"

Master Vacto said as he narrowed his eyes.

"You do know lying is a crime right?"


"What? But I never-"


"Don't lie to me, boy!"

Master Vacto's pressure was released. It felt like a heavy mountain had descended into the room. Lenin was pushed further down into his seat. He clenched his fist.


How could Master Vacto have known? Shouldn't his god force be so profound than other energy forces that he should be able to hide easily? Was this really the difference between those of the Ascension realm and the normal cultivators?


Lenin's qi began to bubble in his body. Who was this man to threaten him, the vice principal? Screw the vice principal!


As Lenin got ready to release his god force qi, the pressure disappeared.


"A mere nascent soul realm child was thinking of attacking me. Hilarious! I like your spirit kid"


Lenin, "...."


"I'm not going to tell anyone. Just be careful how you handle things"


Lenin relaxed a bit and responded.

"Yes sir"


He was still angry though. He had been threatened and he was angry, but his anger had been treated like a joke by this person. Was this what strength could do?!


"You can leave now"


Lenin got up and strode towards the door.

"This won't go the same way the next time"


"Hahaha! Say that when you have actual power to back it"


Lenin walked out and slammed the door.


Master Vacto bowed his head and sighed.


"Hah, this kid"




Brian and Aina sat in the living room having a conversation when Lenin walked in.


"You seem agitated"

Aina said.


"Probably had a bad ice cream or something"

Brian added with a laugh.


"Really? Guys? I'm just tired"


"What did Master Vacto want?"


"You don't have to worry Aina. It was nothing"


Aina said nothing.


"Oh! By the way, Brian and I were planning to go buy some new clothes tomorrow"


"We have school tomorrow!"


"After. You can come with us if you want"


"Sure. It's not like I have anything better to do"


"You do. But getting new clothes for the ranking test on Friday is better!"

Brian said with a smirk.


Lenin sighed. He could never understand Brian's thought process. Even so, he relaxed a bit.



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