Omnipotent's Ascension



Side Chapter: The Prisoner in the Golden palace


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The air was filled with energy force beyond comprehension. Power radiated soo much that it was palpable.


Many beings beyond mortal comprehension flew through the air, going through their various activities.


Each being seemed to be transcendent. Even the children of the world had powers that could shatter universes. A new born baby could destroy earth with it's cries alone. They also showed unparalleled beauty.


Beauty so strong that, it could easily cause wars in any lower tier realm. Massive towering buildings littered the large world. Among these buildings, there was one particular one that stood out from all the other buildings.


It was a golden palace!


The palace was as large as a continent. Maids, servants, guards and visitors wandered about in the palace. In the main building of the palace, numerous beings stood before a throne in reverence. There were gold pillars that supported the main building.


Numerous paintings depicting profound enlightements that could not be understood with mortal minds decorated the walls. Power radiated through the room. A holy aura filled the area.


But this was not the focus. Because beneath the golden palace was a dungeon. A dungeon that housed beings so strong, they could shatter the multiverse if they so wished.


Prisoners roared and screamed in the dungeon. Some were even being tortured nonstop.


In a particular cell, the was a ridiculously handsome young man. He seemed to be in his twenties. His skin was so fair that it almost seemed ethereal. His beauty transcended mortals. He wore the clothes of a prisoner.


But even those clothes would have been a luxury for even people of the 2nd tier realms.


The young man sat on the ground with his head bowed. He showed no expression, just a blank face. He was chained with golden chains that seemed to be so powerful that it could chain the will of the multiverse.


But even these chains could barely restrain this prisoner as his power was too immense. Even so, he made no attempt to break out of his confinement.


A guard in bright golden armor appeared in front of the gate. He held a plate full of delicacies.


"Your food, Prince"

The guard said respectfully.


The man who he called 'prince' made no signs of movement. He simply stayed expressionless.


"My prince please. You haven't eaten anything in the last twenty years. Even though food isn't that necessary, it still helps your physique"


No reply.


The guard stood there, waiting for the princes reply.


A day passed.


Then two.


Then it turned to weeks.


After a few weeks passed.


Finally, the guard sighed and left.


The young man with thick blonde hair that fell all over his shoulders finally raised his head.


He lifted his hand and looked at his palm. The destinies of billions of people could be seen on his palm


The prince smiled. He smiled! He finally had a change of expression. He opened his mouth.


"It seems it has finally started. Let's see how far you go. Destroy the thread of fate that ties against you..... Lenin"


He closed his eyes and relaxed his head on the wall.



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