Lenin watched the battle between a youth and an ant like creature. The youth was relatively powerful, but was severely injured. He wore a long purple robe and held a saber in his hand.


On the other hand, the ant like creature was huge. It had many arms with claws on it. Lenin wasn't very experienced in battles, but he could tell that the powerful cultivator was losing. From what Lenin could tell from his practice, he was at least a third year student. But he wasn't from the Immortal Institute. His robe had another logo on it. A logo of a river flowing gracefully.


The logo of the Wind fountain Academy. The Wind fountain Academy was a power that was no less than the Immortal Institute in terms of status and power. It was situated outside Freedom country. In fact, it was not even on the same continent as Freedom Country. The Wind fountain Academy was found in the Central Continent.


Lenin studied the youth, and his eyes widened in surprise. The youth was a mage and not a cultivator. How had he not noticed? It should have been easy to tell. He was at the middle stages of the superior mage realm. This meant that he could face off against Lenin and win, depending on the quality of his spells.




Lenin was snapped out of his thoughts. He saw the youth lying down in a crater.


'Shit. I have to save him. I can't beat that monster alone'


Gathering his power, Lenin sped towards the youth before the claw could land on him. He closed the distance and caught the claw mid air.


"Hmm... So you are the beast that's been running rampant. I'm not even sure I could defeat you alone" Lenin said, narrowing his eyes.


He flicked his hand and shattered it's claws. The monster screeched and reared back. Lenin turned towards the stunned youth.


"Can you fight?"


The youth snapped out of his reverie

"Tch. I can't even move right now"


"Alright. I can stall it for only five minutes. In other words, I'm giving you five minutes to heal yourself"


Without waiting for a response, Lenin crouched down and shot up towards the monster.


'Ugh! I don't have any skills to compliment my god force. This thing is going to be a pain'


Lenin projected a palm attack to crush ant.






A loud noise reverberated throughout the area. The ant had shattered the energy projection leaving Lenin wide eyed. He immediately jumped onto a tree to put distance between them.


'What's going on? I was able to shatter it's claws, so why is it so strong now? Don't tell me!.... Damn'


It seemed Lenin had underestimated the ant. The reason he was able to shatter the claws was because there was no defense on the claws, but the rest of it's body was covered in a thick hide.


The ant raised it's claw to slash Lenin. Seeing this, he quickly dodged and landed next to Cravisna.


"You have three minutes left"


"Why even bother? You can barely injure it!"


"Oh? It seems I'm being underestimated"


Smirking, Lenin's god force exploded. His whole demeanor changed. As if he was no longer a cultivator. He stretched out his arm, calling forth flames. Cravisna's eyes widened.


"It can't be. How?"


The flames started to shrink, condensing into a flame sword. Lenin run toward the ant and slashed. An arc of flame moved speedily towards the ant. The ant could sense the danger and tried to escape.




The ant moved at a speed a little too fast for it's size. Shifting it body to the left on instinct, the ant sped from the danger.




But it wasn't fast enough.




The flames had cut off three of it's hands. Lenin ran towards the beast with renewed courage. He wasn't used to fighting such a powerful beast, this limited his battle experience and made him a little nervous.


As if sensing danger approaching, the ant stretched out it's life sucking tongue. Immediately all the life force in a 5m radius was being absorbed.

Lenin stopped in his tracks.


"What? It's arms are growing back? Tch. I have to finish it of now"


He increased his speed and jumped high into the air. The ant pierced it's claws at him. He immediately changed the flame sword in to a whip.


Spinning around, he tied the whip to the arm of the ant and propelled himself high into the air. He had already seen the injury Cravisna had done to it's eyes and used it to his advantage.


Due to its loss of an eyes. It had just a slit second delay in locating Lenin. That second was all Lenin needed.




Condensing the flame into a thin blade, Lenin came down with all his might and sliced the ant in two. Green blood sprayed everywhere.




The body collapsed onto the ground.


Pant... Pant... pant


Lenin stood beside the body, breathing heavily. The flame sword shining in his hands. Lenin turned to look at Cravisna. The youth was shocked dumb. He couldn't speak.


Lenin swaggered towards Cravisna and stopped in front of him.


"Your five minutes it's up and you didn't even end up helping"


"You take me for a fool? You didn't even need my help"


Lenin smirked. He was purposely releasing his god force to intimidate Cravisna. The truth was Lenin was on the verge of collapsing. His gaze was hazy. His body was too weak to use the power of a mage to the extent he did. No! With his current cultivation base, he shouldn't even be switching practices like that.


"I owe you my life. I swea-"


"You owe me nothing"

Lenin said. He raised his flaming sword to the throat of Cravisna. His eyes became as cold as ice.


"You! Are you planning to kill me?"

To tell the truth, Cravisna already knew this would happen. Even he himself wouldn't let anyone live if they had sensed this unknown power from him. But he couldn't just sit there and die.


Lenin lifted up his blade.

"It's not personal"


"Fuck you. Don't tell me that shit"

Cravisna roared with anger.


Lenin said nothing. He only stared at Cravisna. In his mind, Cravisna had the right to be angry. But to protect his family, he had to do this. Lenin hadn't killed a sentient being before. His hands were shaking from fright of the thought of killing. And yet, he couldn't leave him be.


Swoosh! Slosh!


Blood and hair fell on the ground. Lenin stood a few meters away from the figure of Cravisna.


"Haah. I can't believe you are making me fight in this state." Smirking Cravisna stood up slowly. "By the way, thanks for that five minutes recovery period. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be able to fight you"


Lenin lifted his left had and touched the cut on his cheek. Blood poured out of the wound.


"It seems you are not so simple" Lenin said, as he recalled the events that transpired.


Before Lenin could slice Cravisna's head off, he released a water slice spell. If he hadn't jumped back in time, his head would have been rolling.


"You're injured. Do you think you can take me on in that state?"


"Hah! It seems you take me for a fool. Boy! I can tell from your movements that you are barely supporting yourself. You can't fool me simply by releasing that energy of yours"


"I see"


"But tell me first. What are you? I have fought alot of things, put I have never seen this type of energy force before."


Lenin remained quiet.


"Fine. Let's, Begin!"

Saying this, Cravisna released a large water slice.


Gritting his teeth, Lenin rushed towards the water slice. His sword crushed towards the waters slice. But to his surprise, his flame sword couldn't cut it in half.


"Hahaha... You fool! You may be powerful, but you lack actual combat experience. You don't even know basic mage theory!"


Lenin used all his energy trying to cut the water slice. Shockwaves begun to spread out everywhere from the collision.



With a huge burst of power, Lenin cut the water slice and prepared to charge towards Cravisna. But the moment his eyes fell on Cravisna, his heart fell.


A large yellow magic circle hovered infront of him, while he himself was covered in a yellow shield.


"As you said, it's not per-"




A large screech that could tear ordinary people apart spread out in all direction. Lenin and Cravisna both had expressions of horror on their faces.


"You. Boy. Did you take out it's core?"


Lenin swallowed, not daring to look at the spot where the body of the life sucking ant was.


"I.. I ... I sliced it in two. Shouldn't I have destroyed it's core?"


"You fool! Life sucking ants have two cores. If you don't destroy the second one, it resurrects into it's evolved form!"


Lenin swallowed, and then turned to look at the life sucking ant.



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