Dry wind swept the dust up from the ground. Lenin stood in the middle of the deserted wasteland, staring of into the distance. He had just been teleported to this fraction zone by the portal.


"Is this planet Ephisos? Isn't it too barren for a fraction zone?"

Brian asked, while adjusting the bag containing their items.


Aina stood there contemplating. Different fraction zones had different weather conditions so it wasn't really surprising. The part which worried her was that, according to the portal panel, Ephisos was a vegetative planet with a very dense forest. So why was the land now similar to a wasteland.


"I think we should head back. It doesn't look-"


"Stop worrying so match Aina. It's not that big of a deal. We just have to be more careful"

Lenin cut Aina off.


Aina stared at Lenin's back with her hands folded on her chest. She sighed.

"I have one condition"




"If we can't find water by the end of the day, we'll head back"




"Can we go now?"

Brian asked as he stared at the two. He wanted to start hunting monsters and didn't want to waste time on their bickering.


Lenin and his team left the portal zone and into the wilderness. Aina stood at the front, while Brian stood at the back. This was so they could protect Lenin from any attack.


Hours went by and they had not hunted that much creatures. They had walked for several kilometers and only fought a few creatures. This was weird. A fraction zone was a training area for students and was therefore populated with innumerable amount of monsters.


Aina looked up at the six red suns that were setting.


"It's almost night and we've not found anything, not even water. We're supposed to be hunting but we've barely found any formidable monster!"


Lenin raised his brow at Aina.

"But we have the body of two silver boned rhino and a flame lion. You could exchange it for cultivation resources right?"


"That's not the point. We should be trai-"


"Err.. guys"



Aina snapped at Brian.


"Look. There's a forest up ahead"

Brian said while ignoring his sister's fury.


"See? I'm sure the portal teleported us to the wrong area. It was just a mistake. Now we can begin training"

Lenin gave a smug smile.


Aina wasn't convinced, but said nothing nonetheless. It was late and they needed to set up camp.


They made their way towards the forest. When they got to the entrance of the forest, something drew Aina's attention. The edges of the forest seemed to be cut perfectly from the sand of the wasteland.


It was as if the forest was slowing reducing it's range. She wondered wether she should tell Lenin, but decided against it. She would just have to be extra vigilant.


The forest was a vibrant place. It was full of life and was a deep contrast to the wasteland outside the forest. Large trees that were dozens of meters high. Plants that could be exchanged for points. And above all, the presence of monsters to hunt.


"Let's rest for today and continue tomorrow"


Aina and Brian nodded. They set up camp and roasted the meat of the beasts they had hunted. They sat around the fire and ate.


"Argh! I think I'll head to bed first"

Lenin said as he stretched.


Aina raised a brow.

"You never go to bed early. You always waste your time trying to practice"


Lenin froze.

"You've known all this time?"


"Of course we would. Aina and I have always known"


"Then why haven't you stopped me from trying?"


Aina frowned.

"What nonsense are you saying? Why would we stop you from practicing when we know you'll be able to practice sooner or later"


Lenin's heart softened. Even though most people didn't really put him in their eyes because they taught he couldn't cultivate, Aina and Brian always believed in him.


"I'm just kidding. Anyway, I'm off to bed!"


"We're right behind you. Well, I am, I don't know about Aina"




Deep into the night, Lenin stood up. He looked down at Brian and Aina with bright glowing golden eyes and turned away.


He placed one hand in his jeans and begun to walk away from their camp. As he got closer to his destination, he released his aura. His golden aura, which was visible around his body, released an overbearing pressure. An aura that could subjugate the heavenly dao. An aura of a god!


Ever since they had entered, Lenin had sensed the presence of a massively powerful beast deep in the forest. He had spread his god sense around the forest. There was a battle that was taking place in the heart of the forest.


A battle between an unfathomable monster and a very powerful cultivator. He didn't care about the battle at first, but the aura of the cultivator seemed to be decreasing. The cultivator was losing.


If the cultivator lost, the monster would come after he and his friends. And even with his power he would still lose. If it weren't for this fact, he would have left the cultivator to die.


Well, he would kill the cultivator anyway, since he didn't want anyone to know about his god force. As Lenin walked towards the battlefield, ferocious monsters that would normally kill on sight begun to part way for Lenin. His aura was so majestic that they had to submit in his presence.




Cravisna stood on the ground panting heavily. One hand covered the wound on his stomach and prevented his organs from spilling out.


Cravisna took a look around and clenched his teeth. He had failed his squad. Dead bodies lay scattered on the ground. His squad had faced gruesome and nightmarish deaths.


Some bodies were mashed up into paste on the ground. Organs and bones decorated the blood red ground. Some bodies torn in half.


All this was done by the beast Cravisna and his squad were sent to eliminate. The life sucking ant. Yes! An ant. But this wasn't a normal ant. Life sucking ants were behemoth beasts that were several meters tall.


They had a tongue that could suck the life of anything and everything to increase their life span and strength.


A few weeks ago, the monitoring department of the Wind fountain Academy had found an anomaly on the training area of Ephisos. The planet was rapidly loosing life, and Cravisna's squad was sent to identify the threat and report back.


When they had found out that there was a life sucking ant on the planet, they were scared to death. But they later found out that it was a baby ant and had yet to develop. Cravisna convinced his squad of third years to attack and kill the ant to gain merit. He didn't know he was leading his squad to their death.


Clenching his saber, he jumped up to slash the ant.



The ant attacked with numerous claws from all directions. Cravisna didn't stop charging forward. When the claws neared him, he changed trajectory mid air, dodging the claws like a war veteran. One could see that he had been through many battles. He landed on one hand, and run up the gigantic hand towards the ants head.


He jumped up and pierced his saber into it's eye, causing the ant to scream and thrash around. Cravisna immediately hopped off the head. But that was a mistake. A claw came from behind and smashed hard into him.




He crashed into the ground, creating a large crator. Smoke and dust covered everywhere. Cravisna assessed his injuries. Eighty five percent of his bones were broken and some organs were liquified. He could barely move his head.


The gigantic ant moved towards Cravisna. It raised it's claws to land the final blow. Cravisna closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. There was no way he could accept this pitiful death. He had to avenge his squad members. The claw descended.




Silence. There was silence. Cravisna felt no pain from the impact, only a boundless suppressive aura. An aura that could overturn mountains. It was at this point that Cravisna noticed that he wasn't dead. He was still alive! He slowly opened his eyes. What he saw shocked him.


He saw a lanky looking boy who could be mistaken for a girl. He had blond rough hair. One hand was in the pocket of his jeans, and he stood as straight as an arrow. But what shocked Cravisna was the fact that, the boundless aura he felt was from this youth.


And not only that, the youth had caught the claw of the monster.


"Hmm... So you are the beast that's been running rampant. I'm not even sure I could defeat you alone" the youth said while narrowing his eyes.


He then flicked his arm and shattered the claws.



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