Matyr sat crossed legged near her bedroom window. She peacefully sipped tea while holding a book. Even though she held the book in her hand, her mind was wandering. It had been a week since her battle with the Trem siblings, and she couldn't forget the feeling Lenin gave her.


Even though her master had sealed 86% of her power and sent her to the lower realms, nothing should be able to scare her like this.


If anyone knew her thoughts, they would be shocked. Why would a being from the upper realms be here?


As a person who had inherited the secret blessing of the vampire God, she had been treated delicate and had been taken in by her master who was highly ranked among the vampires across the multiverse.


Apparently, she had been the only person who had received 'The Blessing of Azaro' for the past era. Normally speaking, the race lords were the gods of their various tribes.


But there were exceptions, like the vampires. There was a legend of a vampire who had lived several eras back in a middle tier realm. With his own power and will, he had gained power much stronger than the race lord, and dominated the universe. After gaining so much power, he just disappeared.


However legend had it that he had blessed the bloodline of the vampires, and had altered destiny to allow a special type of vampire be born.


However, after millions of years, this blessing had become just a legend since it had never been seen before. All vampires born went through a ritual to check their bloodline for the blessings.


At this point the ritual had become a formality since the vampires stopped believing in the legend. Well, until Matyr was tested. Her results had caused a huge stir throughout the worlds of the vampires, and her parents' status had skyrocketed.


This was what allowed her the opportunity to go to the upper realms. She was merely sixty years and had not trained for long.


Her master had sent her to the lower realms to gain experience under a different alias.


With all these points, it was no wonder she was greatly disturbed by the slight fear she had felt.


Matyr placed the book down and looked towards the door of her bedroom as if expecting someone.


Knock! Knock!


"You may come in"


The door opened. A brown haired fellow wearing a kimono entered the room. He looked asian and had a majestic and suppressing aura around him. His green eyes radiated power.


"I wasn't expecting you. Lanvris Secraf". Matyr said while narrowing her eyes.


The youth named Lanvris had a carefree expression. He took a seat opposite of Matyr and smiled at her.


"Oh? Are you saying I'm not welcomed?"


"You aren't"


"Hahaha.... Your straight forwardness always gives me a laugh, Student representative"


Matyr smirked.


"Are we now calling ourselves by our titles, huh? First year King?"


Lanvris' smile disappeared. His green eyes grew more intense.


"Were you always this bold, Matyr? You aren't worthy to call me by title"


"Is that so? I think you should watch that pride of yours, otherwise, something might happen to you!"


The smile appeared back on Lanvris' face.

"Is that a threat, Matyr Dhampir?"


"Of course not. Just something from a worried friend"


Lanvris laughed loudly.


"Of course, of course. You simply do not have the guts to threaten me"


Matyr's eyes twitched.


"I think you should leave. I know you have alot to do as the first year King"


"Yes. Yes. I really hope you can show me something special during the ranking battle."


Lanvris and Matyr exchanged an intense look. Lanvris' blue kimono flustered as he got up and left.


Matyr watched the door shut with gritted teeth. She was furious. How dare a mere child show such insolence towards her. She may be a child amidst the vampires, but sixty years was old amongst humans.


Her delicate hand hit the table, shattering it into dust. There was no doubt that with her current power defeating Lanvris was a pipe dream, but that didn't mean she was going to leave that proud bastard alone.


'It seems that brat does not know how to spell death. I will crush him'


Matyr seethed with anger as she got up from her seat and picked up her spear.

'I must go train now in order to increase my strength. At this point, I'm too weak'


Matyr lived in a large mansion that span several kilometers. She had maids and butlers to take care of her house. And of course as a practitioner, she had a courtyard for training.


Matyr changed into tight sweatpants that showed all her curves. This was matched with a blue tank top.


She started with her basic training routine. Sitting crossed legged and circulating her plasma force throughout her body for a few minutes. After that followed jogging, sit-ups and push-ups.


She was currently at the middle stages of the fourth transformation, at least that's what she was at due to her sealed practice.


Body transformation was the practice for some races. It was like body cultivation, but different in many ways. It entailed refining the body and blood with their respective energy force. After each successful refinement, the body and blood would undergo significant changes.


The difference between body transformation and body cultivation was that, body transformation evolved the practicetoners body to the next level, while body cultvation changed the composition of the cultivator.


At this point, it could be scene why not just any race could practice body transformation. Not every race had a strong physique.


Pant.. Pant... Pant


Matyr panted as she finished her basic routine. Sweat slid down her neck to the huge peaks that lay on her chest.


She hefted her spear and stabbed with it. The destructive force from the spear was too oppressive.


As she went through her spear techniques, her mind was tranquil. She was one with the spear as she twirled it between her hands.


She closed her eyes and felt deep within her body. Tugging at the seal in her sea of energy, she suddenly opened her eyes.


Domineering plasma force swept out throughout the area. The air around the mansion was heavy.


Taking a deep breath, Matyr reigned in her energy. When a person looked closely, they would see fangs receding back into normal teeth.




Lenin looked startled as the Trem siblings stood in front of him. He hadn't expected them to be here.


"Did you really think we didn't know what you were thinking?"

Brain asked mockingly.


"We've known you since we were kids, how could you even think we wouldn't know!"

Aina added angrily.


Lenin looked at them wide eyed, and then smirked.



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