Master Vacto walked in the long hallway that lead to his office. He had a frown on his face as he walked. The scene of Lenin facing off against Matyr kept playing in his head.


He felt something was wrong. Even though he felt no fluctuation of energy force from Lenin, the look on Matyr's face as Lenin stared at her was strange.


Master Vacto knew that look all too well, since he himself had that look when he once challenged the Principal of the institute. The feeling of facing an immovable mountain, an entity that could bend all to it's will.


Master Vacto's mind then shifted to a conversation he had with, Princess Swallow-heaven, the principal of the school. Swallow-heaven was her nickname in the twelve conglomerate. Her actual name was Rita Ravine. She was the human princess of the government.


Even though the government functioned like a normal modern democratic agency, the Ravine family stood at the very top of the government as the protectors of Freedom country.


To put it simply, if the President was elected as the one to govern the country, the Ravine family was a constant that never changed. Of course in reality it was the Ravine family that actually ruled, since the President could not do anything without the approval of the Ravine Family.


Princess Swallow-heaven was the fourth princess. She was the disciple of the previous Principal of the institute and had taken over the institute for one hundred and thirty years. She was very powerful and was considered the third strongest among the twelve conglomerate.


Master Vacto had confronted Princess Swallow-heaven on the issue of Lenin Heartfield's acceptance into the institute. This was something that had never happened before in the history of the institute, and if their opposers found out about this they'd be a laughing stock.


But her answer surprised him.


"You want to know why I admitted a mortal into our institute?"

She asked in her see-through green outfit that barely covered her body. Her red hair was so long that it fell to the ground. She sat crossed legged in her chair while smirking at Master Vacto.


"This isn't a joking matter Principal. We have to provide a tangible reason to the profe-"


"I don't have to do anything" she replied coldly.

"I am Princess Swallow-heaven. I answer to no one. Not even the gods"


Master Vacto swallowed his words.


"Do you really want to know why I allowed Lenin in here?"


Master Vacto nodded his head.


Princess Swallow-heaven smirked.

"I was threatened. Let's just say a monster 'asked' me for a favor"


Master Vacto's mouth dropped open. His brain found it hard to process what he had heard. Princess Swallow-heaven was hot headed and bowed to no one. As the third strongest person on earth, not even Christopher Red, the strongest being on the planet earth, could threaten her.


Her current cultivation level could easily allow her to ascend. She just chose not to. And this same woman who had once ascended to the seventh tier realm to eradicate Elroph, a planet who's leader had threatened her, with as many as a hundred moves, claimed someone had threatened her?


This was unfathomable. A person who could threaten her was basically a monster. At this point, Master Vacto even feared to ask the person's information.


Princess Swallow-heaven chuckled.

"Close your mouth. There's no need to be so shocked. I assume you do not want to know this person's identify. He... He he... You are very wise. Sometimes, too much knowledge is not good"


Master Vacto simply stood there saying nothing.


"Well, all I can say is that, that woman is the most powerful thing I have seen in my 300 years of existence". Princess Swallow-heaven shivered slightly.

"Keep an eye on Lenin. Intervene if anything goes wrong around him"


"Are you going to protect him? Did his powerful backer ask you to help him?"


Princess Swallow-heaven threw her head back and laughed out loud.


"Protect Lenin? I asked you to monitor him to protect the people who dare go against him!"


Master Vacto was stunned and confused, but he said no more.


This was the exchange that happened on the day of the orientation. That was why Master Vacto was assigned to Lenin's class, and he had also been watching the siblings' fight with Matyr.




The library was a quiet large building. There were multiple podiums everywhere where students could simply touch them and think of the topic related books they wanted. The books would immediately appear on the podium.


A table at the far left conner of the room was filled with all sorts of books that were scattered. A lanky boy looked stressed as he read through the books.


'Ugh! I've been here for hours and I couldn't find anything useful about god force. All the books are simply about lores and myths. The only reasonable information I learnt is that, if I finally breakthrough to the fifth realm I can make my god force resemble any other energy force. This would have been useful if the book actually showed me how!'


Lenin was so frustrated. But this was to be expected. Information of that level would obviously be inaccessible for a planet in an eighth tier realm like Earth. He had found some myths which claimed that the gods could cloak their force from detection by changing it's nature when they reached the nascent soul realm.


Since the nascent soul realm was a stage where cultivators created a divine other self, it was the stage where cultivators truly had a taste of divinity.


Lenin, being of godly descent, already had access to divinity. That being the case, after he entered the nascent soul realm, he would begin to truly unlock his divine abilities, and could now truly be considered to be of godly blood.


Lenin was at the peak of the soul wandering realm, just half a step to breakthrough to the nascent soul realm. Even so, he had failed at his attempt to breakthrough for two years now. He needed a battle that would stimulate his potential.


Strictly speaking, only the third years had a cultivation of an early stage nascent soul realm expert. Meaning, Lenin could easily dominate both the first years and second years, and due to his god force which was over a thousand times more potent than qi, he could also dominate most of the third level nascent soul realm experts and below.


Lenin simply sighed and went back to his apartment. Lenin entered to see a bandaged Aina and Brian watching television. It seems they had been brought here by the nurses.


Lenin jumped on the couch and sat next to Brian.

"You're back? Where were you?" Brain asked, raising his eyebrows.


"I went to the library. I had some stuff to sort out"


Aina snorted at Lenin.

"We were injured because of you, and you have the guts to leave us like that?"


"I'm sorry" Lenin quietly said. He knew she was right and he didn't want to make anymore excuses.


Aina sighed.

"It's okay. Since I'm like this I can't cook so go prepare lunch"


"I'm on it"


Lenin quickly prepared curried rice and stew for lunch. Aina and Brain joined Lenin on the dining table.


"Hey guys, if you experienced a bottle neck in your cultivation and needed an opportunity to breakthrough, what would you do?"


Since Lenin barely knew anything about cultivation and the world, he decided to ask the siblings.


"Don't ask me. Aina is the brainy one"


Aina shot Brain a glare before shaking her head.


"Well, if it were me, I'd try the fraction zone. As you know, the school has a portal to various planets populated with beasts. Those planets are called the fraction zone. I think actual combat will best stimulate your potential for a breakthrough. But.... Why are you asking this all of a sudden?"


Aina gave Lenin a questionable look.


"Just interested" Lenin said nonchalantly.


"Well don't do anything stupid!"


The three youths spent the rest of the time chatting well into the night. They decided to retire to bed when it was almost midnight. Lenin sat on his bed thinking.


'From what Aina said, a week in the fraction zone is equal to a day here. A week will be enough for me to breakthrough if I find the right opportunity. I should probably go there as soon as possible. Saturday would be convenient for me'


After a little more deliberation, Lenin went to sleep. The week passed relatively fast. Nothing eventful happened during the week. The siblings also managed to heal fully. Finally, Saturday was here.


Lenin stood in front of the building housing the portal. When Lenin woke up, there was no one in the house. He assumed the siblings had gone to train or something. He pushed the door and walked in the building. He swiped his students ID card unto a steel door. The steel door opened up to reveal a lot of people waiting in line to use the portal.


"Why are you always so late" a female voice called out with a sigh.


Lenin was stunned for a minute. He didn't know wether to cry or laugh. He simply turned around to see two figures standing a few feet away from him. They gave Lenin a cheeky grin as they took in his shocked face.


It was Brain and Aina!



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