Master Vacto left the class as the bell rang signalling the close of lessons for the day. The students begun their preparations to leave the class.


"Wake up Brian. I can't believe you slept through the whole class"


Aina slapped Brian's head as she said this. Brian immediately shot up and rubbed his head.


"Brian Brian.... Are you really letting a girl beat you up?"

Lenin smirked as he said this. He wanted to fan the flames so that the siblings would start to fight, after all, it was a source of entertainment for him.


"Don't you d-"

Aina was cut short by a huge pressure that fell over the class. Every head turned to the door of the classroom which was closed, as if expecting someone. The door slid open to reveal a beautiful figure standing in the doorway.


A brunette who looked ghastly pale with blood red irises entered the room. She was Matyr Dhampir. She stood in front of the class and scanned the room as if searching for someone.


The students in the class all bowed their head, not meeting her eyes. Most quivered in fear. But there was a particular youth who had crossed his leg on his desk and was ignoring her as if she was non existent.


She approached this youth. All eyes trailed behind her as she walked towards Lenin. She stopped right in front of his desk while staring at him. As she stood close to Lenin and his friends, Brian who was closer to Lenin had to shrink back a little to ease the pressure on him. Lenin continued to nonchalantly play with his phone as of she didn't exist.


The mouth of all the students dropped. How arrogant was this youth. Even the strongest in Class 1-D, France, who was their Class Rep, still had to pay reverence to her. And him, a mere mortal, dared act so proud as if he was on top of the world. It seems this mortal truly did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.


Matyr was irritated, not because Lenin did not show reverence or respect, but because he totally ignored her, as if she was nothing. It seemed like he needed to be taught to respect his seniors.


Matyr gathered her aura around Lenin and increased the pressure on him. He begun to groan and fall to the floor. Seeing this, Brian and Aina's heart skipped a beat.


"Stop it, are you trying to kill him? How can you release that much pressure on a mortal!"

Aina screamed in rage.


Matyr ignored her and focused her attention on Lenin, who was by now clutching his head in pain. She dispersed her aura and spoke.


"I didn't come here to cause trouble, I just want to talk. But shouldn't you show respect to your seniors?"


"What nonsense are you saying? What senior? We are in the same year, why should I acknowledge you as a senior?" Lenin said this while gritting his teeth.


"Same year? In this world where strength speaks, what does 'year' have to do with seniority?" Matyr said calmly.


"Is that your excuse for bullying the weak? You think just because you've fought a couple of weaklings, that you are strong?"


Matyr was taking aback. Since she was born, no one had dared said this to her. The people she had crushed under her feet were by no means weak. Even so, she wasn't angry, she just smirked. She didn't know wether he was just arrogant or couldn't see mount Tai.


"Lenin, why don't you ju-"


"Don't interfere"

Lenin said coldly before Aina could finish her sentence.


Aina shrinked back. She knew Lenin was mortal, so she could not understand why a shiver went down her spine.


"Okay. Let's make a deal"


"What deal?" Lenin asked as he narrowed his eyes at Matyr.


"If you are able to withstand one move from me, I'll forget all this. You don't have to worry, I won't use any plasma force or any of my practice technique. I'll even suppress my physique. It will just be a fight between mortals"


Lenin frowned at this. He was angry that she felt that she could defeat him with her practice suppressed. Even so, he still hesitated. If he fought now, it would expose his identity and that would not be good for he or his family.


"I'll do it for him. Even if you suppressed yourself, it will wouldn't be fair. Let me represent him"


Brain spoke as he got closer to the pair. Matyr stared at him curiously.

"Second stage of Soul forming, not bad. But it's still not enough to survive a move of mine with my practice suppressed"


Lenin looked at Brian with shock. Brian's natural talent was truly heaven defying. In just a day and night he had broken through from the first stage of the soul forming realm.


Matyr turned her head to Aina.


"Why don't you join him? You might have a chance if you combine your powers"


Aina sighed.



"Wait guys you don't h-"


"Will you shut up? You created this mess so let your big sister clean it for you" Aina rebuked harshly.


Lenin then realized something. If he wasn't careful he could endanger those around him. He always knew this but never paid attention to it. It seems he had to becareful if he wanted to protect those he loved.


"Follow me" Matyr said to the three.


As Matyr was leading the three to the school's battle arena, news had spread like wild fire. This caused most of the first years to go to the area to spectate.


The arena was a large dome like structure that could fit thousands of people. The battle stage was a large circular platform that was large enough to fit about a hundred people. Lenin stood at the very front to observe the battle.


Matyr stood in the middle of the field facing the siblings. Brian took out his common ranked gloves and took his battle stance. Items that carried some sort of energy were called power items. Power items in this universe were made with different materials and had different powers infused in them. This in turn caused a ranking system which graded the strength of the power items to emerge. From lowest to highest, there was common, uncommon, rare, super rare, king, earth, heaven, divine and godly ranked items.


Aina was the first to make her move. She stretched for her right hand to her side. Immediately qi enveloped her body. The qi of a sixth stage foundation realm expert erupted.


She then closed her hands leaving only her index and middle finger. The qi converged on those fingers to form a pink sword.


"Heaven splitting sword!" Aina roared as she leaped towards Matyr.


Skills of cultivators, mages, knights, martial artist and all the other practices were also divided into categories according to their power. The categories were the same as the items. Heaven Splitting Sword was an uncommon skill of the Trem household.


Matyr remained as calm as ice as the sword approached. The pressure from the sword was like that of an entity that could defy the heavens and split the gods in two. At that moment, Brain also attacked, aiming for Matyr's side.


"Flame Devouring Palm"


Flame Devouring Palm was also an uncommon ranked skill. The crowd gasped. Two uncommon ranked skill at the same time. Most of the students in Class B wouldn't be able to take this.


Even so, the students of Class 1-A weren't phased. They knew this battle had already been decided.




A huge ripple was caused from the contact of the siblings' skills and Matyr's body. Dust erupted and covered the arena, blinding most of the spectators.


Lenin looked on anxiously. This was his fault, so if any of his friends were injured, he wouldn't be able to rest easily.


The dust slowly cleared. In the middle of the arena was Matyr standing at the same spot without moving an inch. She had caught Aina's blade with her thump and index finger. She didn't bother to even block Brian's skill.


Aina and Brain were shaken by this turn of events. They immediately jumped back to recover their bearing.


"Hmm... Not bad at all. Most people with a suppressed practice wouldn't be able to handle this. Too bad the difference between us is just that large"


Aina and Brian payed no heed to her. They continued to launch barrage after barrage of attacks, in hopes of at least scratching her garments. Matyr never once attacked, but blocked their skills with her bare hand.


After a few minutes she said;

"I'm getting tired of this. Take my move"


She lifted up her right hand and flicked it. Immediately a wave of sheer force and power enveloped the entire arena and shot towards the siblings. Seeing this, the siblings immediately took a defensive stance.


The force of air smashed into the siblings and threw them back.




Broken bones were heard as the siblings landed hard on the ground. One move! Matyr used one move to end the battle. She then walked towards them and stopped at their side.



She heard a voice filled with anger scream at her. She turned to the direction of the voice. A lanky boy with average height was running towards the siblings.


Lenin rushed past Matyr and went to check on the siblings. He knelt down beside them to make sure they were alright. Brian's left arm was broken while Aina was covered in bruises. Anger rose in Lenin's heart. Without looking at Matyr he said in a low voice;



"Why? This wasn't my fault. They simply wanted to protect you, and I gave them a chance. They just weren't strong enough"


Hearing this Lenin begun to laugh hysterically. Some of the students wondered if he had gone mad. Matyr frowned. Lenin turned his head to look deep in Matyr's eyes.

"Oh? They weren't strong enough? Who do you think you are to talk about strength?"


As Lenin spoke, a cold glint flashed in his eyes. Matyr immediately shivered. For some unknown reason she was scared. As Lenin's eyes pierced her own, she felt the atmosphere change.


She felt like she was looking at a slumbering dragon that had awakened. She felt intense fear, so much so that she couldn't move. It was like thousands of heaven crushing mountains were placed on her.


She felt like she was in a universe where she was an irrelevant speck of dust. A bug that Lenin could immediately crush if he so wished.


"That's enough. The spar has ended"

A voice called out. Out of nowhere, Master Vacto had appeared. He eyed Lenin and Matyr. Matyr snapped out of her trans and cleared her throat. She turned and walked out of the arena.


When she was out of sight, she lifted her red suit to check where Brain had punched her ribs. There was a purple bruise there, and her ribs had cracked.

'Dang, those two were strong'


Master Vacto watched Lenin for awhile and then disappeared. The crowd then dispersed. Lenin sent his friends to the infirmary and made sure they were alright before leaving to go to the library. At this point, he needed to find a way to use his own strength to protect himself and those around him.



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