Lenin walked with his friends towards their new apartment. Since the Immortal Institute was situated in the core of the deep court, they were allowed to rent accomodations in the school.


The Immortal Institute was a huge dome that span more than 70km. The school was far larger than Curz City and was a whole new habitation of it's own. Knowing Lenin's mother didn't have the money to allow him rent an accommodation, Fragul Trem, Brian and Aina's father, offered to allow him stay with his children.


The Trem household had always been close with the Heartfields. Apparently, during some time when his mother was still new to working in Lua Vesta, she had been a little too clumsy. This led her to offend a customer who then wanted her body as compensation. The Trem couple who were also in the restaurant had managed to calm the situation. This lead to further interactions, and eventually they became good friends.


This was why Lenin was able to live with Brian and Aina, because they had known each other since young. Aina too didn't have any problem since she saw Brian and Lenin as her siblings. As they made their way to the apartment complex, Brian suddenly spoke.


"Dang, that Matyr girl seems hella strong. Hmm... Her aura didn't seem human"


"Didn't you notice. Her aura seemed close to an undead. My guess is, she's a vampire"


"No wonder. Vampires are generally a stronger race than humans. The way they upgrade their bloodline with plasma force is too heaven defying"


Aina nodded and said; "Unlike them, no other race is able to convert energy force into plasma force"


Lenin heard the conversation between the brother and sister. He then muttered under his breath

"Humph! What's so special about a little vampire or plasma force. I bet she can't handle a single move of mine even if I suppress all my practice realms"


Aina, with her sharp elf ears, heard what Lenin had said. Her anger immediately flared up.

"You!... How could you say that? You couldn't even handle her pressure and you're acting this arrogant. Suppress what realms, have you forgotten you are mortal. Don't be delusional"


Aina berated harshly. Even so, Lenin didn't get angry as he knew Aina was just trying to protect him in her own way. Lenin smirked. How could that barely developed aura pressure him.


From what he had sensed, it would take over hundred of her to match him in a one on one fight, and even after that, only two will survive the clash with him. His sister, Trisha, could defeat this Matyr with a one arm handicap.


After a while, the three arrived in front of a 5 storey building. There was a road right in front to accommodate the hovering cars. Various stalls were on both sides of the building.


Aina led them in to the reception area and with their information, collected the keys to their room. Their apartment was on the third floor, room no. 67.


As soon as they entered the room, Brian kicked of his shoes, jumped on the couch, and turned on the television. Aina was vexed.


"Can't you at least take your smelly shoes to your room"


"Hey! How are my shoes smelly?"


Lenin ignored the bickering siblings and observed the apartment. It was a three bedroom apartment with a single bathroom, washroom, hall and kitchen. It was painted a light green color that gave it a homey feeling. It was quite spacious.


Lenin chose a room on the far left and walked in to unpack. After the three had finally settled in, they had dinner and each went to do their own thing.


Lenin sat crossed legged in the lotus position to observe the state of his physique. 'It seems I'm on the verge of breaking through to the fifth realm of all my practices'


If anyone else heard what Lenin was thinking, they might cough up blood. Most beings could practice only one profession. Those who could practice two were very rare. In fact, they were so rare that even in the upper realms, they will be hailed as geniuses.


The was one of the reasons the government had sought to provide all the resources for his sister's practice, but his mother had declined. How his mother did that, he had no idea. He knew that the government could have just sent experts to slaughter their family and take away his sister.


But for some reason, when his mother declined they had stayed silent. Lenin himself couldn't blame the government. The 'Universal faction Alliance' was slowly crumbling, and war would soon breakout. This was a common fact that everyone knew, and thus the government had to make preparations.


The two major factions, that is the God faction and Demonic faction. Earth was under the jurisdiction of the God faction and thus would have to provide support in times of war.


Lenin sat crossed legged sucking in the energy force at an abnormally high rate. This rate of absorbtion was unheard of. His body converted the energy into the unknown force and was distributed evenly across his professions. Qi for his spiritual and body cultivation, Mana for his magic progression, teleforce for his Kinesis profession.


Even though Lenin could use his unknown force to further practice other professions, he felt it was useless. This was because he had an idea of what that unknown force in his body was, and if his idea was right, that meant he wasn't fully human.


His mother never tried to hide the fact of this unknown force he and his sibling had, and he had already guessed it's origin. So had his sister. This was why they never complained when their mother always told them to lay low.


If they were exposed, the results would be heaven shattering. Literally. That being said, as he further progressed, at a certain level, he will naturally be able to use the force and powers of every other profession. He would just have to learn the techniques to support them.


Beings in this world all absorbed one single thing, that was energy force. But depending on what practice the individual wanted to pursue, they would convert the energy force into the needed power for that profession.


Thinking about it, his sister's unknown force had an eerie and gloomy feeling to it. He still knew nothing about the unknown force so he didn't think much about it.


At this point, he could feel the bottle neck loosening. He was about to breakthrough the body Sarira realm, soul wandering realm, advanced mage and advanced Kinesis. These realms represented his body cultivation, qi cultivation, magic practice and kinesis practice respectively.




Lenin let out a huge sigh as he opened his eyes. It was already morning and the beginning of their lessons. He had failed to breakthrough into the fifth realm. He prepared himself and dressed up in the school's outfit.


By the time he arrived for dinner, Brian and Aina had already finished their breakfast and were waiting for him.


"Cummon, how could you sleep in on our first day of lessons. Today's the day we get to choose our major practice"


Lenin turned to Brian and said;

"Does it really matter? You already know what you are majoring in"


"That doesn't mean we should be late. But what are you going to choose Lenin. I assume you'll choose cultivation so Brian and I can continue to shield you from pointless struggles"


Lenin smiled gently at this.


"Why? Are you concerned?"


"Hmph. Who's concerned about you? Do what you want, I don't care!"


"Could it be that you actually care about me?" Lenin said, faking a shocked expression.



Aina turned red with anger and left the dining area.


Lenin quickly finished his meal and set off to school. They made their way to the registration office and chose cultivation as their major programme. They then made their way to Class 1-D, which was where the average students were placed.


Class A, also known as Alpha class, housed the most powerful students. Followed by Class B up to F. The higher your class, the more resources and respect you would get. Matyr Dhampir was obviously in Class 1-A.


Class 1-D was nothing special. It housed the practitioners who were in the beginning and middle stages of the second realm. Lenin, Briana and Aina occupied the back seat.


As the students were chatting amongst themselves, a young man wearing a white robe entered the class. He carried a fan and had an air of laziness. Lenin recognized this man as Master Vacto.


The students of Class 1-D were shocked. Their class was almost considered trash in the eyes of the school, so why would they allow the vice principal of the whole school to be their homeroom teacher. This made no sense.


"So you useless trash are my students. Well, at least I have it better than Ms. Fleek who's handling Class 1-F. Anyway, I'm not going to waste my time with those introductory nonsense, I'm too lazy. And I'm sure you guys know most of the forces already. So today," Master Vacto's eyes glittered.


"We are going to study something new. God force and Demonic energy"


Immediately these words left Master Vacto's mouth, the students begun to chatter loudly. Then a youth with messy black hair and a strong body raised his hands. Master Vacto gestured for him to speak.


"Vice prin-.... I meant Master Vacto. Is it necessary to learn such things, it's common knowledge that god force and Demonic energy are rumors and have not been confirmed. Even if they are real, the gods and demons are something way above us. Why know something about these all powerful beings?"


Lenin, who was sitting next to Brian, shook his head at the boy's questions. God force and Demonic energy were very real. He was sure because, the unknown energy inside he and his sister's body was actually god force!


During his early years when his god force had begun to manifest, his mother had taught him the basics of handling and utilizing his power. Even though he had little knowledge of how to fully utilize his god force, he was still considerably powerful compared to the first year students. He could easily be the 'First year King'.


Now that he taught of it, it would be best to got to the library and learn more about his god force. He might find some new uses for his power.


"Your name is France Manroe, right? Son of Felix Manroe, the ensoulment realm powerhouse"


Felix nodded his head with pride.


"Shut up and listen"

Master Vacto said with a wave of his hand. France looked shocked for a minute, then took his seat. Master Vacto then begun to seriously lecture about these power sources.



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