The auditorium was packed with alot of people, ranging between the hundred thousands. This was because, earthlings were not the only people attending the prestigious Immortal Institute. Other beings from the various lower realms and an extremely few group of people, who were here for special reasons, from the upper realms.


The multiverse contained various realms. Each of those realms were divided into levels based on their natural resources, the purity of the flow of energy force, the magical laws that controlled those realms, and many more. Strictly speaking, there were nine tiers of categories.


First tier realms being the highest, were the realms of the gods and demons, who created every other realm. All realms had over thousands of worlds. The ninth tier realms were the lowest and mostly contained the worlds of the beings that primarily used magic.


Even though first tier realms only belonged to the gods and demons, it also allowed those beings of equal power to live there. For example the immortals, which was a term for cultivators who had attained power equal to the gods. Then there were dieties, who were the epitome of mages, Kinesis Lord and so on. These beings who obtained power by practice were known as acquired gods. Even so there were countless other beings who had the power of gods and lived in the first tier realms.


There were also the lords of various races who, like the gods, were born with immense immeasurable power. They too occupied the first tier realms. The vampire lord, Elf goddess, dwarve king, Lamia empress and so on, were just a few examples. These beings were just termed as race lords.


So even though it could be said that the gods and demons who created the other beings were at the top of the world, the acquired gods and race lords were right up there with them in terms of power.


Lenin's eyes scanned the crowd. There were dwarves, elves, dragonkin, lamias, centaurs, minotaurs, pixies, vampires, winged serpents and so on. All these creatures were first years who were here for the introductory ceremony.


"Tch. I didn't believe you at first sis, but I can barely breathe in here"

Brian said as his face contorted into a frown.


Due to the clamouring of strong beings in one place, the aura radiating in the auditorium was suppressing the weaker beings. Lenin fell to the ground struggling to breath. Aina quickly grabbed him and shrouded him in her powerful qi.


"Are you alright?"


"Yeah thanks. Let's go have a seat so I can rest"


Aina and Brian helped Lenin to grab a set in the middle of the auditorium. By this time, everyone had settled down. A vast wave of pressure passed through the room, and immediately after that, a young man around the age of twenty was standing at the podium.


Immediately murmurs and chatter broke out throughout the auditorium. This was because no one had seen how or when this young man had entered. Everybody was visibly shaken, including Lenin. Lenin was arrogant and proud, but even he knew that his power, compared to the young looking man was like a drop of water being compared to the ocean.


The man wore a straight white robe and a fan in his hand. He looked quite lazy, but no one dared comment on his attitude as they could feel his pressure. He had black hair, and black eyes that seemed boundless and mystical.


"Silence" he said. This caused the auditorium to quiet down.


"I'm going to make this quick. It's too much work to handle this so I'll leave it to the representative of the first years. I'm the vice principal of this institute, Vacto Rus Vongerigon. Just call me Master Vacto. The principal is out on official business, so she couldn't show herself."


He turned to a slender and tall beautiful girl at the edge of the stage. She wore blood red suit instead of the normal black for students. She looked ghastly pale and radiated a deathly aura. Her face was exquisite and was like that of a well polished jade. Her blood red irises gave of a graceful aura.


"Matyr Dhampir, as the representative of the first years, you should take over"

And with that Master Vacto disappeared as silently as he appeared, taking with him that oppressive aura. All the students heaved a collective sigh.


The lady called Matyr stepped up to the podium.


"As you already know, I'm Matyr, the first year representative. This orientation is a brief meeting that seeks to educate the first years on the rules of the institute, and explain briefly the connection of the realm. So-"


"Shut up!"


Every head in the auditorium turned to where the words flew out. At the left corner of the auditorium, a human male was smirking. His arms were folded over his chest and he leaned into his seat.


"What gives you the right to say that to me" Matyr replied coldly as her eyes narrowed.


"Don't give me that sh*t. I'm sure everyone knows that the student representative position isn't just given out. It's supposed to be given to the second strongest person amongst us. This title is second only to the title of 'First year King'. Why do you already have that title without the annual ranking competition. It's obvious you stole the position"


As soon as the the young man finished his statement, a clamour broke out in the auditorium. It was common knowledge that in every school, the title of The year King and Student representative were giving to the two strongest people respectively. These titles came with various advantages. A monthly awards of universal points, more growth resources and so on. As a result most people tried to covet those positions.


'Yes! He's right'


'Why are you the student representative?'


'What gives you the right to stand there and act all high and mighty?'


People begun to voice out their opinions. Matyr simply smirked. Immediately a bone chilling aura begun to envelope the whole auditorium. It was like the harbinger of death itself had descended into the auditorium. The weaker beings who couldn't stand the aura either fainted or convulsed. Matyr's eyes looked straight at the crowd.


"You asked me what gives me the right to stand here? Well, it's the right of might"


At this point, most of the students had been suppressed. Aina and Brain simply groaned and clenched their fists. Lenin was on the floor shivering. The youth who had initially spoken up was now on his knees. At their point few people could resist her powerful aura. The pressure released was so powerful that it felt like they were being crushed under the weight of multiple mountains.


Satisfied by her show of dominance, she dispersed her aura.


"Does anyone have any more doubts about my capabilities?" Matyr asked.


No one answered. Mostly because majority of the students had fainted from the powerful aura. Lenin managed to crawl back into his seat.


"Let us continue. As I was saying, initially, earth was a normal technologically advanced country. In the year 2020, a scientist, who now goes by the name Dr. Madhouse developed a machine that broke the dimensional barrier of earth, connecting it to all the other realms and worlds. To balance this situation of cause-and-effect, nature itself took the initiative to permanently destroy all dimensional barriers separating the realms, there by connecting them forever. As of now, no one knows Dr. Madhouse's true name, or where he is now after he disappeared. In fact it isn't even know if this Dr. Madhouse is male or female"


Matyr continued with the briefing of the students. Lenin was bored. He knew all what she was saying and wanted something better to do. Well, at least the ranking tournaments would be held the next week. He wanted to participate, but he didn't know how he could do that and lay low.


Eventually, Matyr finished her speech and adjourned the meeting. All the students begun to file out. As the students left the auditorium, Matyr stared at a particular person with a frown. That person was a young man who looked around the age of 15. He looked like a girl and had blonde beautiful hair.


"Aiden" Matyr called out to a handsome youth with brown her.


"Elder Sister Matyr, is anything the matter?"

Aiden asked as he drew closer.


"Who is that boy?" Matyr asked, pointing at Lenin.


Aiden slightly frowned. The boy was a person without any energy fluctuations, it could be seen he was mortal. Why would his elder sister take notice of him? She rarely showed interest in anything much less a mortal. But after thinking about it for a while, it made sense. Who wouldn't be interested in how a mortal got admitted into the Immortal Institute.


"That seems to be the rumored Lenin Heartfield. He recently became popular in the school because he's the first mortal in the 100 year history of the Immortal Institute"


"Are you sure he's mortal?" Matyr asked with a surprised expression.


"Of course. You yourself have seen that he has no energy fluctuations. There's no other way to hide his energy force unless he was a mysterious expert. But that chance is close to none. I also heard he's from a poor family, so there's no way he has an ancient treasure"


Matyr sighed, and then looked once more in the direction Lenin had left. In the moment when she released her aura to suppress her peers, she felt someone shrug off her pressure like it was a piece of air. That person was Lenin.


She wasn't surprised that someone had managed to shrug of her aura, as some powerful beings in the auditorium had than the same. What shocked her was that she didn't recognize Lenin or feel any energy fluctuations from him. All the other people who had withstood her aura were either known to her, or released relatively powerful auras. But Lenin was different, she neither knew him nor felt any energy fluctuations from him. In fact, it was obvious he was mortal, so how did he casually shrug of her aura. Matyr was intrigued.



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