The sun shined bright, illuminating everything in it's path. It was five am, and as usual, the slums of Freedom country were beginning to stir with activity. Lenin sat on his hard bed while rubbing his eyes. He had just awoken because it was a Monday morning and he had to go to school.


Knock! Knock!


A sound wafted of the wooden door of Lenin's room.


"Come in"


The wooden door opened. The figure of a slender woman, about 4 foot tall walked in to the room. She was a middle aged woman in her thirties, but anyone who saw her would not know this. She still maintained her youthful beauty, with curves in all the right places and a mature air. She swept her gave across Lenin's room, taking in the simple set up. A bed, table and chair for studying, and a computer she had scraped every last universal point to buy.


Universal points were the main currency, that not only the people of Freedom city used, but the whole universe. This was issued by the 'Universal Faction Alliance'.


"Lenin, you're going to be late. Today, is the first day of highschool so you must set off early"


The woman said lovingly. This woman was Freda Heartfield, Lenin's mother. She was an ordinary woman who toiled day and night to cater for Lenin and his younger sister, Trisha. She mostly ran shifts at Lua Vesta, a well known restaurant in Curz city. Cruz city was one of the many cities in Freedom country.


Even though Curz city was a part of Freedom country, it didn't seem like it. This was because, the country was divided into three courts. The outer court, which was situated at the edge of the freedom country. They barely received enough supplies and resources. This was where Curz city was.


There was also the inner court. This place houses the main forces, nobles, and the more important ordinary people. It gained a fairly large amount of resources for it's growth. The last was the deep court. The deep court was a place where the powerhouses of Freedom city situated. These were people whose casual movement could devastate a city.


Most ordinary people dreamed of one day soaring the skies and being able to enter the inner court. As for the deep court, it was just a pipe dream for them. But Lenin was different. His mother has always warned him on drawing attention to himself. For as long as he could remember, Freda had always warned her kids to be average and unnoticeable. Lenin assumed this had something to do with his father who he had never met.


"Mom, it's just school! Even though the Immortal institute is the most prestigious school in Freedom country, I could dominate it if I so wished"


Lenin said this with a hint of nonchalance. Freda frowned at this.


"Remember what I told you, do not release any of your energy. And do not participate in any type of physical contest"


"But mom! I know you are trying to protect me, but in this world where strength is everything I can't just lay low. I listened to you and endured all the bullying in middle school, but things have to change"


Freda's heart tightened at this. She never wanted to restrict her fifteen year old son like this. Due to her constant nagging and reprimand, she had caused her two kids to mature faster than they were supposed to, without enjoying any of the pleasures of being a kid. Most powerful children would act overbearing and dominate the schools they were in, but Freda hadn't allowed any of her children to do those things.


Lenin saw the change in Freda's mood and sighed. 'Did I go too far?'. He got up from his bed and hugged his mother.


"I'm sorry. I won't do anything in the school. I'll be as average as possible"


Freda began to ruffle Lenin's hair


"Thank you"


After chatting for awhile, Freda left to prepare dinner while Lenin got ready. When Lenin arrived at the dinning area, he saw a girl who was around fourteen years old and looked exactly like his mother. This was Trisha, his younger sister.


"Hah! Seems like you're now in highschool. He he... Are you getting a girlfriend now?"

Trisha asked in a cheeky way. Lenin chuckled as he ruffled his sister's hair.


"Which girl would want to date a week trash like me?"


Trisha frowned.


"If you're trash, then all those losers in your class don't deserve the title trash. Mom restricted you again didn't she?"


Lenin just laughed and begun to eat his food. She understood her brother's feelings, since she herself was also restricted in the use of her powers. But even with this, she still had it easy than her brother. Even though she wasn't allowed to use her power, her body still gave of powerful fluctuations of both qi and Mana that could rival that of cultivators and the elves respectively.


In this way, the authorities viewed her as an unpolished gem who hadn't yet learned how to use her power and so was still treasured. In contrast, due to the nature of her brother's energy force, normal superpowered people, no matter their strength, could not sense his energy fluctuations unless he released it, and if he did, they would quiver in fear. 


The reason for this was simple. Weaker life forms just couldn't sense energy greater than them. Trisha herself also had this energy, but it was far more less and suppressed than her brother. Going by this, it was a surprise to find out that her brother had been accepted into the Immortal Institute, but she understood that this was the doing of her mother.... Or at least someone related to her mom.


"Don't worry. When I enter the Immortal Institute next year, I'll make everyone fear me so I can protect you"

Trisha said proudly.


Lenin laughed and ruffled her hair.


"Silly girl"


"Bastard. Who's a-"


"Trisha! Language!"


Trisha was cut off by her mother who just entered the kitchen. Freda sat with her children and had their meal.


Lenin made quick work of his food and set of to take the bus to the school. He arrived in front of the large 57 meter tall gate. The gate of the school was made from beratium, one of the strongest metals of the lower realms. Many students wearing a black jeans trousers or skirt, with a black suit filed into the school. This was the same outfit Lenin wore, which had the symbol of a domineering eagle on the right chest. This was the symbol of the prestigious Immortal Institute, which commanded respect in every other country. Majority of the students had prestigious and wealthy background, only a few poor people who were extremely talented were here. This was because money breeds power.


No matter the path you decide to take, wether that of an alchemist, mage, kinesis, cultivator, golem lord, blacksmith, energy knight, martial artist and so on, universal points were needed.


"Hey, Lenin!"


A voice shouted out. A youth around the same age as Lenin stood in front of the gate with an elf girl by his side. These two were Lenin's closest friends. While others abandoned him because he was weak, these two had stood by his side. Actually, Aina, the elf girl, was the elder step sister of Brian, his best friend. Brian's father had married Aina's mother when they were still kids. 


Due to this they looked quite different. Brian was a human with fiery red hair and a finely chiseled face. He stood a head taller than Lenin and was extremely handsome. Compared to Lenin's average features, the pair were an odd sight. Lenin had glossy blond hair and a finely hardened face. He had ocean blue eyes and looked like a boy toy. Yes! He looked more of a lanky lady, than a strong boy.


Brian was powerful for his age, and in some cases could rival Lenin, although he had no idea Lenin had suppressed his powers. He was a body cultivator who was at the first stage of the second realm, the soul forming stage. Being at the second realm of body cultivation at the age of 15 meant his future prospects were boundless. One should know that, body cultivation was an extremely long and painful process, and only the extremely talented could practice it.


Aina on the other hand was an extremely beautiful brunette with a pair of big green eyes. Her fair skin shone under the sunlight and her slender legs made her taller than Lenin. She had red lips situated on her face, with a pair of long elf ears. Her body had begun to develop well and with time, Lenin could see that she would become a beauty who could rival his mother. Lenin's mother was an extreme beauty who even when living in the slums, looked like a goddess. It could be seen how beautiful Aina may become.


Most elves had blonde hair, and any other color was extremely rare, while the color black was considered a bad omen among their tribe. Aina was a qi cultivator which was extremely weird. Elves were generally a race that were gifted with an extremely large mana reserve, making them fit for the mage profession.


It was rare to see an elf who deviated from the mage or any other profession that used mana. Lenin once asked her why she choose to be a qi cultivator.


"It is my way of giving respect to the Trem household and my stepfather. Most importantly, I want to take my own path"


That was her reply.

Brian threw his right arm around Lenin and pulled him toward the school.


"Hey Sis! Don't fall behind. Let's go dominate this school like we did in middle school"


Aina, who was walking behind them opened her mouth and said;

"Don't be stupid Brian. This isn't going to be like middle school. The powerhouses in this institute are nothing to scoff at. I don't even believe we'll make it into the top 50,000 among the first years"


"What? That can't be. I'm at the first stage of soul forming while you are at the sixth stage of the foundation realm"


Aina was also at the second realm of qi cultivation. Even though she had no talent in it, she worked hard.


"Aina isn't lying. There are many hiding dragons and crouching tigers. I wonder what strong people we are going to meet"


Lenin was excited by the prospect of fighting strong people.


"Stop talking nonsense Lenin. You haven't stopped that bragging of yours. Brian and I had to protect you in middle school and now you want to fight strong people. Stop being arrogant". Aina rebuked him.


Lenin winced at this.

"Let's just go to the auditorium for the first year's opening ceremony".




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