If this Harem Manga Ends, I'll Die!

If this Harem Manga Ends, I'll Die!

by KomatoSoup

Hero has been reborn as a side character in the infamous harem manga known as Harem, Harem Oval Panic.

The only problem? Harem, Harem Oval Panic was cancelled after just five chapters, and the troll of an author ended the series with a final confession...and his character’s grisly murder.  

Join Hero as he tries to prevent that final confession, maintain the status quo, and keep the harem antics going, cause otherwise—

He’ll die. 

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This is undoubtedly a hidden gem. If you like anime even a little bit, you'll love this. It pokes fun at regular harem tropes, is hilarious and engaging. Why?

- Story: isekaied on a shoestring budget, mc gets his reincarnation, but it's not all sunshine and roses; our protagonist is only the side character! Through a twist of fate, he has to find a way to divert love interests away from the real main character... or die. 
- style: I never know what to write for style, but I do know, that this is a romance/comedy, and the romance is funny as ****. That's a win win. Also, there is CLEAR DIRECTION in the plot. It's early days but already there is a roadmap for beginning middle and end... all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. 

- Grammar: flawless.

- characters: being a comedy that plays with the idea of a typical harem, there is obviously an exploration of a few typical harem love interest archetypes, the student council president, the sporty one and finally the childhood friend. It is well done. It just is. The characters are getting deeper and revealing a few mysteries about themselves too. Fantastic, because this means getting to know the characters beyond a superficial level, as the story continues to unfold. 

As Gordon Ramsey would say, 'Oh dear, oh dear, gorgeous'.