Perhaps the most well known of all devils, demons, or fallen angels is the one known as Lucifer, Satan, the Father of Lies. The cultural influence of this figure throughout history is by no means small. Despite that, it wasn’t until the time of Milton’s classic – Paradise Lost – that we saw an attempt to portray a dramatized version of the events leading to this figure’s fall from grace and power. And while this is the case, Paradise Lost is not about Lucifer – though it goes into great detail about his potential musings. No, Paradise Lost was, and still is, about the fall of mankind. So, in light of this, and the feeling that the classical story deserved another telling, I present to you all The Fall – a story focused particularly on Lucifer’s fall from grace and his musings both before and after.

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This story takes a classic idea and adds a few impactful twists while also adjusting the form into something more easily digestible by a modern audience. 

On the surface, it centers around the fall of Lucifer, but really tells the story of the fall of man.

At this point, the story is only half out, but I find myself eager to see how it'll finish. If you enjoy gothic tales of Angels and demons, it's worth a gander or two! 😁


Too short for its own good!

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

Since I finished the entire story, I'm going to go ahead and leave a full review.

Style 5/5 

There were fantastic imagery and a nice flow to the story. The bible passages at the beginning of each chapter were a nice touch for each chapter. 

Grammar 5/5 

Excellent grammar can't really say much about this, haha.

Story 4/5

The most significant criticism that most people and I had for this story was how short it was. Not just chapter length, but how it skipped over events to move on to the next point. Lucifer's plan to get Eve to bite the fruit was hyped up at the end of chapter two, only not shown in the next chapter.  I thought this was a missed opportunity to show his discourse skills and get Eve to disobey God. Same thing with the other angels. It's mentioned that the most challenging task Lucifer must do was amass his followers for the rebellion at the end of chapter one and got glossed over in the next chapter. The skipping over of events made the story feel rushed. I enjoyed the unique take you did on the fall and how divided the fallen angels were to Lucifer, basically screwing them over. Chapter six was a good way to end the story  with Jesus's resurrection and really showing how far gone Lucifer was to the point he can't see the futility of his actions and reduced himself to "well I'm just gonna break go break all the things now!" 

 Character 4/5

Lucifer's descent into madness was excellent. Kirby did a great job presenting the angel's faulty logic in going against an omnipotent and omniscient being. He also did a great job with his portrayal of God. I'm not giving full marks in this category because the other characters felt wasted. I think how short the story was caused the issue, but I wanted to see more of the other rebellious angels interact with Lucifer before and after the fall. Mephistopheles sounded like he could have been one of the harder ones to convince, which would be pretty interesting to see. (Side note: I like the Faust reference in the name, but why leave out Azarel/ Samael, who take the role of the angel of death in some Abrahamic traditions?) I think having the fallen angels and Lucifer interact with the world (Lucifer talking with angels of death while they take a soul, Lucifer and followers pretending to be gods and tricking people, or him finding the angels that went their way and seeing what they're up to) would add a lot to the world and Lucifer's character.

Overall 4/5

This was a great story to read that was too short! I thought Kirby did a fantastic job in showing the interiority of Lucifer as he attempted to usurp God. However, there are points in the story that felt rushed as the plot continued to move forward. I'm excited to reread the story when Kirby does the second draft.



Style: Spot on for what the story is. It has that "Bible" style to it, but it is a lot easier to comprehend for casual reading. 

Grammar: Author is an English major and it shows. Didn't see any grammatical errors or typos at all.

Story: This is a different take on "Paradise Lost," with more of an emphasis on Lucifer. Although brief, the story is easy to follow. The themes are very easy to pick up on, making it easy for even those that aren't particularly familiar with Christianity to follow. The story itself isn't new but rather a retelling. It's a familiar tale for many familiar with the religion, but it's an amazingly written take on it from a unique perspective. The enjoyment in the story comes from the morals and lessons rather than the plot itself.

Character: The characters are key Biblical figures (ie God/Lucifer). The Fall elaborates on Lucifer's expulsion from Heaven, so don't expect any twists or turns in character arcs if you're even remotely familiar with the Bible. They're potrayed accurately and efficiently, making them easy to follow and understand.

Overall, a fantastic read. Very short, so it couldn't hurt to give a chance at all. 


He has risen, lol.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

Never thought I would like a Bible fan fic, but here I am, reading the entire thing and thinking.

"This is pretty lit."

The poems at the begining of the chapters are pretty cool as well and help set the tone. It's a nice short story and a wonderful change from the sludge of litrpgs that are weighing down this site...



This story even if it got as a base a classic idea it adds many different twists and make it more interesting and is more hooking to the modern readers than the original, stories which are many 

It is a tale about the fall of lucifer and humanity in some way(someone already said that in a review I think )

There is one thing I wanna complain about, it is a time skip a little at the end of the story kinda felt off a little and could not understand everything properly