Finn Cambridge…Pokémon Master?

by Overload

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Waking up in a Pokemon world is any 10-year-olds dream...Not so much for an 18-year-old. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pokemon games and even still play the new ones occasionally, but it is not my entire life like it was when I was a kid. I grew up and moved on to other hot girls, but Pokemon has always had a special place in my heart. 

No one wants to hear about my boring, poor college boy past, so I will summarise for you quickly. I was a normal college student, from a normal middle-class family, with normal girlfriends and friends. Not protagonist material at all!

Now onto what you will care to know. When I woke up, I was a baby in a Pokemon filled world, and with all my past memories...Sort of... But this world was only vaguely like the one from the manga or was much more...real. Like if someone took Pokemon and smashed it together with reality until it created something that made sense. The oddest part of all was my new parents... This is the story of how I was born into an unsettlingly realistic Pokemon world as the son of Jessie and James from Team Rocket. Oh, what Joy.

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some total kretin

You know the dreams, where you're the buff sleek millionaire supermodel superstar singer movie star with a bevy of luscious nubile females with bodies and personalities spanning the gamut, but always to die for?  Also, don't forget about every step you take giving you another amazingly dumb new item/encounter/relationship.

Not recommended.

It is the dream version of a shampoo commercial with probably sex somewhere in the future, where even the ten-year-olds have six-packs and think of marriage and eighteen-year-olds probably have second jobs and memories of three wars and a career in a swat unit as an aside to running several multinational corporations. Probably. I haven't gotten that far, but if any fiction can get down that rabbit hole, it is this one.

If there is a definition of tacky wish-fulfilment in a dictionary somewhere, it deserves a mention there. Seriously. My eyes rolled like slot machines at all the fortuitous events mentioned offhandedly in the first three chapters. Well, jackpot, I guess.


Title says it all. I truly hate Mr and Mrs perfect. I hope they step on legos. This is a romantic wish fulfillment that happens to have pokemon from time to time. And although the focus has moved towards the pokemon recently, it's pretty dumb.

Battles are dull and lackluster, we have a mythical on the team before the first gym battle. 


Look, all of this stories problems have the same root; fanfiction syndrome. Fanfictions tend to have an OC just takeover the original story and be "more awesome" than the original characters. While this Fandom doesn't really follow the story, it does suffer from the lead cast needing to be "awesome". Shiny pokemon everywhere, mythical that aren't very myth like, lead cast that are famous singer, actress, songwriters, models, Instagram celebrities. Sad part is, this isn't a story. Its just about some dudes make believe people being cool. Wish there was some sort of plot. The smut was ok.

And the last thing. How come any time money is brought up, there's an equivalent amount in U.S. dollars in parentheses? It's the poke world. There is no u.s. Why would we care for the exchange rate.

I honestly can't recommend this to anyone. The only redeeming factor is I've read worse. Which isn't a compliment. 


A good, solid Fan Fic. People seem to be complaining about his choosing of the popular and powerful pokemon as well as "taking to many linerties" with how the pokemon world works, but its a FAN fiction for crying out loud. I'd be concerned if the author wasn't writing this for their own enjoyment and doing things how they wanted. Wish fullfilment is not an inherently bad thing people.


So as a story it's not a terrible read but for myself i find it takes a bit too many liberties with the pokemon world in order to be called a good fanfic, particularly the one pokemon who evolved and gained what was essentially decals, that combined with the constant shinies and the whole thing fell a little flat for me. another thing that i got annoyed with is what feels like uninspired pokemon choices (author gives reasoning but i dont like the pokemon he chose), he just goes with the strongest known pokemon instead of weird/interesting that see less love and making those work somehow.


As of chapter 5, there hasn't been much action, only a few one-sided fights and brief telling of outcomes. These early chapters are building up the characters and detailing their school life, which in this universe lasts until 16, before the main character and I assume his girlfriend set out on their journey together.

So far I've enjoyed all of it, like the detailing of the world and establishing the changes between this and the games/anime. I probably don't need to say this since it's in the title of the novel but the main character is Finn Cambridge.

The style is in the first person following the thought process of Finn as well as being in past tense.

The Grammar is fine from what I see.

The story is on a good track so far but most of what's out now is a prelude to the main journey if I'm interpreting it correctly so we don't know too much in that regard.

The characters are fun and entertaining, Finn is fairly relatable and we see characters from the games and anime with Ash, Serena, Jessie, and James being the ones who have gotten the most so far the latter two being Finn's parents.


I haven't even read past the first chapter but I'm giving this five stars because this is the first reincarnation story that mentioned the impossibility of an adult brain in a babies body. And I've read enough reincarnation stories that I'd consider it unhealthy, so take this as you will.


This story was so much fun to read and I definitely recommend it to everybody. I liked Pokemon as a kid and this brings it all back. It is not so much about pokemon battles themselves, though there are some of those, it builds mainly around worldbuilding and character progression and growth. And it does so in such a great way. I lose the pictures included with the characters as well, nice little touch there. Love it. Give me more!


a litle bit of sunshine after a bad day

Reviewed at: Interlude 1

The stile of story is good at least i like that it leaves a smile on my face while and after reading it and while the story isn't all sunshine since the porpuse of the story was to help the author rekindle the good memories that the author had while viewing pokemon it will end in good mood.

The start of the story is rather fast pacing as all are that are reborn as babies, but after he reaches the age when his journey is about to begin it stars to go a lot slower and more descritive.

The grammar is pretty good a tipo here or there once in a while but nothing that breaks emercion.

The characters is where i think the story lacks becouse apart from the 2 leads there isn't much i can tell from the others apart from a general he/she likes this , but since the pace of the story slowed a lot now that the pokemon journey began the authors will explore the characters more.

All in i rather liked the story i smiled a lot while reading it, althought i am a litle biased since i also like pokemon a lot xD.