The Eye of Cyprus

The Eye of Cyprus

by Jonathan Vilario

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

King Richard Lionheart sets his sights on the kingdom of Cyprus. In a desperate attempt to stand up to the Crusaders, King Isaac calls upon the help of an infamous wizard to help save his kingdom. Lucius, a young boy who's only ambition is to alleviate his own boredom, will shake the tides earth to fend off this new threat. But as the invasion commences, Lucius will meet trials no man has ever faced before. He'll be one wizard fending off an army of Crusaders, witches, and demons, all for the sake of a maddening king. 

Lucius the demented sorcerer, the sole defender of Cyprus, the killer of Crusaders, the necromancer of demons, the star saint of the peasants. Lucius doesn't realize it yet, but this war will immortalize his name in the history of Europe forever.

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Jonathan Vilario

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The english and usage of words is very well written, but it's inconsistent. Something like, last paragraph I could vividly imagine due to the detailed description and dialogues, the next ones suddenly become too simple or lacking.

Character has extreme mood swings for some reason too, his feelings just suddenly sway completely the opposite of what was just happening. Nonetheless, a very likeable character.



Pretty Damn Good

Reviewed at: 1.1

The I've only read the first chapter but overall it seems pretty good occasionaly your english just gets absolutely screwed and every so often you'll see really big mood swing with the MC like at the very end of ch 1 he goes from a mix of horrified and pissed to super excited when recieving the request from the king overall I'd like to see this story continued