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The second half of Day 5...


Tier was now finally able to start creating his second floor after a long period of something known as procrastination or distractions or just plain laziness ‘no excuses’ he reminded himself as he starts working on the second floor properly.

The first thing he made was simple, a small 10ft wide perfectly square cube room, he then made a 5ft wide tunnel going West for 15ft before making another 10ft tunnel to the north as he starts crafting the first hallway of the second floor. He then created a snap trap on the corner triggered by an almost invisible trip wire which would cause a literal stick with a large slab of stone to release a lot of tension and smack anyone unfortunate enough right in the stomach to welcome them to the second floor.

The first room was simple, it was a 20ft south to north wide, 40ft east to west long room with a 10ft tall ceiling. The room then spawned a few mushrooms of various unknown kinds, some Shine mushrooms for light, some boulders, uneven terrain, usual cave stuff like dills, shoots, stalactite, stalagmites, etc… for some atmosphere.

He then went north creating a winding 7ft wide hallway which actually leads to a room to the East of the first room being a rougher version of a 10ft cube with some rocks in it and defended by some blunt arrow traps. Then a hallway from the west side which leads to a room to the north defended by more arrow traps and the room was also a 10ft cube with some cave decorations. It was only after he started on another hallway that he decided to try something else with these rooms and made the second of the two room connected via an illusionary wall followed by another illusionary wall for the hallway leading to nowhere.

He added a chest on the second cube room and one in the invisible hallway before realizing something important… “wait… I know I’ve been adding chests here and there but why haven’t I add like rewards or something… I mean… I never felt the need to for some reason…” He accidentally wondered out loud.

Rewards are randomly assigned based on many factors like how hard it is to reach, the dangers faced when reaching it, how well hidden it is and most importantly what the dungeon intends that loot box to contain.

“so the process is automatic?” he asked.

The process of loot drops is automatic but you may wish to turn it on or off, certain creatures may also drop loot as well.

‘that’s right, when some of my creature’s die fighting that Yao Guai, they all disappeared and yet some of them disappeared with something random in their place… I didn’t realize it at the time because it just felt natural? Is this my instincts acting up?’ He questioned himself rhetorically ‘anyways, let me check what loot can be dropped by the chests?’ he requested.

Request accepted.

He saw a list of every chest or loot containers inside of the dungeon, where they are, what can spawn inside of them and what tier of loot there was. All of it was things you might find in his dungeon or things he had absorbed or taken in or just plain old drops from his creatures.

‘alright then, show me the loot drops of my creatures’ he requested, what he saw was the same as the loot boxes but with more detail, for example: Kaide can drop a variety of drops from the common drops that all kobolds have to any piece of equipment he has, Blackie may drop some sort of black gel substance, a vial of acid of some kind and his core crystal. All of the drops have a percentage chance of occurring with more common things dropping more regularly than less common things. The most shocking of all was actually Asur who has unknown drops ‘hey… why is Asur not showing any drops here?’ Tier asked the advisor.

Asur is a boss creature, rewards assigned to boss creatures depends on how challenging they are, what method could be used to pass them, their abilities, the personality of the people who defeated them and their own personality if they have one.

‘huh, that would make my life way easier, also makes sense as you don’t want bosses to drop shit loot I guess’ Tier thought ‘where was I again… I should really stop getting distracted all the time… right, revising the first part of the second floor…’

He went back to the first room of the second floor before making a 15ft long 5ft wide hallway to the West of the room going straight before creating another room being 60ft long east to west, 20ft wide north to south and 10ft high like the last room but a bit longer. He decorated the room a bit, added a hidden chest in a small hidden crevice in the West wall, a couple boulder, a small water pool in the south wall a bit to the East…

Before deciding on how to expand further, he came to the decision to populate the first two rooms before doing anything else. Back to the first room, he added 4 modified monitors alongside 4 lesser cave serpents modified with paralysis poison to defend it, in the offshoot room, he placed a dozen lesser giant cave varmilleons inside of it and in the hidden room to the far north, he added a great venomous cave serpent modified to be stronger and more cunning to fight alongside 6 of the previously modified paralysis poison serpents and 6 Vespers.

‘to be honest, feels like I’m just placing things randomly but then again… I don’t want to go overboard so being random is good as long as I don’t make it too difficult…’ he promised himself yet he knows that he will not make good on that promise one bit at all deep inside of him.

For the second room, he wanted some acid spitting water creature but got frustrated when that modification attempt failed ‘guess it does have some limits’ Tier thought before adding 5 lesser slimes, 5 vespers and 3 modified monitors into the room to provide a tougher challenge… and a new surprise. He then filled all four rooms and the hallways with some small simple ecosystems alongside many different critters, glowing mushrooms, etc… he almost wet further but stopped himself.

Before long, he created two 15ft long 6ft wide tunnels in both the south western corner and the north western corner leading to two similar 25ft long east to west 15ft wide north to south rooms. In these two rooms, he filled them with similar decorations but both serve different purposes with one being made for combat and another for a puzzle.

For the southern puzzle room, he created a simple door leading into the room with a raised stone pedestal with a button in the middle of the room right in the middle of the room which once pushed on will began a 30 second countdown which will open the doors… which is plural because the door behind will automatically lock once the button was pressed the lighting mushrooms inside the room will dim from a bright blue to dark barely illuminating red… The room was made to basically F#CK with people and their paranoia.

For the northern combat room, he made a taut trip wire right at the entrance made to trip people and spawned 10 kobolds inside the room which instantly started to revere him as a deity which didn’t exactly help. When he asked each about whether they want to fight melee or ranged, he got 6 melee fighters and 4 ranged skirmishers which was perfect for him. He instantly went to make the next room using another 15ft long 5ft wide tunnel to the next room made to be 75ft long by 25ft wide going east to west and absolutely being filled with mud.

To the South western corner, he created a 10ft by 10ft cliff that rises 10ft up with the only path up being a steep 30-degree incline on a 15ishft long ramp. Throughout the whole entire room, he added small round wooden logs with a radius of about 1ft with some being actual logs sticking deep into the 3ft deep mud pit but others were fakes that bobbles slowly on the surface of the mud. It also probably doesn’t help that he put a taut trip wire that will spring up once someone enters the room to trip someone face first into the mud and for others to have to either get lucky or be skilled enough to jump on a log to not end up with the same fate as their friend Leeroy.

He gave all 10 kobolds the standard clothing and armor of the kobolds the floor above with their gambesons, textile clothing, some bronze equipment but their weaponry is a bit different. The 6 melee kobolds decided that since they were supposed to be in the tighter first room they would be best with three shield and arming sword wielding kobolds backed up by three two handed spear wielders which was the decision they made when Tier asked about how to arm them. The 4 that wanted to do ranged combat on the hill in the mud room picked two slingshot wielders with bronze ammunition and two javelin throwers equipped with shields and all of them carried bronze arming swords for extra measure.

Tier was honestly surprised by how serious they are and how intelligent they are but kobolds are known somewhat for their cunning even if he hasn’t been using them with their trap proficiencies at all… ‘I should fix that… soon… in the future…’ he promised himself as he gave some tips on how to use their weapons, asked some of the kobolds upstairs to help train them, created many small hidden tunnels connecting the two floors, the standard stuff and also gave the three shield bearers in the first combat room a javelin each to throw at enemies before combat which seemed like a good idea before they pull their swords out.

He added some other creatures as well like six flying kanids and vespers in the mud room to help harass anyone jumping, a modified monitor to help the kobold shield and spear wall but especially critters to fill the two rooms with some life. To make things a bit fair, he did add a few rocks jutting out which should let ay delvers take some cover behind to avoid ranged firepower with their near endless ammo from the bags of bronze ammunition, javelins. He even gave the kobolds on the cliff some cover in the form of some wooden palisades and rock outcroppings so they don’t get too easily snipped and let kobolds in both rooms built traps and train as they see fit alongside some help from… Kaide from the first floor.


… “alright greenhorns, first day in my school of training includes one thing and one thing only” Kaide said cheerfully while smiling “eating some mushrooms” He said before showing the newcomers a bag full of poisonous Tuto mushrooms “erm… we are not sure about your methods brother Kai… *umph*” The kobold that tried rejecting got a mouthful of mushrooms as Kaide moved at frightening speeds “NO BACKTALK!!!, also it’s commander Kaide to you got it?” He said in a more playful tone and got a lot of nods.

‘hopefully I’m not too strict and they actually don’t hate me… but this is necessary not only for my image but also for the greater good of the dungeon as a whole’ Kaide nervously told himself the reason why he does all of this whilst his face shows utterly no emotion as he shoves another Tuto inside the throats of one of the kobolds.

“I swear, he does that just for fun” Taika commented as she walked in on the tail end of the conversation “I mean, I know you mean well and that poison resistance saved your life that one time so you keep eating those mushrooms and force feeding others as well but couldn’t you be a bit more lenient or kind?” She also added “if I be too kind to people, they’ll slack off like Ruma did in his early days… actually it still the early days… but anyways, I need to discipline people and I believe in actions not words” Kaide defended himself as he shoves another Tuto down another one of the kobold’s mouths.

“C’mon Kaide, those new buggers wouldn’t be able to effectively train if you put those mushies into them, the lot will be too poisoned ta stand like the four newcomers in da first floor” Verk entered on the conversation “also, you know how much Oi hate those facking mushies” Verk also added “all for the better” Kaide commented “pain gives endurance, going beyond your limits is always something to be proud of, eating Tutos give you poison resistance that will save your life” he followed on without a hint of emotion in contrary to his emotional state which was panicking madly for Taika and Verk were questioning him.

“forget it Verk, he’s not changing his mind” Taika said in a disappointing tone “he never does but I guess that what makes him… him” “real charmer our commander is, you have a soft spot for him eh?” Verk commented only to get slapped in the back hard enough to make him cough “nah… he’s a bit too extreme for my taste and honestly I prefer someone less… insane about mushrooms… no matter how he looks” Taika answered.

“look like a little missy has a crush on our crazy mushy loving commander” Verk teased as they moved on out of hearing range from Kaide and the others going hopping on the wooden logs to reach the cliff and the hallway being built to the next room “no way, sure I find him attractive more than the others but he’ll need way more than some good looking horns to get me to go to bed with him” Taika said sternly “C’mon now, that was too easy to get yerself to admit that didn’t it, there has to be a bit more on this scandal” Verk commented before missing a jump and face-planting into the mud.

“maybe, but we’ll just have to see in the future as Tier did turn on breeding but I will not lay any eggs anytime soon… I hope” Taika commented herself as she pulled Verk back onto a dry log “look like someone wants to go to bed with another kobold” Verk commented on her last sentence “well, yeah it’s almost an urge to go you know, don’t you get it too?” she was asking questions now “meh, to invested in me own crafting ta care all that much… now that you mention it though… I do want ta get in on some ‘action’” Verk emphasized the last word “who though? Is it Hraeta?” Taika asked teasingly.

“nah… it’s this missy right here” he slapped her hard sending her into the mud “just kidding, I don’t feel like banging any of the females… just don’t feel like it” he said truthfully “you know I hate getting my feathers wet” Taika said angrily almost with a hiss “but I’ll forgive you this time, is there any reasons why? Do you perhaps like males instead?” She said as Verk pulled her up this time “the other… males? Where did you even get the idea?” Verk answered with a poker face.

The conversation was about to start again but then Kaide shouted out “hey, why are you two wet with mud? You’re supposed to show the new recruits how it’s done” Kaide shouted out “well why don’t ye try it for yerself cammandir?” Verk suggested yelling back “I swear you are deliberately making your accent worse but fine, I’ll bite” Kaide agreed and jumped onto a platform and then another at pretty fast speeds.

“see, this is way too eas-” it was then that he jumped on a log that was a fake and fell face first into the mud making everyone laugh including the new kobolds. “… alright fine, I admit that this is pretty hard” Kaide agreed “come on Kaide, aren’t you supposed to be the commander, you shouldn’t push others too hard when you yourselves aren’t perfect” Taika suggested as both she and Verk lifted the 5”3’ large kobold onto a platform “I guess you are right, I’ll be more… lenient from now on I guess, from now on I’ll be ni…” “hah, he can’t even cross it and he calls himself the commander, what a loser” one of the kobold just couldn’t keep their laughter in “give me a second please” Kaide said calmly and for once his inner thoughts actual reflects his outer actions… in the detriment to the other kobolds…

A second later, a very angry commander was drowning an overconfident recruit in a bag of poisonous mushrooms as he screamed for all the other recruits to stuff two more inside their mouths if they did not want to end up in the same situation as the arrogant one… “welp, I tried… can’t save them from their own stupidity” Taika commented “I even gotten pretty close as well!” she followed up “ye tried yer best Taika, if that idiot didn’t open their darn mouth” Verk patted her “so, that was a pretty cool move, that enough fer some tail play with Kaide now?” Verk just had to open his mouth and all Taika did was push Verk into the mud “…no” she simply said to a very muddy Verk as she reached a hand out to pull him back up.


Meanwhile… Tier was underway thinking of the second puzzle room with a similar hallway and room size as the first puzzle room. In the second one, you have a lot of 1ft square floor tiles stretching the entirety of the 15ft wide, 25ft long room… he widens the room to be 30ft wide and 50ft long after a quick reassessment and made the tiles be 5ft instead of the regular 1ft tiles. Also, he made it so that there are blunt arrow traps that will fire if you stay on a tile for way too long to make it more challenging and randomized the tiles with most being fakes that will crumble under any weight with only some being real ones that will always lead a path to the end.

Of course, it is pointless to make a tile puzzle when you have nothing to fall into so Tier made a 20ft drop into a 10ft deep body of water which he populated with some of the usual water stuff and a small tunnel which leads to the long second room where the split starts with an almost indistinguishable stone hatch placed straight in the middle that only opens on one side.

Tier then went to the third puzzle room which was actually not connected by a hallway but by a thick 5ft thick 10ft wide double doorway that needs to be pulled open to the sides of the 10ft thick walls. The third room… was a bit of a pain as it involves a 15ft by 15ft by 15ft perfect cube with a 5ft diameter circle stone… rotating circle contraptions which would open the next puzzle door if the 5 rotating discs align probably and a button in the middle was pressed… and it was randomized… Tier loved the randomizer option and was glad he found out about it by asking the advisor one time.

The two split rooms then have two hallways connecting to a square room about 20ft wide, 10ft high with a somehow perfect ventilation system for the never ending fire pit in the middle like in the two private rooms upstairs. Tier placed a chest in the room as a reward for those who have come this far in the dungeon already with plans for the next room being the boss room but couldn’t think of anything yet… so he just put a 10ft wide 2ft thick stone double door that leads nowhere for now.

As Tier created some simple sleeping bags to sleep in… he realized that he forgot to give comfortable sleeping spaces to those around him and worked to give everyone at least simple comfortable beds and he knew who to judge first…



Ruma was annoyed… like he always was… he had to follow the commands of an upstart kobold who was barely larger than other kobolds, get interrupted and shouted at for sleeping all the time, cuddle with an annoying yet surprisingly scary fluffy feathery four legged lizard thing called Aenirus… actually she’s okay in his eyes… he had to listen to constant lectures, lessons about languages which seemed pointless to him as draconic was the best language that only the worthy wield and the ones who don’t are little more than feral vermin.

He’s was pretty sure he was the strongest creature in the dungeon… Aenirus doesn’t count since she’s a friend of the dungeon… which he kind of likes… not that he shows it… but once Asur was created he looked at the sear size and power that a boss could wield whilst he was just a weak normal creature that lives in the private area of the dungeons waiting for the core’s approval to do something.

He seen the kobold train but that seemed kind of pointless to him… until he met Asur which made him question his power… a lot… then it turns out that the black blob called… Blackie which he thought was a terrible name actually has a much higher threat ranking than himself which was heresy in his eyes so he started doing stuff to gain stats but never fast enough to be worth it in his eyes “you just got to keep learning and it will build up over time” Aenirus suggested after seeing him gave up one time.

So, he kept going even if it felt… unintuitive in his mind because Aenirus told him to… unlike everyone else in the dungeon, only Aenirus was nice on him, the kobolds never treat him with respect that they owe him, the core might make him stronger but they also yell at him an awful lot, the commander was the worst of the lot force feeding the mighty him poisonous mushrooms for what? A poison resistance when he got a poison immunity now? He was younger and didn’t have it at the time but… at least now he had an immunity to those forsaken mushrooms so they wouldn’t force feed them to him anymore, he swore to seek revenge on the one named Kaide if it was the last thing he would do.

All and all, the dungeon was just not an enjoyable place for him, he thought about leaving but pushed that thought aside as he had some… kind of pull to protect the core with his life which he will… but not willingly. There was only one thing that he would willingly protect with his life and that would be mother Aenirus the guest/friend of the dungeon and that’s it.

“hey Ruma, there you ar… are you actually putting effort into something?” The core said shockingly probably came to tease or mock him again for being lazy but was now shocked that he now finally did something other than lay around all day in his mind, at least he would now acknowledge Ruma if nothing els… “either way, I need you to go help me make some comfortable sleeping spots or spaces or bags or beds since you seem to like sleeping the most” Tier said in a friendly comforting voice that Ruma couldn’t hear before.

‘okay… two things I have to protect with my life’ Ruma thought as he smiled and accepted gratefully ‘maybe if I act nice and abide by the rules I can get treats like this more often’ he thought as he folloed the presence of Tier and he swore then and there that he would protect both the dungeon and Aenirus at the same tim.


Back to Tier…

‘seems like these comfortable beds or whatever they are called seems… to be very popular now that pretty much everyone has one’ Tier thought looking at the variety of plant based sleeping beds he made from simple bags to beds for the more… animalistic denizens of the dungeon ‘I kind of wish I had a physical body now’ Tier thought.

You can.

“REALLY? HOW?” Tier accidentally asked out loud whilst excited.

Simply chose a creature inside of your dungeon and you can control their body.

“no, no, no, no, NO!” Tier screamed out in protest “I’m not taking anyone’s freedom or turning them to SLAVES YOU GLORIFIED F#CKI… sorry about that, I suddenly felt very mad all of the sudden… get rid of that feature forever please” He said after realizing that he was raging and requested weakly.

Request accepted, the option to take full control of a creature’s body has now been disabled until the core requests otherwise.

“woah… what’s this about taking someone’s freedom or turning people to slaves?” Aenirus asked listening to the screaming way down the dungeon “nothing, just a horrible feature that I wanted gone from my sight forever” Tier answered strictly “alright, just don’t scream a lot… I kind of got scared a bit” Aenirus admitted plainly “sorry, I’ll try to keep my temper tantrums down to a minimum” Tier responded.

With Aenirus getting back to do some more basic language lessons with some of the more… interested individuals, Tier was free to do his things again but this time he remembered something ‘hey, don’t I get a new creature for each floor I created?’ he asked mentally this time.

A dungeon may get a random creature every time they finished designing a floor, do you wish to get a random creature now?

‘oh so it’s like loot boxes in those fps games… sure, as long as there are no microstransactions, hit me with the randomizer wheel of fortune or new creature… or whatever just give me my randomized creature’ Tier requested.

Affirmative, your randomized creature will be ready in five seconds…

The sound of a wheel being spun can be heard by Tier as he was suddenly bombarded with knowledge of how to create a new creature…


Congratulations, you have randomly selected the following pattern:

  • Lesser Maned Kanid (basically a maned wolf but with darker colors and bigger to boot): maned kanids are odd in the family of kanides as they are omnivores whilst regular kainides are generally carnivores, they are solitary creatures that bond with a mate for life whilst kainides generally form packs or groups, they are also the largest kind of Kainides beating even the Great Winter Wargs or Fenrirs of the north. Maned Kanids live in tropical biomes with great jungles or very tall grass, they are also known for their surprisingly long limb size and arboreal movement.

Base Stats:

Strength - 26

Perception - 14

Endurance - 22

Dexterity - 18

Intelligence - 11

Wisdom - 13

Charisma - 9

Creativity - 11

Destiny - 11

Mysticism - 6

Karma - 7

Willpower - 14

Traits: Keen sense of hearing and smell (the user has a better sense of smell and hearing); Mangy Fur (reduce damage from physical attacks, reduced cold damage but with fire vulnerability)

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.7), Sonic Barking (lv.13) (user let out a demonic loud noise periodically dealing minor sonic damage but most importantly disrupting the hearing and concentration of any enemies)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.8), Arboreal-movement (lv.6)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (amateur), Tail attack (novice)

Threat Ranking: 1.38

Ecology: Kanid Apple Plants(a tree that grows a type of apple favored by maned kanids, has soft light wood with the roundish green fruit having a strange but not bad aroma and a sour but alright taste), Jungle Fern, Tropical Thornleaves (a type of fern with spiky leaves that grows in tropical climates, the resin created from the thorny leaves can cure mild burns and has a minor healing property), Sugarcane, Red Tail Naïve (red tail deer) (a type of Naïve with a red tail, found in tropical environments, do not have horns but are fast runners)

‘huh… I got a bunch of tropical stuff now… and a creature that seems to be boss material in my eyes… if I can make a 2.25 threat level serpent a 27 threat level boss than I’m sure I can make a threat level 1.38 Kanid have the same 10x threat rank jump if I made it the boss… hopefully’ Tier somehow doubted himself.

Undeterred Tier went and did a few modifications to the Lesser Maned Kanids… just a few tweaks here and there… nothing major but here’s the name stat block:

  • Lesser Maned Kanid (modified template) (basically a maned wolf but with darker colors and bigger to boot): maned kanids are odd in the family of kanides as they are omnivores whilst regular kainides are generally carnivores, they are solitary creatures that bond with a mate for life whilst kainides generally form packs or groups, they are also the largest kind of Kainides beating even the Great Winter Wargs of the north. Maned Kanids live in tropical biomes with great jungles or very tall grass, they are also known for their surprisingly long limb size and arboreal movement.

Base Stats:

Strength – 36 (+10)

Perception – 34 (+20

Endurance – 32 (+10)

Dexterity – 28 (+10)

Intelligence – 21 (+10)

Wisdom – 11 (+5)

Charisma – 14 (+5)

Creativity – 16 (+5)

Destiny – 16 (+5)

Mysticism – 11 (+5)

Karma – 10 (+3)

Willpower – 15 (+1)

Traits: Keen Awareness, Improved Mangy Fur, Lesser Darkvision

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.8), Sonic Barking (lv.16)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.8), Arboreal-movement (lv.12), Pain Reduction (lv.10)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (trained), Tail attack (amateur)

Threat Ranking: 2.30

‘did I go overboard again? Probably… eh, already made a modified template’ Tier thought as he went ahead to design the boss arena… It was going to be so broken. First, he went to the rest room and make a 30ft long 10ft wide tunnel lined with glowing fungus in the middle of the Western wall going straight west.

Then, he made the boss room being a 100ft wide completely circular room with a raised 60ft wide circular hill raised about… 40ft high but level with both the entrance and exit both being a straight 20ft wide 5ft long 5ft thick stone bridges leading to bigger 10ft hallways completely perpendicular to each other. Tier than filled the room with water so it pretty much engulfs any area below rising just two inches short of hitting the platforms. At the end, Tier created his 15ft cube room connected by a 30ft long 10ft wide corridor with a locked 5ft thick bronze reinforced stone door which required a key which he put in the middle of the circle island.

Tier made the circle arena a bit more interesting making the terrain rough with certain small hills, rocky boulders, 20ft stone bridge like the other two connected to a northern 10ft wide 5ft long hallway to a 50ft wide rough looking square room. He made this room had plenty of vegetation of both the surrounding landscape and some of the new tropical plants he just got especially the Kanid Apple Plants which he planted five in the northern room with the ceiling raised to 40ft high being dotted with glowing mushrooms to create a feeling of stars.

In this 60ft wide central island, surrounded by water with three 20ft long stone bridge connecting to it was where the boss was going to be situated. Tier quickly spawns two of his modified lesser maned kanids without consciousness with one being male and the other being female. Tier did some quick modifications, copied the same blood moss test he did back with Asur which also reminded him to place his harvestable resources like blood moss on the second floor which he told to just put some of everything automatically.

He then made both of the kanids bigger, increasing their already impressive size making them 60kg heavy instead of the standard 40kg of his modified variant which was itself heavier than the original which was 30kg so both of the kanids actually have double the mass of a regular maned kanid which are bigger than normal kanids which Tier didn’t know about. The two were bigger, stronger with more mechanics than a regular modified maned kanid Tier created and he covered both with blood moss as well and hit the create boss button in his mental head.

The two young unconscious creature’s bodies shimmered as a familiar light coated their entire beings before revealing two completely new creatures that are now both bosses of the second floor. Their fur coat once an orange color now had a red gleam, their paws now have sick looking 5 inch claws on them, they look bigger being 8ft long, 3ft wide and weighing about 100 kilos now or more. Their long tail swishing as both of the new bosses gained consciousness and began looking amazed at their bodies as two new biological masterpieces were created.

‘now to open their status screens and hope to some higher being that they aren’t too overpowered’ Tier hoped mentally as he brought himself to check on the stats of the two new creatures beginning with the male:

Name: None

Gender: Male

Species: Greater Maned Kanid (boss)

Age: 1-minute old


Strength – 47 (+15)

Perception – 53 (+15)

Endurance – 41 (+15)

Dexterity – 46 (+15)

Intelligence – 37 (+10)

Wisdom – 32 (+10)

Charisma – 29 (+10)

Creativity – 33 (+10)

Destiny – 28 (+10)

Mysticism – 33 (+20)

Karma – 24 (+10)

Willpower – 19 (+5)

Traits: Keen Awareness, Improved Mangy Fur (reduced damage from physical attacks, reduced cold damage, minor fire vulnerability); Darkvision, Minor Regeneration (user regains health at a +20% increased rate per hour; Regains 0.1% of total health every 6 seconds, 50% Max Health Reserves)

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.28), Sonic Barking (lv.20)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.12), Arboreal-movement (lv.13), Pain Reduction (lv.15) (reduce any pain the user may experience by 15%), Communication (lv.8) (allows user to better communicate with any creatures capable of understanding your speech or intent)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (proficient), Tail attack (amateur)

Magic Potential: 5

Elemental Affinity: Sonic (lv.3), Earth (lv.3), Air (lv.3)

Threat Ranking: 7.1


‘okay then… not too outlandish of a statline… there are nothing too special about him-oh wait there are 3 mana affinities so that’s good… so I guess that was it’ Tier thought ‘hopefully the female is also the same…’


Name: None

Gender: Female

Species: Greater Maned Kanid (boss)

Age: 2-minute old


Strength – 59 (+15)

Perception – 39 (+15)

Endurance – 61 (+15)

Dexterity – 32 (+15)

Intelligence – 29 (+10)

Wisdom – 22 (+10)

Charisma – 30 (+10)

Creativity – 36 (+10)

Destiny – 28 (+10)

Mysticism – 19 (+20)

Karma – 29 (+10)

Willpower – 45 (+5)

Traits: Keen Awareness, Improved Mangy Fur, Darkvision, Minor Regeneration

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.17) Sonic Barking (lv.19)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.24), Arboreal-movement (lv.6), Pain Reduction (lv.23), Communication (lv.14) (allows user to better communicate with any creatures capable of understanding your speech or intent)

Proficiencies: Bite (journeyman), Claws (trained), Tail attack (amateur)

Magic Potential: 3

Elemental Affinity: Sonic (lv.3), Fire (lv.3)

Threat Ranking: 7.1


‘HOLY SH!T!!! I DID IT!!! A-two bosses that aren’t outlandishly powerful’ Tier congratulated himself before speaking to the two new bosses “hello there, welcome to my dungeon, I am sure you two know about your roles?” Tier asked them just to be sure.

“yes… we know that we are both the bosses for the second floor” the female one answered “and we know how to use our powers to best defend you” The male one added “we will both do as you command” they both announced at the same time.

“alright then, I made you two a small home to the north there where you would stay when there are no intruders” Tier said “you two just do your best, work together and do whatever until any intruder reached the second floor and do get along”

“excuse me for being rude” The male one asked “would it be okay if we go to other places than the boss room?” “yes, that would be okay but do make sure to return when any delvers get too close” Tier answered “also you two need a name… How about… Mirsk and Marve” Tier named them.

“it is an honor to receive a name, I will cherish it” The female now Mirsk bowed “so will I” The male now Marve followed “anyways, just do whatever you want, learn some magic, go find a hobby… do whatever but do try and do your duty and if you have any questions or misgivings… just tell me and I’ll be happy to hear them out” Tier exclaimed.

The two seemed to start chatting towards each other likely to get to know each other better and how to use their talents most effectively. Mirsk the female one was bigger, physically stronger and more durable whilst Marve the male one was smaller but more mentally fit with a faster speed and is magically gifted with some good affinities.

‘now then, to connect the hidden tunnels with each other’ Tier thought as he used some of his remaining mana on creating a network of hidden tunnels, private rooms, sleeping spaces, etc… for the denizens of his dungeon to better themselves, rest or do many other things including a hidden waterways connecting the two boss rooms so Asur can come support the younger bosses and give some tips if need be.

‘well then, it feels like I have a migraine now but… it’s worth it, I just have to move my core now and… it’s done’ Tier thought as he moved his core to the new 15ft cube to the West of the 2nd floor boss room ‘now that I have finished the second floor… let’s go and get a new monster’ Tier said mentally.

Affirmative, your randomized creature will be ready in five seconds…

The same message appeared alongside the same sound as before and then knowledge of a new creature rams itself into Tier’s head:

  • Lesser Gargoyle: Gargoyles are handmade creatures using flesh, magic and stone… A gargoyle can harden parts of its own body into stone to appear like a statue whilst still having an awareness thanks to their magic sense. They are a mimic of the True Gargoyles whom are considered spiritual creatures made by many mages in their image. Their abilities are dependent on how they are made, what features they have, etc…

Base Stats: varies depending on the dungeon’s ability to create a creature

Traits: Magic Sense (allows the user to sense things via the mana in the air, can see through illusions or invisibility, 50ft range); Stone Form (user can transform parts or their entire body into stone restricting movement for better protection or to hide as a stone statue)

Threat Ranking: varies depending on the dungeon’s ability to create a creature

Ecology: common moss, common vines


‘heh… of course they gave me a creature that I can shape to my heart’s desire’ Tier thought and began to start cackling like a mad-scientists whilst thinking of all the ways to use the new creature he just gained… as day 5 passed on to day 6…

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