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Day 2…

“are you absolutely sure you want to be the first volunteer?” Tier asked double checking but the monitor once again just nodded t “all right, let’s start” Tier said before he pulled up the monitor’s stat block to double check again

Name: none

Species: Monitor (ready to evolve)

Gender: Male

Age: 2-days old


Strength - 25

Perception - 14

Endurance - 28

Dexterity - 14

Intelligence - 9

Wisdom - 7

Charisma - 5

Creativity - 6

Destiny - 10

Mysticism - 3

Karma - 3

Willpower - 6

Traits: Infrared Vision

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.6)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.6), Semi-Amphibious (lv.3), Arboreal-movement (lv.1), Poison resistance (lv.9)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (amateur), Tail attack (trained)

Threat Ranking: 0.78

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 0

Mana Affinities: none

‘alright then, here we go’ Tier thought as he subconsciously activated an ability he never used before: creature modification. After activation, he focused on the monitor itself and found himself smacked with information upon information of the monitor’s body from amount of cells to how much platelet there are, the ADN, etc… However, whilst this information might have discouraged any ordinary person, Tier was astonished about this information, all the complex biological machinery that make a creature work, all the nuances, the inefficiencies, the way certain things are gained or lost from evolution, etc….

He starts by examining one of the kobolds first, particularly its eyes to figure out how their darkvision works and the answer was a small organ which let them sense mana in the air up to a certain point allowing them to see but only in black and white due to lack of colors from sunlight. He managed to replicate the organ into the monitor’s eyes though with lessened effectiveness and started doing some other things to the creature he was experimenting upon. He tried to find where the source of mana potential and mana affinities were but... no dice and he gave up on that front as they are probably directly tied to a being’s soul or something like that.

He started by increasing the senses of the monitor, starting by adjusting the eyes to have perfect vision, better eyesight, a larger field of view and less effected by very bright lights whilst improving low light vision. Moving to the ears of the creatures, he doesn’t do the obvious of increasing the sensitivity because that’s how you get ruptured eardrums and instead opt to let the monitor hear quieter noises better whilst reducing the effect from loud noises through some complex genetical tampering that he didn't think would've worked. He also increased the effectiveness of the creature’s tongue, nostrils and other senses whilst reducing but not negating the pain nerves as not feeling pain is actually a big negative for any biological creatures.

He then moved to the most dangerous part of the operation: the brain and started to mess with the brain of the creature by doing a lot like compacting the organ and increasing its size though he isn’t sure how this will affect the creature. All across the body he increased bone strength, compact muscles, downright delete unnecessary features like inefficient chemical reactions or harmful things and replaced them by increasing efficiency all around the body. Another thing he did was made the limbs a tad bit longer, add a few strategically placed spikes to discourage mounting attempts and actually decreasing the size and weight by a barely noticeable amount.

He even went as far as to aid all the systems in the body like the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and even the reproduction system to be more efficient at what they do and also mess with hormones both beneficial and harmful to the body. Tier could change more but that would require him to turn a monitor into something… else so he relented as that was not his goal at all.

After all of that, Tier ended up with a monitor that looks only slightly different with slightly longer claws, duller but more durable scales, rows of uniform teeth that are also better at penetrating skin, barely noticeably smaller with a longer tail ending with a sharp bladed spine and longer limbs that are also barely noticeable ending now with more dexterous feet better at climbing or slashing. Anyone looking on the outside would think that these changed are small and insignificant but the changes to the inside are massive and helpful to the young creature that is now opening its new eyes.

The monitor has the following new statline:

Name: none

Species: Monitor (modified) (ready to evolve)

Gender: Male

Age: 2-days old


Strength - 37 (+12)

Perception - 44 (+30)

Endurance - 40 (+12)

Dexterity - 32 (+18)

Intelligence - 26 (+20)

Wisdom - 7

Charisma - 5

Creativity - 26 (+20)

Destiny – 15 (+5)

Mysticism - 3

Karma - 3

Willpower – 12 (+6)

Traits: Infrared Vision, Lesser Darkvision (allow the user to see in the dark yet without colors; 200m range); Keen Awareness (the user has a keen perception of the world with a better sense of smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste)

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.10)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.6), Amphibious (lv.8), Arboreal-movement (lv.4), Blunt resistance (lv.5) (reduces damage from blunt weaponry or attacks), Piercing resistant (lv.2) (reduces damage from piercing weaponry or attacks), Pain Reduction (lv.5) (reduce any pain the user may experience)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (trained), Tail attack (trained)

Threat Ranking: 2.3

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 1

Mana Affinities: none

Would you like to add the changed you made to a template section of the pattern?

‘Yes, that would be nice, good to know that I don’t have to waste hours to modify all my creatures’ Tier thought to himself.

Monitors (modified template): large reptilian creatures at least as long as a human is tall, these creatures are strong, pack a venomous bite, are fast for their size, surprisingly intelligent, have surprisingly great vision, good defenses, their signature tail attacks and are all around a great choice that is good in almost every way imaginable. These reptiles can be found living everywhere from islands to mountains to forests. Compatibility: 58%

Base Stats:

Strength - 28

Perception - 40

Endurance - 32

Dexterity - 28

Intelligence - 26

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 6

Creativity - 28

Destiny - 10

Mysticism - 5

Karma - 5

Willpower - 12

Traits: Infrared Vision, Lesser Darkvision, Keen Awareness

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.5)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.5), Semi-Amphibious (lv.3), Arboreal-movement (lv.3), Blunt resistance (lv.5), Piercing resistant (lv.2), Pain Reduction (lv.5)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (amateur), Tail attack (trained)

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 0

Mana Affinity: none

Threat Level: 2.0


“… modifying a creature is… too effective… it feels like one of those broken features in a video game...” Tier said in shock “well then, I guess I'll just continue doing it until someone or something tells me that I can't” The monitor looked at itself at aww as it stretches and admires its new body… it also gave a very wide shit-eating grin… and it appeared to be very different than before…

‘I probably shouldn’t have bothered changing the brain, I think that changed its entire personality because of it… note to self never do that again’ Tier swore to himself before speaking out “get back here I still need to evolve you” Tier mentally projected to the monitor as it then went back in a panic and fear after turning to leave “well, looks like somethings haven’t change… let’s see… erm… evolution?” Tier tried many other thigns before finally hitting the right soft spot.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Greater Monitor: a generally improved version of the monitor bearing better stats and abilities across the board and bigger to boot. Requirements: be ready to evolve

  • Chameleon Monitor: a stealthier version of a regular monitor with added stealth and ambushing skills alongside a camouflage trait. Requirements: win a fight that begins with a sneak attack.

  • Young Lesser Pseudo Wyvern: Wyverns are great aerial combatants with strong transfiguration powers alongside high air affinity and they are pound for pound the strongest draconic creatures. Requirements: have all physical stats of 30 or higher, have intelligence stat of 20 or higher, have a speed enhancement skill with a level of 10 or higher, or defeat an opponent generally stronger than oneself, or somehow surviving something that would have killed them whether with magic or luck or whatever

“you lucky bastard” was all Tier said to the Monitor as it started grinning again thinking that it itself was destined for greatness “alright, you clearly have a sense of self so… you chose your evolution” Tier gave the reptile the choice and its smug face only grew wider.

It obviously chose the Lesser Pseudo Wyvern and everyone watched as the monitor was engulfed by a light for a few seconds before dissipating revealing a completely different creature. In place of the front legs were a pair of wings with claws on the end of where the hand was supposed to be. It was now capable of walking on two digitigrade legs ending on a pair of talon like feet capable of great dexterity. The creature’s short bladed spine became a full 5-inch long sword like boney blade whist it’s body is covered in strong armored scaly skin. Its head was completely redesigned with not only two horns on top but also a pair of strange reptilian ears and the teeth, claws and even tail blade have the telltale sign of venom on them… It was also only 4ft tall, 8ft long with a wingspan of 16ft and all the modifications carried over as well…

The little wyvern looked up with a confused expression as to wonder why everything was so different now but passed that expression to one of pure contempt and blatant arrogance over being the first to evolve in the dungeon. “well aren’t you an overconfident little guy” Tier said “I’m going to call you… Ruma since you needed a name either way…” The wyvern looked even more smug after receiving the name “right… anyways you should go to sleep or whatever, do as you normally do as I evolve and modify everyone else”

After the wyvern left to go to sleep ‘guess some things never change’, Tier was about to go modify the kobolds and apply the template to the existing kobolds before remembering to check the wyvern’s stats:

Name: Ruma

Species: Draconicus Young Lesser Pseudo Wyvern

Gender: Male

Age: 2-days old


Strength - 52 (+15)

Perception - 59 (+15)

Endurance - 55 (+15)

Dexterity - 47 (+15)

Intelligence - 36 (+10)

Wisdom – 17 (+10)

Charisma – 15 (+10)

Creativity - 36 (+10)

Destiny – 30 (+15)

Mysticism – 18 (+15)

Karma – 18 (+15)

Willpower – 27 (+15)

Traits: Infrared Vision, Darkvision, Keen Awareness, Pseudo-Draconic mental resistance (The user is highly resistant against all types of mental effects); Pseudo-Draconic Elemental resistance (user if highly resistant to elemental damage and immune to climate and environmental effects), Minor Regeneration (+10% to natural regeneration/hour, Regenerate 0.1% of max heath every 6 seconds, 50% maximum health reserves), Venom (while not strong has a paralysis effect that builds up the longer the victim stays untreated or the more venom is injected eventually causing total collapse and after that organ failure if the victim is not tough enough), Poison Immunity (user is immune to poisons and venoms); Paralysis Immunity (user is immune to all kinds of paralysis), Lesser Pseudo Wyvern Scales (user takes reduced damage from physical and magical sources)

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.15), Air Dash (lv.5) (user can dash in the air traversing a set distance in a second, useful but leaves the user open for attacks)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.11), Amphibious (lv.8), Arboreal-movement (lv.4), Pain Reduction (lv.15)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (trained), Tail attack (trained), Flight (proficient)

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 2

Mana Affinities: Water (lv.2), Air (lv.4)

Threat Ranking: 8.2

‘HOLY SH!T!!! okay, draconic creatures are insane… I should get more of them, also finally a creature with some mana affinities’ Tier thought ‘what was I doing?... right, modifying the Kobolds now’… ‘wait is that Aenirus sneaking up on… yeah that’s Aenirus sneaking up on Ruma… and they’re cuddling now… I don’t really want to stop that… I probably couldn't either way... I still need to ask her about magic… I should stop getting distracted by every little thing… okay back to work’ He declared before he went back to fixing up the kobolds.

To be honest, he didn’t actual did much this time as he found the kobolds to be perfectly fine for his taste with stats that could be better but not much that needs changing so he did the change he went with the monitors, improving efficiency, upgrading perception a lot, improving dexterity, make it so the kobolds can survive without food and water for a longer time with some changes, give them stronger, tougher, more camo pattern scales, give them the infrared vision… and done, he didn’t touched the brain at all this time and here’s the new stats:

Kobolds (modified template): these creatures are seen as small, bipedal, reptilian creatures with a tribal like society living mostly in caves or mountains based on scavenging and raiding. Do not underestimate them as many tribes have created vast empires from the past and burned down many existing nations. Kobolds are smart, dexterous creatures with a lot of creativity making them excellent trap builders. They will also do their best for their tribes and homes no matter what making them already quite loyal. Compatibility: 79%

Base Stats:

Strength – 22 (+10)

Perception – 27 (+15)

Endurance – 22 (+10)

Dexterity – 28 (+13)

Intelligence - 15

Wisdom - 10

Charisma - 11

Creativity - 16

Destiny - 12

Mysticism - 10

Karma - 10

Willpower - 15

Traits: Darkvision, Keen Awareness, Infrared Vision

Skills: Fleet footed (lv.4)

Abilities: Blunt resistance (lv.5), Piercing resistant (lv.2), Pain Reduction

Proficiencies: Trap making (amateur), Knifes (novice)

Threat Ranking: 1


He then set the template to effect all the current kobolds, they actually take it really well with some experimental swings, walk cycles, all seems familiar except for the infrared vision which would take a bit of getting used to. He would evolve them all but that takes time so he told them to just choose the evolutions themselves and not worry about it. Undeterred and seeing only positive results from modifying his creatures, he went to take a look at the slime before evolving the kobolds and started taking a quick analysis of the slime.

What he saw could not be described by words but in his mind, the slime was amazing in how it’s anatomy was structured even if all of it was kept supported by magic. Tier took the slime Aenirus was playing with and made some changes and because it had no regular biological anatomy, he has to improvise and experiment a bit. Slimes as he found out were essentially singled cell organisms covered in acid with a crystal gem as a nucleus and so he starts by modifying that crystal gem. At first, he increased the size but realized that this would lead to a bigger weak spot where the lime could be one-shotted so he opted to hardening and toughening the gem significantly making a few test rocks modified with the same toughness and hardness until he was satisfied.

He also compacted the gem further into an icosaheron smaller than original and much harder to destroy but it can still be dealt with if you yank the crystal out of the slime. Speaking of the slime, he made the acid more acidic. The slime grew from 4ft to 5ft and seemed to gained better bouncing power from some unknown change that Tier made by pure accident. Finally, he created an invisible organ similar to the organ that allow the kobolds to have Darkvision and so gave the slime a rudimentary 15ft sight range with its entire body in a full 360-degree arc. With all of that complete, he now has a brand new slime to evolve and a new slime template:

Lesser Slime (modified template) (a smaller, lesser kind of cave slime, it is the start of its evolutionary tree, slimes are amorphous acidic creatures with a delicate magical core crystal inside of them, they are immune to any attacks that does not target their core crystals but any that does hit their core will almost surely instantly kill them)

Base Stats:

Strength - 15

Perception - 15

Endurance - 15

Dexterity - 15

Intelligence - 15

Wisdom - 15

Charisma - 15

Creativity - 15

Destiny - 15

Mysticism - 15

Karma - 15

Willpower - 15

Traits: Amorphous, Extreme buoyancy, light acidic body, Damage immunity, Fire vulnerability, Lightning vulnerability, Sonic vulnerability, Magic Sense (allows the slime to sense beings from 20ft away using the mana in the air, can work through illusions or invisibility)

Skills: Slime Shot (lv.20)

Threat Ranking: 10


“o... why does the slime has a threat ranking of 10!?” Tier shouted out in surprise not expecting to be handed the answer immediately.

It is because you made the core completely indestructible to all but blunt damage and also made the slime have intelligence and a form of magic sense allowing it to see even the invisible.

“I said it before but I will reiterate again… the creature modification ability is too good” Tier said out loud in disbelief 'I can probably populate my dungeon full of powerful monsters that… I can modify to be as strong as possible… and as efficient as possible... do i really want that...’ he thought about it again… ‘ what do I want in my dungeon?’ was the question Tier found himself asking ‘…… I… don’t actually know’ he found himself answering the question.

“hey Aenirus, can you stop cuddling Ruma for a second, I need a talk” Tier asked “sure, what is it?” Aenirus answered as she finally released the wyvern who didn’t even try to run as it knew its place and lost all hope long before.

“I… I don’t know what to do with my dungeon to be honest… I’ve been building stuff for safety purposes but… never actually had an end goal…” Tier admitted “I could fill the entire dungeon with deathtraps from my knowledge of engineering or made monsters the likes the world has never seen before with my knowledge of biology and there’s nothing to stop me from doing that, no rules, no reprisals… just that I feel dispassionate about doing it… I… I don’t want to be a murder hole in the ground that attract kids to their doom is what I’m saying”

“Tier, you don’t need to be a murder hole in the ground that attract adventurers to the end of their short life” Aenirus responded “there are countless dungeons out there that I know of that does otherwise, for example there is the grand maze to the south which has no dangers except for the maze itself, the pacifist dungeon in Ravic City, the great library to the northern continent… many dungeons do not become murder holes, they set a theme for themselves and they do it flawlessly, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It is your choice on how to build your dungeon, don’t let anyone stop you from what you want to do” Aenirus advised reasurring him.

“one question, will the adventurers which you passingly mentioned going to kill, enslave, held captive, torture or do anything bad with me or any of the denizens of my dungeon?” Tier asked “nah… everyone knows that dungeons are essentially living beings that can break mentally, no adventurer is going to do any of that, the only people who would tick one of the box that is to kill you are some crazy cultists who plan to use your core crystal as a component for some summoning ritual that always fail anyways… or greedy idiot nobles but those are almost extinct nowadays… I should know” Aenirus answered completely.

“alright then, I think I know what’s I’m going to do now” Tier exclaimed “be a conscientious objector and do no harm?” Aenirus asked “no” “be a place of inventions and scientific machinery?” Verk popped up “nay” “be a peaceful place for those who are shunned from regular society to live?” Now Kaide popped up “I do not know how you guys ae getting these ideas, they’re not bad but no” “so what will you do Tier?” Aenirus asked.

“I decided to do whatever I bloody want, I got reborn to a new world with terrible memory blockers that might disappear someday, in a world where I can do whatever I want and no one with the exception of you Aenirus to judge me for my decisions, I will do what I bloody want, I’ll create a challenging but fair dungeon that will push your limits and reward taking risks, I’ll create a place where peaceful monsters can reside in without fear, I’ll might even build puzzles, traps, mazes, all sorts of things as well” Tier answered “I’ll try all sorts of things, I got a new chance of life and I’m not going to waste it by being an overly cautious murder hole, I’ll try to be the best dungeon I can possibly be!”

“great idea”, “I like it”, “I’ll follow you to the end of the earth master”, “damn, I’ll fight for that” were some of the responses from the kobolds and Aenirus however only give a thumbs up which she somehow managed... despite being a quadraped.

“thanks everyone, also I think you’re strangling poor Ruma there Aenirus” Tier said as Aenirus started to frantically apologized to the wyvern which was now gasping for air after being hugged too hard which got a few chuckled expressions from the others but it did get Asphyxiation resistance from that so… that’s a good thing.

Tier got back to work this time redesigning the slime template he created, managing to reduce the threat ranking significantly after a major redesign to the template though he kept the original slime to be a nostalgic reminder and a last line of defense though he wouldn’t make it a boss. Here’s the new slime template:

Lesser Slime (remodified template) (a smaller, lesser kind of cave slime, it is the start of its evolutionary tree, slimes are amorphous acidic creatures with a delicate magical core crystal inside of them, they are immune to any attacks that does not target their core crystals but any that does hit their core will almost surely instantly kill them)

Base Stats:

Strength - 15

Perception - 1

Endurance - 10

Dexterity - 5

Intelligence - 1

Wisdom - 1

Charisma - 1

Creativity - 1

Destiny - 1

Mysticism - 15

Karma - 1

Willpower - 10

Traits: Amorphous, Extreme buoyancy, light acidic body, Damage immunity, Fire vulnerability, Lightning vulnerability, Sonic vulnerability

Skills: Slime Shot (lv.20)

Threat Ranking: 2

The slime was faster, stronger for sure but he took away any modifications he made to the crystal returning it to normal making the slime harder to kill but now significantly more doable and now he turned to the original slime he had claimed and modified and looked at its stats before evolving it:

Name: None

Species: Lesser Slime (modified) (ready to evolve)

Gender: None

Age: 3-months old


Strength - 20

Perception - 17

Endurance - 18

Dexterity - 16

Intelligence - 18

Wisdom - 19

Charisma - 19

Creativity - 16

Destiny - 18

Mysticism - 19

Karma - 17

Willpower - 19

Traits: Amorphous, Extreme buoyancy, light acidic body, Damage immunity, Fire vulnerability, Lightning vulnerability, Sonic vulnerability, Magic Sense (allows the slime to sense beings from 20ft away using the mana in the air, can work through illusions or invisibility)

Skills: Slime Shot (lv.24)

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 1

Mana Affinity: Acid (lv.1)

Threat Ranking: 11.3


‘hopefully, nothing too bad…’ Tier thought to himself as he checked the slime’s available evolutions:

Choose one of the following options:

  • Cave Slime: A slime that lives in caves, is bigger and has better stats than a lesser slime that lives in caves.

  • Black Slime: Black slimes are slimes that have a higher acidic nature, they are more dangerous due to their stronger acid. Requirements: have stronger acid than usual

‘well, the decision’s easy enough, I choose the Black Slime path since I don’t think the slime can choose for itself’ Tier thought and as soon as he did he saw the slime get covered by the white light again and then the slime emerged being 6ft wide and an opaque black now instead of translucent blue.

Before Tier can even open the slime’s stat sheet to check on the changes, Aenirus rushed in and started hugging the new slime hard “can I name them?” she asked as her eyes started to… you know… “his name is Blackie” She finished before Tier even got to say anything.

“that’s fine, I honestly don’t care or understand why you love slimes so much or are so into cute things in the first place, at least have some self-control Aenirus!” Tier stated out before going back to looking at the now opened status menu of the slime narrowly missing Aenirus rolling her forked tongue out in a cute playful way.

Name: Blackie

Species: Black Slime

Gender: None (indentified as male)

Age: 3-months old


Strength – 25 (+5)

Perception – 23 (+5)

Endurance – 23 (+5)

Dexterity – 21 (+5)

Intelligence – 23 (+5)

Wisdom – 24 (+5)

Charisma – 24 (+5)

Creativity – 21 (+5)

Destiny – 23 (+5)

Mysticism – 24 (+5)

Karma – 22 (+5)

Willpower – 24 (+5)

Traits: Amorphous, Extreme buoyancy, Acidic body (the user’s body is coated in an acidic substance); Damage immunity, Fire Vulnerability, Lightning vulnerability, Magic Sense

Skills: Slime Shot (lv.34)

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 1

Mana Affinity: Acid (lv.2)

Threat Ranking: 12.83

“nice but before you do anything, do not dissolve anything in the dungeon… actually try not to dissolve anything if possible, only aim for the fleshy bits and dissolve only the most vital parts” Tier gave an order.

After that, he modified all the flying kanids with many of the same characteristics but couldn’t make their skin tougher due to many reasons, he did increase their flight speed, kept their size the same but increase their physical stats, change their wing designs to be even more favorable and get rid of numerous biological disadvantages that evolution has given them resulting in a new statline:

Volentius Kainide: also known as the Flying Kanid, they are not particularly deadly creatures but are strong enough to lift a weight up to 10 kilos and fast enough to confuse some predatory birds alongside their echolocation and strong bite placing them as a weak yet very common creature in the wilds.

Base Stats:

Strength - 20 (+7)

Perception - 28 (+5)

Endurance - 12 (+6)

Dexterity - 15 (+6)

Intelligence - 4

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 3

Creativity - 4

Destiny - 5

Mysticism - 2

Karma - 2

Willpower – 5

Traits: Echolocation Enhanced hearing, Lesser Darkvision, Keen Awareness

Abilities: Wall Climb (lv.5)

Proficiencies: Flight (journeyman), Bite (trained), Claws (novice)

Threat Ranking: 0.4


As he then went to evolve the kanids, he found that all that are able to evolve including Batra only have one evolution which is that for the Vesper:

  • Vesper: Vespers are flying wall hanging creatures residing deep in cave systems, they are generally better than volentius kanides in every part of their status being the sole evolution of the species, they are omnivores able to eat fruit, insects, small varmilleons and even drink blood to aid in recovery of health.

‘well so much for a choice’ Tier thought before picking the obvious only option and all the flying kanids capable of evolving shined brightly like usual. After the light dissipated, it reveals… basically the same creature but with darker color fur, a bit bigger and are a bit stronger with a general +5 to all stats, increased levels and proficiencies with a new life drain and air dash skill but other than those there are no other obvious changes. ‘hey, I just realized something, how come I am not getting any new patterns?’ Tier asked mentally.

To gain a pattern from an evolved creature, that creature must stay alive for a certain period of time based on how powerful or rare the new evolution is. Before you ask, if a creature that evolved that is capable of being respawned dies than when they respawn the timer resets and if a creature that evolved evolves again, you automatically gain the pattern if you haven’t yet.

“huh, Aenirus did mention something about dungeons gaining new creatures slowly or something passingly in one of our conversations, I think I know at least one of the possibly hundreds of reasons why now” Tier accidentally said out loud “now then, I’m really interested in my next candidate which is you little gal”

Finally, he went towards his final subject for the day, he will get to his other patterns sometime else when he actually makes more of them or use them but for now the critter serpent is his final test subject and when he opened up her stat block again he is reminded of her sheer potential:

Name: none

Species: Common Grass Serpent (ready to evolve)

Gender: Female

Age: 27-days old


Strength - 8

Perception - 22

Endurance - 11

Dexterity - 6

Intelligence - 15

Wisdom - 14

Charisma - 10

Creativity - 13

Destiny - 22

Mysticism - 8

Karma - 10

Willpower - 11

Traits: Infared vision, Natural Learner (gifted) (the user is particularly quick to learn, quick to ascend and nothing can stop them from continue to accumulate knowledge)

Skills: Fleet footed (or should it be fleet slither?) (lv.8) (increase sprinting (slithering) speed by a small amount); Stillness (lv.4) (user stays completely still to better hide or blend in with environment)

Abilities: Poison resistance (lv.3), Stealth (lv.10), Silent Observations (lv.15) (allow the user to better observe others whilst hiding without detection); Lesser Natural Regeneration (it ate a lot of blood moss) (lv.6) (the user is better at healing from wounds)

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 2

Mana Affinity: Earth (lv.1); Water (lv.1); Acid (lv.1); Poison (lv.2); Light (lv.2)

Threat Ranking: 0.2


‘… yeah that is a lot of mana affinities… and a gifted trait whatever that is… I should think about it later…’ Tier thought before asking “are you ready then?” as he was sure the thing was sentient or sapient enough to understand him and it lived up to those expectations and nodded happily as Tier gave the mental version of a thumbs up before he gets to working.



Critter Serpent POV:


As the master gave me a mental gesture I could not describe he started to modify my body, master is making me a better hunter than before like all the others, he seems excited by my potential? Not sure what that word means but happy either way.

World goes to darkness yet can still feel, it feels strange, master put something near my head, I realized that it is a venom sack from two different creatures? Did master mix some venom from two different creatures for me? Master is too kind, I love the master.

Feel my body get a bit longer, my organs shift a bit, everything feel a bit ticklish but I realize master is making my body stronger maybe to aid in the evolution? Do not know, but thinking about potentially new strengths make me happy I could serve master a lot better.

Modification finished, opened eyes to see a completely new world from my different eyes, realize can feel everything better, scents are clearer, hearing is louder, realize can now spit venom if want to, now has venom… Has me become best hunter now? Nah… big winged brother is now best hunter or perhaps the slime following four legged sister… definitely neither since big sister is easily handling both with ease, also slime seem interested in big winged brother as well for some reason.

Master’s voice bring me back, said I should choose my own evolution so I obliged and opened my status screen and was instantly shocked by new numbers:

Name: none

Species: Common Grass Serpent (ready to evolve)

Gender: Female

Age: 28-days old


Strength - 15 (+7)

Perception - 30 (+8)

Endurance - 15 (+4)

Dexterity - 10 (+4)

Intelligence - 15

Wisdom - 14

Charisma - 10

Creativity - 13

Destiny - 22

Mysticism - 8

Karma - 10

Willpower - 11

Traits: Infared vision, Natural Learner (gifted), Lesser Darkvision, Keen Awareness, Venom (the user has a mixed venom from to different creatures combining the positives from both whilst getting rid of any downsides; venom is capable of paralyzing victims heavily and stacks with repeated injections which may result to organ failure but strong poison resistance will hamper the effect alongside paralysis resistance

Skills: Fleet footed (lv.10), Stillness (lv.6) Poison spray (lv.2)

Abilities: Poison resistance (lv.3), Stealth (lv.16), Silent Observations (lv.16), Lesser Natural Regeneration (lv.6)

Threat Ranking: 2

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 2

Mana Affinity: Earth (lv.1); Water (lv.1); Acid (lv.1); Poison (lv.2); Light (lv.2)


I had a threat ranking now, A THREAT RANKING! HOORAY!!! Oh wait I’m supposed to evolve, master let me chose, let’s see…

Choose one of the following options:

  • Lesser Venomous Cave Serpent: a lesser version of the venomous cave serpent, has deadly poison that is rebuffed by any level in poison resistance, lives in caves. Requirements: growing up inside a cave, have any kind of venom

  • Lesser Blood Serpent: Blood serpents live in areas where blood plants that usual improve healing are found, they have a brutal bloodletting venom that stop blood from clotting and have enhanced regeneration. Requirements: live near or eaten a blood plant of any kind

  • Lesser Blood Viper: Like a blood serpent but possessing a natural camo pattern and focusing on stealth, has the same bloodletting venom and enhanced natural regeneration but also possesses great stealth and even an intimidating hood capable of causing terror latter down the evolutionary line. Requirements: live near or eaten a blood plant of any kind, have the stealth ability be at level 15 or higher or had calmly watched potential opponents to assess their threat to your survival in the past.

There are three options, I was going to be an actual hunter to protect dungeon home, I love dungeon home so I want to pick the best option which is obviously the lesser blood viper. As soon as I picked it I felt as though the big ball of light in the day was in my face yet it did not hurt, I feel powerful as I felt my body change to something much stronger, my size grew rapidly from a foot to two and a half and then some. I gain something around the back of head? Felt my venom became more powerful, my poison spray seemed to evolve as well.

There was obviously a load of other changes but the light dissipated and I observe my newly improved body, it looks beautiful with its new dark red and brown color and I notice it to greyish black to look like the bi… cave I am in. I have hoods on the two sides of my head now which is fun but then I opened my stats and the changes shock me again, I never seen such high stats before… okay, my stats improve all the time but still…

Name: none

Species: Lesser Blood Viper

Gender: Female

Age: 28-days old


Strength - 25 (+10)

Perception - 40 (+10)

Endurance - 25 (+10)

Dexterity - 20 (+10)

Intelligence – 25 (+10)

Wisdom – 24 (+10)

Charisma – 20 (+10)

Creativity - 23 (+10)

Destiny – 32 (+10)

Mysticism – 18 (+10)

Karma – 20 (+10)

Willpower – 21 (+10)

Traits: Infrared vision, Natural Learner (gifted), Lesser Darkvision , Keen Awareness, Venom (venom is capable of paralyzing victims heavily whilst also makes blood much harder to clot and stacks with repeated injections which may result to organ failure but strong poison resistance will hamper the effects somewhat), Active Natural Camo (the user has a natural camo pattern that changes to match surroundings making it much harder to see whilst in stealth and impossible when still); Poison immunity, Bloodletting immunity (user is unaffected by any bloodletting effects)

Skills: Fleet footed (lv.12), Stillness (lv.8), Sudden Strike (lv.10) (allow the user to suddenly strike its victim with a short windup); Intimidation (lv.10) (allow the user to intimidate opponents into inaction, pits the user’s and opponent’s respective willpower against each other); Poison Spray (lv.5)

Abilities: Stealth (lv.26), Silent Observations (lv.26), Lesser Natural Regeneration (lv.56) (the user is better at healing from wounds)

Threat Ranking: 6.4

Magic Type: none

Magic Potential: 3

Mana Affinity: Earth (lv.2); Water (lv.2); Acid (lv.2); Poison (lv.4); Light (lv.5)


There were a lot of things I could do now, I could spray my poison, I could… I feel sleepy now, I went back to my rock as master congratulated me on my metamorphism… I knew a new word but getting sleepy, curled around my rock… surprisingly felt more comfy despite much bigger size… I love my mossy rock, I love it a lot, I love my master, I love my home, I love everything and now that I have power I will destroy any who dares harm the things I love… but that is all for later… much sleepy… vision blurs… fade to black… back to the darkness for now at the very least...

A note from Wyvern72n

Fun Fact: Originally this chapter was like 10000 words or so... but i quickly realized that... well... that was too many words so i simply split the chapter into 2 so expect another early chapter relatively soon. Also i do not like some aspects of this chapter at all but i do not know why and i commonly make things worse when changing features i do not like in my art so i will just publish the chapter and hopefully find some issues later.

2nd Fun Fact: I have finished the sketchings for... some much more sentient invaders... 3 in fact... expect some adventurers in chapter 15 or so... 

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