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Day 0 in the dungeon…

The currently unnamed dungeon core has finished his cries of happiness for remembering something from his past before berating himself for celebrating because of such a trivial matter for the moment which could get him killed.

‘hey, what do I do when I dig into underground places?’ he questioned mentally.

As a dungeon, you can claim any area that you discovered whilst digging out tunnels or rooms.

‘neat, what if there are some living creatures in those places?’

You can claim any creature that is either considered a critter or is weaker than the average fighting strength of all your creature’s combined from your five lowest floors or five highest floors depending on how you build your dungeon>

‘what if I can’t claim a creature in a location?’

If you cannot claim a creature then you cannot claim a location, in which case the creature who resisted will have noticed your meddling and you either have to get rid of it or form a contract with that creature, before you ask, there are no limits to how many creatures you can claim or contract.

‘what’s this? The menu thing just gave me free intel before I ask? Anyways, I feel like I should spawn some defenders before I claim the cave I accidentally entered since it says that any creature that I failed to claim will notice me and I really don’t want to die yet again right now so get a creature of some kind’ he thought about the whole situation.

‘how do I create some creatures?’

In order to create a creature, you must have a pattern of that creature.

‘well that’s vague as always, how do I get a creature pattern?’

To get a creature pattern, you must absorb the essence of a creature whether by claim, contract or killing. You can also buy a random creature pattern for every floor you completed which can be either new creatures or evolutions of old creatures you have. As you are a newborn dun…

Suddenly, the blue menu fizzled out for no reason at all, he was about to ask again before noticing something entering from the tunnel he had recently dug out.

The thing that entered was some sort of living creature that is native to this world’s planet he was on because he definitely does not remember anything like it or felt a block on his memory at all. No, this was something completely unfamiliar to him with its sleek strong, agile body type covered mostly in dark brown or deep purple reptilian scales except for a flowing coat of teal feathery quills from head to tail on its back.

The creature stands on four digitigrade legs ending in sharp talons with a dexterous built made for both grabbing, climbing and to tear anything limb from limb. The creature seemed to be about 3ft tall when standing on all four legs straightened out and from snout to the tip of its tail seem to be about exactly 7ft long. The tail looks to be prehensile for grabbing stuff while also having a sharp two headed blade about 4 inches long. Its head seems to sport a mix of reptilian, mammalian and avian features fur like feathers covering reptilian scales with a short snout filled with small razor sharp yet perfectly even teeth. It also has a pair of mammalian like ears yet filled with feathers instead of fur and a pair of black eyes like those found in birds of prey whilst allowing for almost a 180-degrees field of vision with a red slash for an iris and two small holes on either side for a way to smell.

This same creature with a curious expression on its face has been cautiously moving towards the floating blue glowing crystal sphere in the center of the room, his body whilst keeping a close eye or ear or nose for any dangers which may lurk nearby which he had an answer to: None!

He was completely FUCKED if this thing was trying to kill him because he tried doing stuff like collapsing the entrance but it didn’t work. ‘shit, I need to do something or I might get shattered or worse if that things get any nearer to me and nothing is working, none of my natural abilities, not the unhelpful advisor menu thing, nothing… actually there is one thing I haven’t tried before’ he thought as the thing moved closer almost a foot to his crystal at this point and he tries one of the last *cough* first *cough* option you are supposed to do when having a first contact type of SNAFU situation: Diplomacy.

“Hello there” he mentally spoke hoping that the thing actually understands what he was saying or at least book it out at full speed from the unknown voice appearing in their minds. After that greeting, the thing jumped back five feet in surprise in a blur of speed and just stays there… unmoving… with its eyes lighting up in one of the most dangerous thing he could’ve seen: Confusion

If it was excitement then at least he knew he was going to suffer, terror would be ideal, fear can be worked out with but confusion can mean a lot of different things depending on how the creature reacted. ‘SH!T, it looks like I might be some random thing’s plaything for a while depending on how this thing reacts to a floating blue orb mentally greeting it in its head in a language that it may not eve…’ he was suddenly cut off by a small nervous confused “hello?” from the direction where the creature was.

‘It can talk? Okay, this might be a salvageable situation here’ “ermmm… hi there, how are you?” he also responded nervously ‘dammit, talking skills, work for once!’

“oh, uhm… I’m fine I guess…” a very surprised, confused voice came out of the thing that was surprisingly sweet, mellow and soft that probably marks it as a female from what knowledge he could get out of the embargo now that he could pay some attention to the thing rather than wander in his mind.

“oh… who are you and what are you doing in my… dungeon?” he asked with somewhat of a nervous yet aggressive tone ‘FUCK, too aggressive, if I die due to my shit communication skills, I wil- oh look a point in charism- NOT NOW!’ he mentally screamed to himself which the creature noticed despite him having no features at all.

“oh, so you’re a dungeon, that explains the pulse of mana but why can you talk? I thought most dungeons only talk after they got at least five floors in” She now counters with a counter-question.

‘okay, nervously subsiding, the conversation is getting through that phase, need to be friendly and relaxing’ “oh, I have no idea either, one moment I was in the vast emptiness of the voice and the next I’m in this weird body in a weird place with weird rules” he answered as truthfully as he could with as much friendliness as he could muster yet in his mind he was livid ‘…WTF!, why did I tell it the truth WHY!?!? Blast my terrible charisma skills, nobody in their right mind would believe t-’

“that seems like one of the more likely scenarios” the creature remarked cutting him off “and better than the one I thought of” she added after a few seconds… “don’t ask… it involves a lot of gruesome details” she added again…

“… wait what? you believe me? Is this some kind of sick joke?” he replied out loud completely dumbfounded and staring in disbelief not even acknowledging the two added sentences.

“I mean, I heard of cases like this happening somewhat often in the world” she exclaimed answering his question “what are your symptoms then?” she asked curiously.

“oh right I’m supposed to be talking, I remember absolutely nothing except some memories and most others are completely blocked for some reason” he answered whilst still in the effect of confusion not bothering to note what he even said.

“that’s the uncommon version I figure as some people have some form of the common version in the form of an important core memory of something you love or cherish… I never remember anything though” the creature said sadly to that last part.

“I have no idea what to say to that…” he was now completely confused.

Realizing his confusion even though he is a perfectly round orb, the creature tried to get the conversation to start again with “ermmm… right we should probably withhold that information for now” somehow scratching the back of its head with its right front… paw… somehow….

“right… so anyways, back to the matter of hand or in your case paw… who are you and what are you?” He asked this time nicely with comfort in his voice instead of aggression like last time ‘finally, my communication skills are working for once’.

“oh right, my name is Aenirus, I’m a… Daystalker Swarmling, it is very nice to meet you mister dungeon” she completely answered his question in a friendly manner Aenirus then asks “what’s your name?”

‘crap… my name… erm…’ “… I… don’t have a name… or remember any name…” he answered truthfully.

“huh, I like you but it will be hard to refer to you as ‘you’ all the time so maybe I should give you one since you’re new, it is a known fact that named beings are stronger than unnamed beings… though that’s more of a rumor than anything” Aenirus admitted scratching the back of her head again.

“that seems… I don’t know, wrong…” he said his thoughts out loud again.

“oh, no pressure then, if you don’t want a name yet or ever then I have no pro-” “no, I actual do want a name but I feel like I already have a name that I can’t remember at all because of this stupid blocker” he interjected cutting her off.

“… how about I just say some names out loud and whichever one sounds the most familiar that you like than you can chose” she proposed a second time.

“huh, that sounds a lot better… sure Aenirus, hit me with a name” he accepted.

“let’s start, Adru…, Numar…, Kajiki…, Maisha…, Luke…r, Opress…, Ovul…, …, Tivel…, Tier…, H…” She started saying random name choices before he cut her off “Wait, the name Tier sounds… familiar to me for some reason” he chose… after almost 15 minutes of random name calling from Aenirus.

“that might be close to your name from one of your past life, I know of one that is familiar to me so it might be one of yours” she explained to him “want to… keep going to get a more familiar name?” she proposed.

“nah, I think the name Tier seems fine with me” Tier said somewhat happily, it sounds very familiar and relatable to him for some reason and so the pick was natural.

“congratulations Tier for getting a n-” she managed to get off before being interrupted by a loud screeching sound above them.

Tier spotted it first since it was in his dungeon so he has complete awareness in the place and what he saw was some kind of flying furred creature about a foot long with a wingspan of about 3ft long.

“agh... damn annoying Flying Kanid, interrupting our conversation” Aenirus said annoyed at the creature flying above them.

“it seems like our conversation will end here. Sorry, I was never good at starting or ending conversations” Tier announced.

“eh… it’s who you are, I haven’t talked for years of avoiding sapient races that can talk so I’m also a bit rusty at my speech skill as well” Aenirus added before saying “hey look, my charisma and karma just went up by one both, first time in years” almost like she said what she was thinking out loud.

“nice, both of mine went up by three each as well… what was I doing before you showed up unannounced?” he asked himself before realizing “oh right, I’m supposed to make my first floor”

“oh… right sorry about that” Aenirus added “why don’t you start by claiming that Flying Kanid, they’re not weak or what I think dungeons consider as critters but you should be able to claim that one there especially in your official dungeon territory.

“what if I accidentally claim you?” Tier asked “that can’t happen since dungeons can’t claim sapient creatures like me, you can only offer them a contracts” Aenirus answered shaking her head.

“do you want a contract?” Tier offered “that sounds nice, immortality if the dungeon is alive… bunch of other benefits like a safe home… but I’ll pass, I have a bunch of… personnel reasons as to why I’m not jumping at the opportunities and I’m kind of a free spirit…” Aenirus refused with a hint of sadness in her voice that sounds like past… experiences.

“no problems, everyone has some reason to reject basically anything at all, how about just being friends?” Tier counter offered “that sounds lovely, you will be my first friend in years” Aenirus agreed cheerfully.

“wait… let me check my status” Aenirus suddenly said and she opened up a familiar blue creen in front of her though Tier couldn’t read it at all ‘seems like I’m not the only one with the status screen, from the way she reacted, it seems like everything that is living has one which is good because I do not want to be vivisected at all in a lab’

“it appears I’m now considered friendly in your dungeon, also gain another point of karma and it appears I have a new achievement” she replied happily this time “what’s an achievement?” Tier asked.

“an achievements are noteworthy things you do that after done will give you bonuses like this new one here called *friend of the dungeons* make it so that I am neutral to all dungeons so they don’t automatically attack me, can communicate with any dungeon core in the dungeon instead of just the core room and also gain karma a bit faster because of it” She happily explained “though this seems a bit… easy but I guess it’s hard to make friends with a dungeon as a non-biped” she added

“that sounds nice Aenirus, congrats” Tier replied happily before noticing that he too gained a point of karma “also what’s a biped?” Tier asked curiously “term for two-legged bipedal sapients” Aenirus explained quickly.

“anyways, I’m going to try to claim that flying… Kanid… whatever now, be right back” Tier exclaimed as he aims to push his mana into the frantically screeching, flying thing and after a minute he realized that after breaking whatever resistance was in it that it was now his to command so he ordered it to land and to not disturb him for a while.

You have gained the achievement *monster tamer* as a dungeon by claiming a creature before placing down one of your own creatures. By gaining this achievement, claiming anything from creatures to terrain is now easier and you can now claim stronger creatures than before.

You have gain the pattern for the Flying Kanid: Flying Kanid are not particularly deadly creatures but are strong enough to lift a weight up to 10 kilos and fast enough to confuse some predatory birds alongside their echolocation and strong bite placing them as a weak yet very common creature in the wilds. Compatibility: 11%

Base Stats:

Strength - 13

Perception - 23

Endurance - 6

Dexterity - 9

Intelligence - 4

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 3

Creativity - 4

Destiny - 5

Mysticism - 2

Karma - 2

Willpower – 5

Traits: Echolocation (allow user to see via hearing by sending out supersonic waves that bounced back to the user allowing a form of sight); Enhanced hearing (user can hear better)

Abilities: Wall Climb (lv.3) (allow user to better climb vertical surfaces)

Proficiencies: Flight (trained), Bite (trained), Claws (novice)

“nice, got an achievement which lets me claim creatures more easily and got the pattern along with the thing, now back to…” he managed before getting cut off again

…geon you can pick three starting creatures to aid you. Please ask for the creature list before picking and it is advised that you ask for the creature traits list before proceeding to choosing a creature.

“HOLY SHIT… that almost caused me a heart attack… except I don’t have a heart…” he yelled out at surprise before realizing what he yelled out.

“what happened?” Aenirus asked worriedly before Tier explained to her what happened “I think you should do what the advisor advises since I’m not a dungeon core so I have no idea what to do” she said before sitting back in her corner to watch Tier advance as a dungeon.

“sorry but why are you staying here again? I don’t think we’ve established that at all” Tier asked Aenirus curiously who is currently sitting in a corner to the North East next to his claimed creature opposite to the tunnel going South “I don’t actually mind, just a bit curious” he quickly added after realizing he came off a bit rude.

“I’m just naturally curious, no one ever knows how dungeons operate and the very early stages of a dungeon’s development is shrouded in mystery so I honestly hope that you don’t mind that I watch and learn though I will be making myself useful since doing nothing at all bores me” Aenirus just completely explained her reasoning and some with that answer

“okay, that’s good enough for me, it’s nice for someone to have my back especially in a fire fight, hey advisor thingy, show me my creature traits lists” he said out loud before a blue box dropped in front of his face err… orb.

You have the following options, please pick two:

  1. Increase creature’s strength: this will increase the physical stats gain of your creatures by a great amount, it however will redirect stats gain from your creature’s mental stats which will decrease their overall intelligence which also raises their loyalty.
  2. Increase creature’s size: this will raise the size of your creatures by a great amount which also will increase their physical stats gain with no side effect but it will increase their daily mana upkeep greatly which will start impacting your daily mana regeneration when normal creatures don’t at all whilst also needing larger rooms.
  3. Increase creature’s loyalty: this will raise the loyalty of your creature’s with no effect to anything else, your creatures will listen to your command without fail but they will not dare do anything you didn’t command them to do making it so that your creatures need more complex commands, creatures also cannot advance to sapience anymore.
  4. Increase creature’s intelligence: greatly raising the mental stats gain of your creatures allowing them to gain sapience much quicker whilst also increasing their chances of forming souls but this will reduce your creature’s physical stat gain and loyalty as a smarter more sapient creature has more cause to rebel and needs more energy from their body.
  5. Increase creature’s variety: this increases the variety of evolution options available for your creature’s allowing them to evolve much to better evolutions, however, your creature’s starting stats will be very inconsistent rather than consistent and they can have numerous different basically everything.
  6. Increase creature’s mana: this let your creature’s naturally form core crystals faster whilst also upping the magic potential of your creature’s which leads to more magic and potentially better performance but it is not guaranteed due to the volatile corrupted nature of magic meaning your creature can end up as a mess of body parts and flesh if unlucky.
  7. No picks: can be picked twice if you do not feel like wanting any of these traits.

“well then, I definitely know what I’m not picking here, definitely not the increased size one since I don’t know about the increased upkeep and the loyalty increase seems to make my creatures more into slaves whilst the strength increase turns them into those damn muscleheads so… no” Tier commented as he read through the list “the increased mana one seems cool but I’ll hold off on the creating the mutant creatures for now… so I guess it’s Intelligence and Variety then since not picking sounds boring” Tier made his decision.

“why did you pick those particular choices? Not that I disagree with you, it’s your choice after all” Aenirus asked curiously “because, these options do not turn anything I create into slaves, rob them of equality or make them essentially pre-built machines” Tier answered passionately “if I create a creature from scratch or adopt a creature into my dungeon, I will absolutely care for them all, I do not want a harem of slaves or what not, I akin any creature I have more into my children or soldiers who all have their own unique strengths or loyalty to a cause” Tier explained.

“I think you are better than most dungeons then, most have their creatures stand in specific spots more like statues that wait until an intruder comes to defend their designated territory” Aenirus agreed adding some fuel to the fire “even worse, I will not let my creatures be like that at all, I want them to have the same opportunities or sentience as a regular creature of their species would, not glorified flesh statues” Tier added before realizing something and went to check his stats:

Name: Tier

Species: Dungeon Core

Gender: None

Age: 3-hours old


Strength - 11

Perception - 11

Endurance - 12

Dexterity - 11

Intelligence - 32

Wisdom - 22

Charisma - 13(+4)

Creativity - 32

Destiny - 12

Mysticism - 13

Karma - 18(+3)

Willpower - 48

Traits: Increased Creature’s Intelligence (creature’s in your dungeon rise in mental stats 25% quicker while rising in physical stats 10% slower; your creature’s chances of forming souls and gaining the next step towards full sapience rises by +1%); Increase Creature’s Variety (your creature’s can now have a larger variety of personalities, staring traits, skill growths, evolutions, etc… increase chances for random events to happen to your creatures); Caring Dungeon (the user care for the creature’s that reside in its dungeon, all creatures inside the dungeon can now respawn after death, average creature loyalty increased by a lot but increases the cost and time of creating a new creature); Equal Opportunities (the user believes in equality of life and nothing can topple that belief, all creatures created in the dungeon now get the same treatment from the system, creatures can now leave the dungeon without core crystals and all creature rise in sentience and sapience faster by 20%, creatures also start at their average sentience/sapience level for their species, creatures in the dungeon requires food and water like their overland brethren though to a much lesser degree when inside of the dungeon)

Skills: None

Abilities: Communication (lv.4) allows you to better communicate with any creatures capable of understanding your speech or intent)

Classes: None

Patterns: Flying Kanid (lv.1)

Proficiencies: None

Creatures: None


“wait what? Why did I suddenly get two traits relating to what I just… passionately spoke about?” Tier announced with shock and confusion “that is one way to get traits, be passionate, have a burning desire for something, you must be an advocate for those kind of things in your past life so it carries on in this one” Aenirus explains “it must be something you really care about though, just saying stuff wouldn’t get you anywhere… it’s saying stuff with actual care, passion and love of what you are saying, advocating, announcing or whatever you do” she added.

“woah… that’s… kind of… I actually have nothing to say to that” Tier gasped “no worries, just move on, traits come naturally” Aenirus reassured him “they’re not bad traits… they actually have a lot of good like all of my creatures can now respawn but then they also now need food and water… something I didn’t know… I should… move on now” Tier decided in which Aenirus only nodded.

Moving on, he went to the next list which is to pick his monsters. The next list shows up again in front of him after saying the commands showing him dozens of differing choices for which monsters to choose from which he has three choices.

“okay, that’s a lot, before I pick three, what is this compatibility thing that shows up on the choices?”

Compatibility is a measure of how related or interested or similar a dungeon is to a creature, high compatibility decreases the cost of summoning creatures by a large amount whilst also affecting creation time, growth speed, loyalty, stats and also cost of modification.

“wait I can modify my creature?” Tier suddenly asked with a lot of excitement and a bit of fanaticism in his voice.

You are able to modify any of your creatures.

“damn… let’s save that for later, what about the ecology?”

Ecology is the bare necessities of other beings in that creature’s food chain, mostly just creatures considered as critters and some extra plant life.

‘nice! I can make a functioning ecosystem, have the necessary components for a food chain and modify my own creatures after I finish my first floor!’ “THIS IS A BIOLOGIST’S WET DREAM!!” he accidentally shouted passionately out spooking both the annoying creature in the corner and also Aenirus.

“sorry… got a bit passionate” he quickly added before going back to his list of creatures he wanted and starts to get rid of creatures he doesn’t like by process of elimination whilst also eliminating creatures he could get in the future after asking Aenirus for information about any creatures that may lurk nearby.

Finally, after ten minutes of sorting and process of elimination, he had three options with a mix of high compatibility, rarity in the local area and also with good ecologies:

Please pick three starting creatures from the following choices:

Kobolds: these creatures are seen as small, bipedal, reptilian creatures with a tribal like society living mostly in caves or mountains based on scavenging and raiding. Do not underestimate them as many tribes have created vast empires from the past and burned down many existing nations. Kobolds are smart, dexterous creatures with a lot of creativity making them excellent trap builders. They will also do their best for their tribes and homes no matter what making them already quite loyal defenders. Compatibility: 71%

Base Stats:

Strength - 12

Perception - 12

Endurance - 12

Dexterity - 15

Intelligence - 15

Wisdom - 10

Charisma - 11

Creativity - 16

Destiny - 12

Mysticism - 10

Karma - 10

Willpower - 15

Traits: Darkvision (allow the user to see in the dark yet without colors; 500m range)

Skills: Fleet footed (lv.2) (increase sprinting speed by a small amount for a certain duration, 30 second cooldown)

Proficiencies: Trap making (amateur), Knifes (novice)

Ecology: common cave mushroom, common cave moss, Cave Geckos, beetles

Scavenger Ravicas: fast, agile, surprisingly smart flying avian creatures whom usually attack weakened prey by speed and overwhelming numbers or from stealth. Live basically everywhere but thrives mostly in open plains. Compatibility: 63%

Base Stats:

Strength - 6

Perception - 15

Endurance - 8

Dexterity - 6

Intelligence - 8

Wisdom - 6

Charisma - 8

Creativity - 15

Destiny - 10

Mysticism - 9

Karma - 9

Willpower - 5

Traits: Voice mimicry (let the user mimic any voices they have heard in the past)

Abilities: Silent flying (lv.5) (enemies will be less likely to hear the user’s approach from the skies)

Proficiencies: Flight (trained), Talons (amateur), Beak (trained)

Ecology: Shrubbery, Twigs, common flying insects, ants, bees, termites

Monitors: large reptilian creatures at least as long as a human is tall, these creatures are strong, pack a venomous bite, are fast for their size, surprisingly intelligent, have surprisingly great vision, good defenses, their signature tail attacks and are all around an all-around good at everything creature. These reptiles can be found living everywhere from islands to mountains to forests, it is said that if there are new lands, there will be monitors. Compatibility: 54%

Base Stats:

Strength - 16

Perception - 10

Endurance - 20

Dexterity - 10

Intelligence - 6

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 6

Creativity - 8

Destiny - 10

Mysticism - 5

Karma - 5

Willpower - 12

Traits: Infrared Vision (allow sight on certain types of infrared lights; 250m range)

Skills: Speed Burst (lv.3) (allow user to have a quick burst of speed, useful only in straight charges or getting away in a straight line; 1 minute cooldown)

Abilities: Frenzy (lv.4) (user is immune to psychology and is stronger as long as they are healthy and not bloodied; only active in life or death scenarios); Semi-Amphibious (lv.1) (allow greater water mobility and extended breathing time under water); Arboreal-movement (lv.1) (allows better movement in arboreal terrain like forests or jungles)

Proficiencies: Bite (trained), Claws (amateur), Tail attack (trained)

Ecology: common Reptilari (reptiles), common finis (fish), common Ravitaci (rabbits), common water plants, vines

‘… I’m not going to question why these creatures have the highest compatibility scores for me but hey, cheaper cost and quicker creation is nice so who cares’ Tier cheerfully thought as he studies his choices whilst also double-checking again making sure he doesn’t sleep on anything else before choosing “well, it’s not going to choose itself, I pick the Kobolds, Scavenger Ravicas and Monitors” he announced loudly.

You have gain the pattern for Kobolds, Scavenger Ravicas and Monitors alongside the blueprints for their respective ecologies including

“I think you made some nice choices, the monitors can stay in front, kobolds can attack from a distance and the ravens can be aerial support, nice tactics” Aenirus complimented noting the tactical implication of his choices.

“thanks, I… wait what are tac… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!” Tier suddenly yelled out spooking Aenirus “of all the things it can block… IT BLOCKS ME FROM COMMON TACTICS?!?!” he screamed in rage.

Aenirus let Tier let out his frustrations for a minute before going “that’s… the worst memory blocker I’ve ever seen… and this is the only one I’ve actually seen” she let out as Tier suddenly remembers that someone else is in the room with him “I’m so sorry for screaming out like that, that seems way too childish for me, I’m just angry at this memory block thing, it drives me nuts, I swear that it was put there to hamper my progress or something…” he went on for a while.

“anyways, I’m glad you’re here Aenirus, I probably would be bogged down by this blocker thing a lot more if it weren’t for you” he thanked her kindly after calming down “it’s fine really, I always try my best to help those in need and make as many friends as possible, it was one of the things… he taught me” Aenirus replied with a sadness to her voice appearing out of place for her character as she finished the last sentence voice going silent.

Tier realized this before saying “let’s not get into some sad stuff right now, I’m just glad you’re here. Damn, even my introverted ass will become crazy if I don’t get at least some social interactions every… deca-yea-month or so… you’re here to learn and discover something new right? No need to get into semantics and get sad in the process” trying to cheer her up a bit.

“your right, sorry that I got myself get carried away thinking about some past stuff right there, I am here to learn about how dungeons work… accidentally but hey it was a happy accident” Aenirus replied returning to her regular cheerful happy tone.

Tier just nodded or at least did the mental, crystal orb version of nodding and went back to focus this time on trying to create a creature, this time he thought about creating the smartest creature in his arsenal, a Kobold.

Also he gained another five Wisdom plus two Karma and Charisma which he didn’t noticed at the time and a willpower and strength from raging hard against the blocker… and the rage ability… hopefully he doesn’t get around to checking his stats soon… because that's a disaster waiting to happen...

A note from Wyvern72n

I am content with this chapter... I planned to do chapter 3 as well but... technical problems and some life issues means I couldn't get the 3rd chapter ready to go with the first 2 chapters... there was also supposed to be a drawing of Aenirus but... it was terrible so... stay tuned for Friday to Monday next week as that will be my uploading time and time when I have actual free time to write... though i will get the 3rd chapter out as soon as possible along with the drawing so expect it in a day or two when i finalize the editing.

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