Beware Of Chicken

by Casualfarmer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday to Wednesday, and then Friday.

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Word Count (12)
Royal Bloodline
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 2: Rice Farming 101 ago
Chapter 3: Beneath the Crescent Moon ago
Chapter 4: Nothing But a Hound Dog ago
Chapter 5: Verdant Hill ago
Chapter 6: "Young Master", Type 19 ago
Chapter 7: Country Roads ago
Chapter 8: Experimental Procedure ago
Chapter 9: Title Drop ago
Chapter 10: Lift Together ago
Chapter 11: The Newcomers ago
Chapter 12: The Mid-Autumn Festival ago
Chapter 13: The Spirit Furnace ago
Chapter 14: Winnie the Poo ago
Chapter 15: Side Quest ago
Chapter 16: Commandment ago
Chapter 17: Counting the Days ago
Chapter 18: Cracked Moon ago
Chapter 19: ROUS ago
Chapter 20: An Autumn Leaf ago
Chapter 21: The First Flakes ago
Chapter 22: Meanwhile, Back at the Town... ago
Chapter 23: The Young Mistress ago
Chapter 24: The Princess and the General ago
Chapter 25: The Students ago
Chapter 26: Two Pig Open Sleigh ago
Chapter 27: The March ago
Chapter 28: Strength and Skill ago
Chapter 29: The Great Master ago
Chapter 30: Something Worth Recognition ago
Chapter 31: A Glorified Battery ago
Chapter 32: Choices ago
Chapter 33: A Blade of Grass ago
Chapter 34: The Goalie and the Dishwasher ago
Chapter 35 Connections ago
Chapter 36: Homecoming ago
Chapter 37: Rewarded ago
Chapter 38: Preparing for the Night ago
Chapter 39: Jin-gle Bells ago
Chapter 40: Dawn ago
Chapter 41: Tick Tock Goes The Clock ago
Chapter 42: A Lull ago
Chapter 43: Broth and Ice ago
Chapter 44: A Fox and A "Deer" ago
Chapter 45: Statues and a House ago
Chapter 46: Vengeance and Hives ago
Chapter 47: Observe ago
Chapter 48: Ignite ago
Chapter 49: The Final Stretch ago
Chapter 50: Setting Sail, Coming Home ago
Deleted Scene from chapter 50. ago
Chapter 51: Wedding Part 1 ago
Chapter 52: Wedding Part 2 ago
Chapter 53: The End of the Beginning ago
Vol1: Epilogue ago
Volume 1.5: Kintsugi ago
Vol 2 Chapter 1: Full Steam Ahead ago
V2, Chapter 2: Each Day a Blessing ago
V2 Chapter 3: Crossed Blades ago
Interlude: Lost As Hell ago
v2 Chapter 4: A Fine Morning ago
V2: Chapter 5: But One Flaw ago
Interlude 2: The Twilight ago
V2 C6: A Bee ago
v2c7: A Meeting ago
v2c8: A Needle ago
V2c9: Dream ago
v2c10: Routine ago
V2C11: I'm Here ago
V2 C12: I Scream ago
Interlude 3: Q=V/t ago
v2 C 13: Hong Xian ago
v2 c14: Jin Rou ago
v2 c15: A Lady ago
v2c16: Secret Spot ago
v2c17: Still ago
Collected LN Teasers ago
v2c18: Rat and Cat ago
Interlude: Heart of the Swarm, ago
v2C19: Boar ago
v2 C20: Knock-off Part 1 ago
v2 c20: Knock off Part 2 ago
v2c21: The Search ago
v2 c22: Set out Stay in ago
V2 C 23: A Past Conversation ago
v2c24: Righteousness ago
v2c25: Plants and Clothes ago
v2 c26: Preparations ago
v2 c27.1: The Town ago
v2 c27.2 ago
27.3 ago
v2 c28: Depart ago
v2 c29.1: The Hills ago
29.2 ago
v2 c29.3 ago
Interlude 4: The Waterfall ago
Image: Meiling Coloured ago
V2C30.1: Progress ago
v2 C30.2 ago
v2 c30.3 ago
v2 c31: The Child ago
v2 c32: Conversations ago
33.1: The Legend Begins ago
v2 c33.2 ago
v2c34: The Correct Place ago
v2 C 35: House and a City ago

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The breadth of this story is fresh

Reviewed at: Chapter 53: The End of the Beginning

I was looking for a fun story about slice of life and I got that, but I also got some introspective things I never thought I would find in a Xianxia story.  Really fun and enjoyable, the story has some tensions, but the chaos is quelled and the Farm is safe.  I find it funny that Chunky is the only one that knows everyone's names.  Great story and I look forward to continuing to read it in the future.


I have not encountered any other stories that allow the reader to just "Drink in the moment" like this story. I hate to repeat what others have said but my only regret is that there is not anymore to read at the moment.

The way the author describes the environment is a style I am a big fan of and the narrative style is a perfect mix of multifaceted and focused. When I think about trying to explain the story progress so far, not much has happened but I enjoyed every minute of it.


Condensed goodness

Reviewed at: v2 c28: Depart

This is a wonderful take on xianxia and a subversion of it's tropes while maintaining some of its core aspects. It's like to xianxia as kono-suba is to isekai..... Except wholesome instead of degenerate.

Story is light but still has body. Characters have just enough definition to be relevant without weighing down the story. At the end of volume 1 the world building is solid and the story is wide open to progress in many different ways with each sure to be a unique and pleasant experience.



Short summary:

This is not a neutral review. Just my thoughts on this novel with the intention to give a feel of the story for potential readers.

It is about a cultivator, who thinks that the path of cultivation in sects is just to brutal and ruthless and leaves to become a farmer.
The premise sounds kind of boring but the novel is really not.

The MC is smart and kind (rare combo, and it actually works).

The MC with his farm actually grows stronger and there is some solid good paced progression. (Weak to strong is best)

The world building, thoughts and views of the mc and other characters actually feels solid and done in good amounts.

There is some action but really in moderation.

There is no harem. (just some nicely done romance)

If u want a novel that has progression, a smart MC and really kicks your dopamin, than this novel is for you.

That's my opinion on this novel. Really dont want to spoiler anything.
Just give this novel a try, it really is worth your time.

PS: The grammer is good and doesnt obstruct the reading flow.

PPS: Advanced Reviews must be at least 200 words long


This story is many things, well written, beautifully constructed, and has great characters.

But mainly, it is happy. It is pure. And it is a joy to read. It's from what I have seen a unique twist in the genre and manages to balance happy slice of life with a powerful protagonist who is a genuinely nice person. 


So charming and fun. It's like a reverse happy Animal Farm, meets Redwall, meets isekai. The story flips between the human protagonist and the animals. I love seeing the differences in how they percieve reality. Volume 2 is a bit more serious with more human drama. Still enjoyable, but slighlty less light hearted. I'm hoping there'll be more humor to balance things out in the future. Highly recommend!


Seemed very origional to me, Start was a tiny bit messy.  Humour is on point and characters are relateable. 5 out of five for me. Read from start to finish of first Arc in one go - staying up late to so and i'm very fond of my sleep.  Well done, I look forward to the book.


Number #1 trending story on RR

Reviewed at: Vol1: Epilogue

I would just like to commemorate Sunday, March 7 as the day that Beware of Chicken officially displaced Mother of Learning as the number one most trending story on Roaylroad. A completely new take on an overdone genre, Beware of Chicken is a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of the common, and incredibly repetitive, Xianxia cultivation trope. A fantastic blend of a well paced storyline, interesting characters, and beautiful grammar. What you have here is a masterpiece, and no one can say that your shiny new throne was unearned


As if it was written by a Chicken god

Reviewed at: Volume 1.5: Kintsugi

The grammar, style, character, and the world are all masterpieces. Each of the characters has depth, even if they're an animal. The story is so well presented and laid out that it just makes you want to keep on reading. The MC isn't the smartest guy around but he is sensible. 

But in the end, the only thing that matters is that this book turned a chicken into a cultivation. People are going to look back one day, and they are going to say this is the book that started the revolution. 


Positive character slice of life

Reviewed at: Vol1: Epilogue

Thorough character building that leans towards uplifting energy. Enjoyable side characters. A few twists for captivation without getting side tracked. Influence  takes place on all character interactions and has some side character perspective that is funny and adds to the over all story. I like the final chapters that hit towards trou le that the MC might get entangled with. Only disappointing part is limited measurable growth in MC. Power and hits elude to significant changes happening but nothing tangible.