Beware Of Chicken

by Casualfarmer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated once per day. The exact time is up in the air, however.

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Word Count (VIII)
Royal Bloodline
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 2: Rice Farming 101 ago
Chapter 3: Beneath the Crescent Moon ago
Chapter 4: Nothing But a Hound Dog ago
Chapter 5: Verdant Hill ago
Chapter 6: "Young Master", Type 19 ago
Chapter 7: Country Roads ago
Chapter 8: Experimental Procedure ago
Chapter 9: Title Drop ago
Chapter 10: Lift Together ago
Chapter 11: The Newcomers ago
Chapter 12: The Mid-Autumn Festival ago
Chapter 13: The Spirit Furnace ago
Chapter 14: Winnie the Poo ago
Chapter 15: Side Quest ago
Chapter 16: Commandment ago
Chapter 17: Counting the Days ago
Chapter 18: Cracked Moon ago
Chapter 19: ROUS ago
Chapter 20: An Autumn Leaf ago
Chapter 21: The First Flakes ago
Chapter 22: Meanwhile, Back at the Town... ago
Chapter 23: The Young Mistress ago
Chapter 24: The Princess and the General ago
Chapter 25: The Students ago
Chapter 26: Two Pig Open Sleigh ago
Chapter 27: The March ago
Chapter 28: Strength and Skill ago
Chapter 29: The Great Master ago
Chapter 30: Something Worth Recognition ago
Chapter 31: A Glorified Battery ago
Chapter 32: Choices ago
Chapter 33: A Blade of Grass ago
Chapter 34: The Goalie and the Dishwasher ago
Chapter 35 Connections ago
Chapter 36: Homecoming ago
Chapter 37: Rewarded ago
Chapter 38: Preparing for the Night ago
Chapter 39: Jin-gle Bells ago
Chapter 40: Dawn ago
Chapter 41: Tick Tock Goes The Clock ago
Chapter 42: A Lull ago
Chapter 43: Broth and Ice ago
Chapter 44: A Fox and A "Deer" ago
Chapter 45: Statues and a House ago
Chapter 46: Vengeance and Hives ago
Chapter 47: Observe ago
Chapter 48: Ignite ago
Chapter 49: The Final Stretch ago
Chapter 50: Setting Sail, Coming Home ago
Deleted Scene from chapter 50. ago
Chapter 51: Wedding Part 1 ago
Chapter 52: Wedding Part 2 ago

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A perfect satire

Reviewed at: ROUS

I didn't know I needed a cultivation story satire, but I really, really did.


It's still fairly early on in the story, but I was pretty much hooked by chapter 2.  It's well-written, with engaging characters, natural dialog, and hardly any typos or grammar errors to be found.  The humor is also well done, especially the early exploits of Bi De.


I'm definitely looking forward to more.


Cultivation novel with farming instead of fighting

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: The Young Mistress

A marvelous novel where the MC's focus is on farming instead of fighting and getting stronger. He makes the decision to quit as a very outer disciple to start a farm in the most boring (and safest) part of the continent. It's hinted that appreciation of life and nature is more important for ascending than continually fighting and chasing power which I find a refreshing change from the usual cultivation novels.

The novel is written from different perspectives with the perspective of the MC in first person. It's fun to read from the perspective of different characters as it gives a good overview of the impact of the MC's actions. Moreover it gives a bit of variety which is pleasant to read.

All in all I would definitely recommend this novel to someone who likes cultivation novels. It gives a nice spin to familiar tropes and is a refreshing read.


Nice pacing, nice storytelling, great chicken. 


The show pace and comedy are there and a great balance is achieved


The chiken hilarious, the protagonist fun, the world believable. 


The story already gave some real laugh, with the setup of multiple new ones soon to be read. I rated it high and hope for it to continue for a long time


I'm not a fan of cultivation stories. There, I said it! Then again, this cultivation story goes far off the beaten path.

In many such stories you meet an old wise man somewhere in a hovel or whatever. he's not hunting beasts, he's not popping pills, he's living in harmony with the world in persuit of his craft or whatever. Where do those insanely strong and talented wise cultivators come from? 

Introducing Jin, who seems well on his way to such a path. Except that he isn't alone up on a mountain somewhere. Picking up companions on his very own Fa Ram and enjoying himself immensely.

Intruiguing, amusing and endearing characters, woven into a story you want to keep reading. The MC seems a bit naive at times, but to me it's more the naivety of someone who decided to look for the best in people, rather than being annoyingly dense. He may not be a genius, but he isn't stupid either.

The point of view changes are well done and add to the story. It really helps in fleshing out the various side characters, who'd otherwise be much harder to understand and sympathize with. Excellent grammar and spelling, the occasional errors are the exception, not the rule.


I love how this story feels so alive. The characters are bright and the interactions are believable. I can't wait to have more, this is great~~

Ty for writing this Casualfarmer!


I wanted a short review, a thank you of a sort, but apparently, this needs to be at least 50 words. A strange limitation, but oftentimes, even debating the relevance is enough.


Honestly, i cant really explain why exactly this is so good. 

Its like the perfect combination of a hearty but refreshing dish, just spicy enough to give that little kick. Like Pho. Yea 


Its really slice of lifey, with chill vibes and good moods. Its simply a feel good novel.

There is certainly scenes that are a little more of the generic xianxia/adventure genre and these are absolutely great as well but for me its really all about the mood, thr little things and the general setting and interactions. Its like the combination of a happy and epic Lofi Soundtrack Mix. Pure delight to read


Ronin Ryker

I have loved every single chapter so far, and I've been howling with laughter. Not only is the story funny, but there's also genuine character development that stays and defines all the different characters. I am so excted to see where the story leads and how Jin's life continues to turn out. Plus daily updates? Hell yeah! 1000% can recommend.


Best farming novel since the 'World of Cultivation'. I wonder if it will stay so light and warm-hearted to the end or will it turn slightly darker like all other xianxia always do. Not much in terms of story, I wonder if author even plans more than few chapters ahead. It might not matter for this genre.


This story has the mc throw the cultivator bullshit out the door and settle down on the farm. And it's very funny. Read. It. Now. It is very good and so good that I want to read it again how many words is 50 I hope I have enough 

Charles Campbell

This is one of the most well written stories in Royal Road, regardless of genre. If you want a fun and engaging read, this is a good story for you. The characters are distinct, well defined, and engaging. The story is humorous without being over the top. The writing is spot on with so few noticeable errors that the occasional one that pops up the reader hardly notices.