Beware Of Chicken

by Casualfarmer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated once per day. The exact time is up in the air, however.

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Word Count (VIII)
Royal Bloodline
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 2: Rice Farming 101 ago
Chapter 3: Beneath the Crescent Moon ago
Chapter 4: Nothing But a Hound Dog ago
Chapter 5: Verdant Hill ago
Chapter 6: "Young Master", Type 19 ago
Chapter 7: Country Roads ago
Chapter 8: Experimental Procedure ago
Chapter 9: Title Drop ago
Chapter 10: Lift Together ago
Chapter 11: The Newcomers ago
Chapter 12: The Mid-Autumn Festival ago
Chapter 13: The Spirit Furnace ago
Chapter 14: Winnie the Poo ago
Chapter 15: Side Quest ago
Chapter 16: Commandment ago
Chapter 17: Counting the Days ago
Chapter 18: Cracked Moon ago
Chapter 19: ROUS ago
Chapter 20: An Autumn Leaf ago
Chapter 21: The First Flakes ago
Chapter 22: Meanwhile, Back at the Town... ago
Chapter 23: The Young Mistress ago
Chapter 24: The Princess and the General ago
Chapter 25: The Students ago
Chapter 26: Two Pig Open Sleigh ago
Chapter 27: The March ago
Chapter 28: Strength and Skill ago
Chapter 29: The Great Master ago
Chapter 30: Something Worth Recognition ago
Chapter 31: A Glorified Battery ago
Chapter 32: Choices ago
Chapter 33: A Blade of Grass ago
Chapter 34: The Goalie and the Dishwasher ago
Chapter 35 Connections ago
Chapter 36: Homecoming ago
Chapter 37: Rewarded ago
Chapter 38: Preparing for the Night ago
Chapter 39: Jin-gle Bells ago
Chapter 40: Dawn ago
Chapter 41: Tick Tock Goes The Clock ago
Chapter 42: A Lull ago
Chapter 43: Broth and Ice ago
Chapter 44: A Fox and A "Deer" ago
Chapter 45: Statues and a House ago
Chapter 46: Vengeance and Hives ago
Chapter 47: Observe ago
Chapter 48: Ignite ago
Chapter 49: The Final Stretch ago
Chapter 50: Setting Sail, Coming Home ago
Deleted Scene from chapter 50. ago
Chapter 51: Wedding Part 1 ago

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Mind sentience

cultivate humility, not piety

Reviewed at: ROUS

I usually despise cultivation stories; finding them dull, boring, and highly repetitive.

This Author has certainly knocked his summary out of the park; something that would often turn me away did its job, drew me in, and fed my curiosity.

I adore the take on cultivation in this Novel and highly recommend it to everyone to give it a shot.

Well Done Author!!! Well Done!!!


Honestly one of the best funny cultivation reads

Reviewed at: ROUS

Honestly I'm not sure that we are really deep enough to call this a parody of the cultivation genre but it is a great laugh. The farm is just an awesome alternative sect of his own and the disciple characters are just the best. Some of the more intelligent side characters could use some more fleshing out but it is early in the story. I have to say so far I am hooked and can't wait for the next chapter to come..


I waited quite a bit before reading this as the title was a bit off-putting and I have a general dislike for normal xianxia stuff and its tropes. However I must say I was really wrong. This is a great novel and an awesome journey.

Style: At its heart it is a cultivation novel but with all of the concepts turned on its head. It doesn't follow the usual tropes and even at times makes fun of them.

Story: This is a truly unique take on the whole cultivation aspect by the Mc NOT wanting to cultivate. Furthermore the slice-of-life story that unfolds is just really heartwarming.

Grammar: This is where a few problems lie but I think I just have very high standards. The author sometimes mixes up words which can lead to somewhat strange sentences but apart from that it is good. The sentences convey what the author tried to say. (At least I hope it does and the story is not supposed to be completely different and I just misunderstood the author completely but I think that is highly unlikely :D)

Characters: This is where the story truly shines. It really come to life through the heartwarming interactions of the characters and the silliness of the whole situation. Simply said it is awesome


This is my first advanced review so I don't know how to exactly do justice to the story in front of me and adequately rate it. I can just say I have read a lot of progression fantasy, high fantasy and litrpg and finally through this story decided I should give an advanced review.

If you are going through dark times I can highly recommend this story and hope it makes you laugh as much as it did with me.


An extremly entartaining story, very light-hearted and fun. I love Big D/ Bi de, and the relationship between Jin and



is just so cute! This is a very nice breath of fresh air, and for sure, i'll continue reading this.

Thanks for writing such a nice little book, Casualfarmer!


A little xianxia action, a little slice of life, a dash of romance. This is a truly refreshing contribution to the genre. Every aspect of the story is good, but what makes it really stand out is that the main character doesn't focus on gaining power. The chicken provides an excellent foil in that regard.


I like how the main character acts normal, no killing, no greed for power. It makes for a very interesting read. The wiriting is very fluid, the dialoge is smooth, and the comedy is witty. I find the information on how some of the farm things work very interesting, like how to grow rice. The chicken is the best part. Overall a very nice read and definitly one for the follow list.


Yay my xianxia fix is filled finally

Reviewed at: Winnie the Poo

Story is a good refreshing take on the genre it has good grammer and writing which makes it refreshing and easy to read. It also is quite funny and the characters are quite good and likeable no real annoyances yet. 

What more could you ask for really I'd recommend it to read. 


Dreaded pressing next chapter

Reviewed at: An Autumn Leaf

The best book on here that I've read in months.

A wonderful mix of slice of life, wry humour and heartfelt character progression.

A complete opposite of every traditional xianxia novel i've read before and I loved it. 

I dreaded pressing next chapter every time I got to the end of a chapter in case it was the last one and I had caught up. 

Looking forward to all continuing releases, thank you very much author.


A Wonderful Mix Of The Fantastical & The Mundane

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: The Students

TL;DR A pleasant and entertaining read.

Now, if you heard about a story was essentially about a man living on his farm and cultivating it, normally you'd probably leave in search of something else, right? (Ignoring people like me who saw the title and went "this")

What if I told you that Casualfarmer does a wonderful job of integrating such a story into a magical world, so much so that there's never a dull moment, even when all that's happening is farm work?

The characters range from all shapes and sizes, (and species) and they are all nicely developed. There's plenty of laughs to be found within the pages, and the exceptionally amusing (if not to the people of the world, than to those of us outside of it) component of a badass Rooster, and of course, all the possible jokes that could ensue from Big D. (yes, that's the Rooster's actual name)

And of course, you'd think reading about a man farming and tending his animals and herbs and occassionally fending off a fox trying to break into his chicken coop would be dull. But I have never found a dull or boring moment in this story, even reading about farmhand work can be entertaining, apparently.

Can firmly state that I will be sticking with this story to the end, and looking forward to what's to come from this wonderful author.

Pinpoint Innacuracy

A great up and coming Xianxia webserial

Reviewed at: The Spirit Furnace

"Beware of Chicken", despite having less than a hundred pages at the time of writing this review, is one of, if not the best xianxia webserial I have come across. In this story, the main character is transmigrated to a xianxia world and placed inside the body of a young sect member. He then does the only reasonable thing to do and gets the hell out of dodge to become a farmer.

The novel is an extremely well written comedy/slice of life novel with enough serious plot elements to keep the reader engaged without overwhelming the more comedic aspects. 

The characters are multidimensional and behave in realistic and interesting manners. The overall writing style is solid and immersive, and I was unable to find any issiues with the grammar. I genuinely cannot think of anything negative to say about this web serial, aside from maybe complaining there isn't more out yet, although with the web serial's so far daily upload schedule, this is likely to fix itself with time.

Overall I would recomend this novel to lovers and haters of the xianxia genere as well as anyone else looking for a slice of life/comedy with suprisingly compelling characters and story elements.